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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring bursts in fresh snow

K and I hiked through more fresh snow this morning, expecting to find many animals tracks but instead finding few. A pair of coyotes had made a beeline across the the meadow from one forested edge to the other. Deer, weasels, squirrels and rabbits foraged and hunted around the meadow edges.

Fresh snow stuck to vertical rockfaces.As K and I hiked up to a snowy, cold, and windy hill, I spotted an indisputable sign of spring - a willow bud opening. I marveled over it, completely entranced by a bursting bud surrounded by a world of fresh snow.
Then, I looked up, and my special friend sat on guard, covering my back while I noticed every detail of the bush, including numerous nibbled branches.What a partnership K and I have. And, we have R to keep us from being too serious about life.
So passed another healing, strengthening, and content day with my canines.
Ending with a sublime sunset.


  1. Khyra and I are jealous: SNOW!

    Thanks again for sharing these great pics!

  2. That sunset looks like a special effect! It's beautiful!

    For some reason, I often picture R in my mind wearing a jester's hat. I like that boy! Of course K would be the sentry!

  3. I think its nice that your initials, KB, K and R, if you buy a vowell, says Barkk! Barkk!

    Could be I'm tired too.


    Jo and Stella

  4. What a shot of the bud! I love how your pack guards you and covers your back.

  5. A willow bud already! I love those red bushes. Soon enough we'll have spring flowers, KB.

  6. sure signs of spring!! love how K always has your back! and love how R keeps things goofy!
    hope your weekend is full of wonder and peace...and strength!

  7. Great how K keeps a respectful, but watchful, distance.

  8. Sounds like you shared more special moments out there in the wilderness. That willow bud is quite a contrast to the cold and snowy scene around it!

  9. Maybe we could exchange weather. Perhaps just a day. I feel like I can smell your new snow! I could go for some fresh, cold air right now!

    R's face is too sweet! I'm glad you had another good day with your canines!

  10. Beautiful photos! It's wonderful how both dogs have their special place in your life and how you appreciate their differences.


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