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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mountain dog

We had a visitor yesterday afternoon. As you can see, Darcy looks a lot like our R.
Darcy is about 1 year old. He and R play absolutely non-stop - completely wild, unbridled, top-speed playing - and they both love it.The photo below was of R during a play session with Darcy.
They move so fast that I normally can't get a camera focused on them. Yesterday, the Runner switched their collars. Normally, Darcy's is blue and R's is red, and that's how we tell them apart when they're moving so fast. Both Darcy's human and I fell for it. It wasn't until our friend started to take "Darcy,  the blue-collared dog" home that we realized the trick because R refused to go with him. That was the "ah ha" moment. Hehe.

Now, K gets worried about the raucous play when Darcy comes to visit. Her fearfulness around the house is still growing. She's recently become afraid of her food bowl. Sometimes, she refuses to eat from it unless I sit on the floor next to it. That's fine - I'll do whatever our girl needs right now. I think that the shifting of the bowl on the floor scares her so I'm going to get a heavy ceramic bowl that won't shift as she eats. And, I'm going to get the vet to check her out this week to see if there's anything fixable that might make her feel less afraid around the house. She's fine when she's snoozing... but, at other times, she occasionally becomes paralyzed with fear.

Throughout her whole life, fearfulness has accompanied illness for K. Consequently, it worries me that the fearfulness is growing. But, thank goodness, she's not afraid of anything outdoors.

When other dogs aren't around, she'll race her brother.
And, her soft eyes exude confidence when she's out in the mountains.
Out in the mountains is where we're both the happiest, even when storms loom on the horizon.
I think that K is a "mountain dog" and I'm a "mountain girl". A good match...


  1. A perfect match! LOL R is such a crazy boy! I love that second to last picture, just beautiful
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Oh, the two Black Labs do look alike. Funny trick. Ellie wears blue and Lucy wears red. The two don't look at all alike, but if I happen to put the leashes on the wrong dog I have to stop and fix them before we leave.

    Sorry about K's anxiety. I'm so glad she is fine on outings with you and playing with R.

  3. As always, great pix! I loved the one of R and Darcy tearing along and then R showing off his molars! Whew!

    I hope the vet can help K with the anxiety. Its hard to see a dog become frightened over everyday things.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella,Zkhat and Ronaldo

  4. I'm sorry K has become more anxious. That must be very hard for you to see. We so want to protect those we love. At least the outdoors are a welcome release.

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  6. I posted same thing twice on my wee keyboard where I am all thumbs...

  7. What fun for R and Darcy! And what fun that the Runner played a trick on you - that was just great. But it seems as though R knows where he belongs.

    I hope you can find some ways to ease K's anxiety. Phantom exhibits some very odd fears lately but his are mainly related to being outside at night. Please give sweet K a kiss from me.

  8. How funny that he had you fooled until it was time to go for Darcy. That must have worried Darcy's owner for a few seconds until the truth was revealed.

    Nina has over the past few years had weird phobias around her food bowls. We purchased a ceramic quiche dish that we use now and she likes it better than the metal bowl. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone in trying to figure out what is going on in her head.


  9. There is no question that you and K are "Mountain Girl and Dog" It is where you belong in our eyes, it is who you are to us. (Me and Bert)

    Love the trick Runner played on you guys. Can't tell you how many times I have tried to send the wrong dog home with people.

    Bert and My Vickie

  10. I cant help but smile when I watch pups play

    Stop on by for a visit

  11. I love the great Colorado collar caper!

    Thanks for sharing the fun!

    AND another hug sent in K's direction!

  12. What a great trick. BOL!!
    And you and K are no doubt Mountain Pals.

  13. Perhaps K is having trouble seeing in low light and that is making her anxious, especially in close quarters like inside the house? We had a Dane in the family many years ago who had vision problems, and he started snapping at the cats - which he'd never done before - because he could sense something under his feet but could no longer see them. Why his sense of smell wasn't enough to tell him it was cats, we never knew. Perhpas the chemo could affect some range of K's vision more than others?

