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Friday, March 19, 2010

Snowstorm - springtime in suspended animation

Last night, the fiery sunset portended a new snow storm. The air was still but heavy with approaching frost and snow.
During our morning hike, snow pelted out of the sky, covering the Labraduo in snow flakes that streaked in front of their snouts.
The promise of spring was extinguished. Yesterday's sun had melted the snow from the top of the boulder behind the duo. When the air temperature plummeted over night, the flowing water made icicles, hanging from tough lichens that live under the overhang of the boulder. The vision made me ponder spring being placed into 'suspended animation', just waiting for the warm sun that will reappear later this week to start the water flowing again.
Despite the streaking snow that stung our eyes, the duo fixated on something in the distance.The storm's fury continued all day and probably is still pounding our world outdoors. By our evening 'hike', snowshoes were required to wade through a couple of feet of snow. The dogs looked like they swam in the bottomless powder.
But then, the mighty dragon, R, rose up out of the the ocean of snow to hurl himself forward with a fury.
Our spring snow brought a smile to my face. It's a yearly cycle - and without it, we wouldn't have wildflowers and tall green grass this summer. Besides that, it's just plain fun!

Tomorrow, I'll have the last installment of the latest series of bear videos. I get a cozy feeling imagining the sow and her yearling now, snuggled together in their cave-like den. I love knowing that our mighty ursines are warm, dry, and slumbering in their hideaway while the fury of our fading winter whirls around their den.


  1. Khyra will be dreaming she was with K & R on Friday!

    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Those shots of the duo in the snow are mega cute. Have to admit I'm kind of glad that the snow is behind us here .

  3. I agree with Angus - as often - on both items. I notice that you don't mention the headache. Hope that it means that it is gone away for to day. Love the bearvideos too. Love EM

  4. The Labraduo are a delight to watch. Their enthusiasm is highly contagious although not to the point we want that kind of snow!

    Good weekend to all!


  5. I love those pictures of K and R! It looks like R is growing a snowbeard. Perhaps he'll be a labrasanta this winter! It does look like everyone had a lot of fun! i'm smiling just looking at them.

  6. Great photos of the dogs with snow on their faces and the one of R jubilantly flying up and out of the powder is just wonderful! He's in heaven? Look forward to more bear vids!
    Big Hugs xo

  7. Oh - I see you got it, too. At least the dogs are having fun!

  8. Your last photo in this post - what a great shot! And the posed duo look gorgeous and so regal, sitting and weathering the storm before breaking out in enthusiastic play.


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