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Friday, March 26, 2010

Snowy spring day

The intense yearning for spring has hit me. So, the stormy skies didn't bring a smile to my face this morning.
K and I did a short snowshoe hike, but the deep snow with an icy crust made travel very difficult. We crawled our way up to Hug Hill, hoping that the mountains might peek at us. They didn't. But, K did a trick for me on the top!
I had to rev her up to get her to take a playful pose. Her mood tends to mirror mine to an eerie extent. If I'm lacking spark, she usually is too. We should have brought R today - he makes it his mission to make everyone be playful and happy! Alas, R had plans of his own for an excursion with the other biped in our pack.

After our hike, I headed out on the dirt road for a bike ride, always a highlight of my day. Almost immediately the upslope clouds moved inexorably toward me.
Very soon thereafter, the snow started blitzing me from the sky, reducing visibility to almost nil.
I headed home, and K with her octopus expressed my malaise perfectly. It's time for spring!
I should be as adaptable as the hibernating bears. When I visited their den almost a week ago, I picked up memory cards containing photos from a series of very warm days between snow storms. Alas, the bears didn't rev their bodies back to full speed despite the balmy 40 degree weather. A bear appeared at the den door twice each day to nibble on the snow. However, I couldn't tell which bear made each outing because they never emerged fully from the den. I suspect that each bear ate snow once a day... but that's nothing but a wild guess.

Here's a clip to let you visualize how slowly they were moving.


  1. I have often felt like the bears myself! At least Spring is around the corner. I hope you at least get enough snow melted off to ride comfortably in the clear weather soon!

  2. I am curious about what the bears are like when they come out of their hibernation. Are they ravished? Is food their immediate goal and what do they look for to eat right away?

    I loved K perched on the tree stump.

    Jo and Stella

  3. Great pictures!

    K is just too!

    As for the bears, I'm going to have a Hooters earworm in my head!

  4. Great pictures!
    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. I can relate to the bears and the snow and the lethargy. Every time I think I'm getting all revved up - something happens and I want to crawl under the covers again☺

  6. That's not a trick that's real skill!

  7. What a great photograph of K balancing on that stump. That really made me smile.

    And glad to see you FB.

  8. I think you are unbelievably adaptable! Look how far you've come since you relatively recent s=(serious) surgery!!! I admire you so much and am so impressed by all the things you do, despite the ongoing issues - you are AMAZING!!! And so are K and R (and the wild menagerie that survive in the cold outdoors of a CO winter!). LOVE K's pose on the stump - great job/trick! Have a wonderful weekend - sorry it's taking Spring so long to "sproing" there, but it will come and be beautiful!
    Hugs xoxoxoxo
    Sammie and mom

  9. Some days we just feel like slugs. I'm going to buy one of those octopus toys for my head so my family knows when to let me alone.

  10. Spring is on it's way. We hit the crusty crud too...tough to keep that balance and consistent footing. Great stuffie photo!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  11. Stella: Surprisingly, the bears aren't terribly hungry when they first emerge from hibernation. They walk around without eating much for a couple of weeks. It's called "walking hibernation". I'm guessing that their digestive systems have to get going again before they get hungry.

    Barb: I like the octopus idea. Maybe I'll start putting it on my head when I'm too tired to talk!


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