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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wiser than I am

My Duo is showing me the way. Yesterday evening, they romped in the sunset light as I dragged my heavy heart across our favorite meadow.
They followed fascinating scents with the intensity of wild canines.
And, they watched me with incredible focus as the sun finally dipped below the snowy mountains.
After the sun set, we sat out on a rocky point where I love to gaze at the sky over the mountains at sunset. As the sky faded to a mellow orange, the chirping of birds and the rustles of forest slowly quieted. I sat with the Duo without moving, wanting to freeze time right now.
This morning, I had trouble getting out of bed because K snuggled up against me after the boys headed out for their run. I hugged her and savored those quiet moments together.

When we finally headed out onto the trails, K was her usual enthusiastic self. We navigated our favorite forest trail for the first time in many months (it's been snowbound since November). There are still some snow drifts but it's easy enough to walk around them. K seemed thrilled!
Then, she paused in a sun puddle shining in the midst of the pine forest and looked at me with her incredibly wise and beautiful eyes.
Somehow, over the course of her lifetime, K became wiser than I am. I showed her the way when she was a very fearful and naive puppy. Now, she can be my guide.

Thanks so much to all of you who helped rescue us last night. Your thoughts and good wishes mean the world to me.


  1. As the one documentary and book termed it "through a dog's eyes"

    You have daily proof!

  2. K really does light the way, doesn't she! Keep enjoying those sunsets and the cuddle moments!

  3. Remember the end of "Men in Black" where the bauble around the cat's neck turned out to contain an entire universe? The starburst in K's eyes always makes us think of that - a universe of wisdom in her eyes.

    Jed & Abby

  4. We too were going to comment about the starbursts in her eyes too - we think they have been guiding you for a long, long time. You are both ever in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Does R ever have his mouth close? Or do you specifically take his pic with it open? BOL!! That boy just cracks me up!!

    Isn't it funny how the roles reverse? I have experienced the same thing, I take care of them and then they take care of me.

    The rhythm of life and love. :)

  6. You NEVER have to thank your Blogville family! We're here for you no matter what.
    That's what I've always found with my dogs, even 1 year old cracker dog Nola. Sometimes she'll just do something or look at me and I'm humbled by the fact that this dog knows more already then I ever will
    Dachshund Nola's Mommy
    P.S. Totally off topic, but I love the look on R's face LOL!

  7. Yes, K will be your guide. She will remind you it's time to fully enjoy the moments and days. During the times when you are tempted to look too far into the future she will bring you back to the here and now. And here and now is all that any of us are really guaranteed.

  8. Isn't it funny how they do that to us? You think you're in charge, the one who knows best, and then they humble you with their wisdom! They certainly know things that we probably never will, and I think that's one of the reasons so many of us are drawn to dogs the way we are.

    I always love your pictures, but that second one of the two of them sniffing the ground is fantastic! Something about it just makes me smile. And I think R and Kuster must be sharing shiny coat secrets somehow!

  9. I think K knew that today was hug your dog day (I saw that somewhere today) and that is why she wanted to snuggle in bed this morning. Love all the pictures tonight.


  10. I don't have a dog, but your love for K has touched me so deeply. You and K are in my thoughts every day - I hope that K will continue to be strong for as long as possible.

    Patty (Blogless)

  11. Yes - love the morning snuggle image. I agree; K is indeed wise - the depth of expression in her eyes personifies wisdom. I think our dogs often help us out; a couple of days ago, we were on a hike that had some precipitous drops, and Sam seemed to take over and lead me safely - I was stunned. I know what you mean - K seems to have a strength that must have only come from you.
    Sending huge hugs xox
    Sammie, Avalon and Mom

  12. K is so beautiful.

  13. As far as K is concerned, it's spring in the mountains and she wants to go out and experience it! All those interesting smells! (That picture cracks me right up. Such intensity, yet somehow it's hilarious. Maybe it's K's tail.)

    She really is having such a wonderful time. It helps, at least a little. I know you're doing everything medically you can but spiritually I think she's got all us humans beat.

  14. You know what is beautiful? When the student becomes the teacher. Well done K.

  15. There goes K again,, she says
    "come on mom-
    lets go chase the shadows as they play peek a boo with us!
    lets watch the clouds as they scamper across the sky!
    lets watch the birds fly!
    lets run fast!"

    I see it in her eyes!

  16. What beautiful and wise eyes. I say a prayer for all of you every time I visit. Every little bit helps I hope in some small way.

    Your blog is inspiring

    Anne and Sasha

  17. We are all here for you and your love ones. You have so nice surroundings to hike with her. K and R look great together. Hugs from us!!

  18. K is far from ready to leave yet...her eyes tell you that.

    Love from Eileen and Annie xx

  19. Your photos are always so incredibly beautiful! You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love ya lots,

  20. I read yesterdays post and my heart sunk...I was so hopin' fur better news.
    But, in da days knows what to do...savor every moment with K and continue to learn from hers.

    We are constantly thinkin of ya'll and send our love and hugs to ya'll.

    Puddles and family

  21. You and K are always in our thoughts and prayers! You both are such an inspiration to us. Hugs to you!

  22. Asesome post and pictures. You are all still inspiring us to live life to the fullest.

    Lily Belle

  23. Dogs seem to have the kind of wisdom that only humans can dream of having but never will. Let K guide you in the days ahead and be your strength. We are always and forever here for you.

  24. Bottom line is K is who she is in part because of you, and you are who you are in part because of K (and all your canine crew through the years). Couldn't agree more with Jed & Abby's comment about the universe in K's eyes.

  25. It's amazing how dogs and other animals can deal with so much without feeling sorry for themselves. They take so much in stride and just keep going, we can all learn a lesson or two from them.

    Hang in there and enjoy your time together. The boys and I are sending purrs and prayers to all of you.

  26. Yes, those eyes are wiser than we will ever be. Take heart KB, your friends are right here behind you. No worries, and love, Carol x

  27. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes again.
    Even if you always have the hope for something unexpected to happen and somehow get the opportunity to have K longer with you than expected - you know that the bad news can just be around the next corner...
    I think you are very lucky in all your sadness that you indeed have the opportunity to make the best of the time that K still has with you - might it be a week or a year. You can let have her fun.
    When our Josy got sick nearly 3 years ago, she was sick for two days until the decision to be made was clear... And I had the hope again at each of the 4 visits to the vet during those two days,until she break down while waiting for surgery...
    That was such a shock. I really don't know what is better as I also had a dog with cancer when we knew her day are counted...

    Well... have a good weekend!


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