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Saturday, April 21, 2012


We are still reeling with our delight over the painting that we received from you all. It has truly brightened our lives at a time when we needed to be lifted up.

I discovered that the super-talented and kind artist (Kathleen Coy) made a video about the creation of the painting of K. It includes some poignant photos of my girl and is really fun to watch. It is posted on her blog.

We are continuing to live life to the fullest. It's a bittersweet spring, as I see the world slowly waking up but I don't know how long K will be with us. If only we humans could turn off our tendency to look into the future.
When I'm with K is when I'm feeling my best. She shows me how to live joyfully, without thinking about what may be going on inside her. Her joy makes me forget about the evil C.

K prances through the meadows like an angel.
K still has a joyful and energetic demeanor when we're out in nature. At odd times during the course of a day when she's hanging around inside, I notice her eyes looking tired and old, as if the cancer is taking its toll. But, she rises to every occasion to romp in the forest. I especially love seeing her run with her brother, R, in the sunset light.
She even still competes with him, matching him stride-for-stride. K is still the Queen in our house and isn't conceding that throne.
Thanks to all of our friends. I am still stunned and humbled by your incredible gift. You have buoyed our spirits, and we will treasure the portrait of K forever.


  1. You can really feel your joy in your words. The portrait is something to treasure for a life time.
    I love seeing the duo side by side. It brings lots of smiles over here.

  2. I love it when things have perfect timing! :) K looks like a ballerina in that first shot. I think she's definitely very happy with how life is going right now, even if she's standing in the sunset!

  3. You know I've been pawing for months K was going to teach us so much -

    She SO is!

    And then some!

  4. YOu can tell how joyful you are!
    Dachshund Nola

  5. No words....Just the feeling of joy...

  6. what fun and great days with K
    Benny & Lily

  7. R looks like a really fun dog to have around -- so goofy! I love how dogs can be unselfconsciously silly.

    K is, as always, gorgeous. I so wish I could fuss over her in person. She's such a wonderful dog.

  8. You deserve the gift ~ if for no other reason than for the incredible life that you continue to share with K

  9. Todays post is a beautiful example of Joy. And the last picture of K and R running is perfect. Look at the competative power in her eyes. Always the eyes. Such perfection in those eyes.

  10. K does look like she prancing through the meadow like an angel! What an incredible photo!
    I can hear your heart talk- always remember we are here for you,,,,
    K is a big part of our happiness too, and we are trying to learn from her.
    Her spirit soars as she races with R,, what a beautiful site

  11. You deserve a beautiful gift!!! Your words of wisdom and pictures of paradise of your life with K bring joy to each and every one of us every day!! Love the one of K and her brother side by side! Hugs to you!
    Jeanne of bichonpawz

  12. We loved watching the video. We know that K will live forever in the hearts of many. She emanates the most wonderful positive energy.

    The photos of her and R are fabulous.

  13. I loved watching the video, and
    you deserve your gift.
    I always love your photos of the Duo.
    Don't worry about the future, enjoy each moment. As always thanks for sharing :-)

  14. Eileen is so right. Enjoy every single day together!

    Love ya lots,

  15. OK, that video made me cry. But in a good way.

    Mango Momma

  16. watched the video of the, really inspiring and K are inspiring....

  17. KB, totally fabulous. Kathleen has captured K exactly. I could just sit and cry with the beauty and love in the painting. Love Carol

  18. I am so touched by this community - what everyone has done, and how sweet K has brought all of this about. The video made me a good way. :)

  19. We are feeling K's joy even from a distance. How wonderful that she has such courageous pack leaders who are letting her enjoy life the way she wants to.

  20. The joy-filled photos of K enjoying the woods are so uplifting. Being by her side must be incredible.

    What an amazing gift the painting is that you received. Made most special because of the heart and thoughts that accompany it. You are so right in your conclusion of your previous post. You didn't receive the gift asked for but have received something else wonderful by touching the hearts and minds of so many.

  21. HI, I think you and K must have the BIGGEST fan Club in Blogville!!! (and I'm proud to be a member:)
    Love the shots of the Duo and your inspiring words.
    Happy Earth Day!!

  22. We too enjoyed the video about K. Of course we hopped right over to Katherine's blog to check it out. She is an amazing person!

    Love like there is no tomorrow! That should be everyone's motto in life.

    Keep these incredible posts coming KB. We too share in your love of K!

    Lily Belle

  23. In this cyber world compassion and caring are given and received instantly and anonymously with truth at its core....Loved the is so special and heartwarming!

  24. What a wonderful gift! K being the ultimate gift of course, but this video painting was incredible! The original must be so comforting to have.
    Your photos of K and her brother are so full of life and can see it in their eyes. Amazing how instinct will get K going when outside.....she knows what's important to her.

  25. I love watching the Duo romp together. They live life moment by moment and it's such a wonderful lesson for us humans to learn.

    I also loved watching the video that Kathleen made of the painting. So cool to watch it all come together. I could watch that in slow motion a 1000 times and still wonder how she "nailed" K's intense stare. I had tears as I watched the final strokes on the canvas.

    I'm so honored to have been even such a small part of this gift to you. K will never be forgotten by not only you, but many others including myself. I'm glad it has lifted your spirits - if we could only stop time for you, don't think that we wouldn't.

    Happy trails,
    Chester's Mom

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