    Sneaky Runner. Bet both R and his friend were confused when Darcy's dad tried to make off with the wrong dog.

    Jed & Abby

  14. What a joke switching those there is a lot of noise going on while showing those pearly whites. Poor K maybe classical music will ease a little tension. It seems to work for my Lily
    Benny & Lily

  15. Maybe you and K need to take a little backpacking trip. Just an overnight up to Lost Lake or something.

  16. I hope you can find something that will help K feel a little less anxious. Sometimes you have to come up with creative solutions to some of those problems, too, we've learned!

    That's pretty funny about R and Darcy! What a riot! I can just picture The Runner laughing to himself in a corner somewhere while you try to sort out the boys! I wonder if there will be payback at some point...

  17. You are a perfect pair!!

    Loveys Sasha

  18. Steve often must sit on the floor with Quinn as he eats to ease his fearfulness. When we ried to switch bowls, Quinn got even more agitated so maybe just away to keep the familiar from moving and making noise might be better...a rubber placemat/door mat under the bowl perhaps?

    And it is a match made in heaven!

    P.S. I do not know of this traveling ribbon but will visit the website, try to make contact, and invite them to our Walks. Thanks for the info.

  19. I agree that K is a mountain dog and you are a mountain girl! Two peas in a pod!
    I love the trick your trickster runner played!
    I cannot believe how much those two dogs look alike!
    I hope you find some solution to help resolve some of K's fearfullness. As always we keep good thoughts going your way.

  20. Great to have friends coming and play.
    You are mountin souls both of you. You show it in your picture.
    Check my post, we finally got some trial pictures.

  21. They certainly do look alike :-)

    I hate to say this but I saw my girl stand paralyzed for a few moments and I assumed she had a bad pain, best to get advice from the vet. I'm happy that K's fear disappears outdoors and she has so much fun. You are a good match, I will think about her as the mountain dog from now on.

    Sending love from Eileen and Annie xx

  22. sometimes I really enjoy chasing and playing with my crazy friends LOL, I'm glad that you have a great adventure today with K.

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  23. Dat is too too funny withs da trickin' collars...hehehehe. Poor R thought he was goin' bye bye. I guess him not think it was funny then...hehehehe.

    I don't knows how you feels bout anti-anxiety meds fur K but it may be worth it if your vet thinks so. Out Whitney is likes dat but her eyes is bad with cataracts.
    Don't they has bowls withs no slip grip thingys?


  24. You two are the PERFECT match, that we have NO doubt! No one could love K more than you and your family.

    Lily Belle

  25. Now we know where R gets his goofiness from. The Runner must of thought that was pretty funny! Heehee! Guys!
    As for you and K, you are such a good match. I love that last picture of her! Barney used to be afraid of his bowl sliding too so I cut some of the no-slip for rugs to fit under his bowls and it stopped them from sliding and making noise. I now have done the same for Fred and Gloria. Just a thought...

  26. The switcheroo was hilarious, and great photo to accompany the wonderful smile and giggles!

    It saddens me to know K is becoming frightened of familiar things, but I'm so glad she is still enjoying her life with you.

  27. The bond that you and K share is perfect. But you know that, and how lucky you are that you found each other. Her beauty and her soul are eternal.

  28. Definitely mountain dog and mountain girl!
    What a trick collar switchin! LOL
    Hope you can ease K's fearfulness.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  29. I love it when the dogs play crazy like that. It looks scary but we laugh at the growling, barking and teeth. I LOVE the last two pictures.


  30. Love the 1/3 face shot!

    Maybe you should try raising the bowl up on something like a milk crate. Bending down to eat might make it a little hard for her to breathe or balance these days.

  31. I got a hysterical picture of my "Hero" playing with one of my rescues, "JD". JD looks like he's going to kill Hero and Hero looks like he's freaking out. But it was all the luck of timing.

    You and K are in my prayers every day and every night.


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