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Monday, April 16, 2012

Winter and summer plus canine mischief

It's that crazy time of year where it can vary in weather from one day to the next or from one slope to another. It was still winter this morning near our house, and K sprinted in the snow.
She's been taking her "metronomic chemotherapy" for almost a week now. It's a daily chemotherapy medication designed to prevent the growth of blood vessels to tumors like her lung mets. I wonder everyday if it's having any effect. Our next checkup will be in three weeks for a lung xray - and that's when we'll know if it's helping. One good sign is that K certainly still loves to run when we're in the woods!
Our world also varies from north-facing slopes (like in the first photo) to south-facing slopes. Today, after riding through 6" of snow on shaded north-facing slopes, I found a Ball Cactus blooming on a perfectly dry south-facing slope. For such tough plants, they have the most spectacularly vivid blossoms.
Then, after admiring the cactus, K and I wended our way back to a snowier area, back to winter. Pretty amazing.
After I'd dropped K off to rest at home, I ran into an acquaintance who I haven't seen in a while. He asked about the dogs, and I told him about K. Tears sprang to his eyes. He lost his last Lab to osteosarcoma before I knew him. What an evil and awful disease. His Lab was a year younger than K when he died.

We commiserated, and I managed to hold it together to ride home. Such sadness. Yet, my friend agreed with me that the love that we have with our dogs more than offsets the inevitable end-of-life grief.

I checked two trail cameras at the end of my ride. Remember that I had incredibly good photos at the cameras that I checked yesterday. I got so much footage of a mountain lion that I'm going to have to take an afternoon to collate it all. Here's one more photo - I'm not sure what the lion was doing with that front paw up in the air.
Well, by comparison, today's photos were funny. The mischievous canines of the world decided that Tax Day was "Poop in front of KB's cameras Day".

First the coyote. This is the male in the breeding pair, as you can tell by the scar under his left eye. He peed first.
 Then, he looked straight at the camera and deposited a pile. The joke is on me!
Finally, to top it off, a dog who wanders our neighborhood (and who I take care of sometimes) came onto our land and pooped within a foot of another camera, leaving this gorgeous photo (this was the least gross of his photos)!
Yup, I think those canines had it in for me yesterday.


  1. They all knew you needed a few smiles TWO cheer you?

    Khyra will continue to live vicariously through her pals in CO!

  2. They know you need a laugh!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Well, poop happens. My goodness. I think they know the camera is there and they are all disrespecting you. Little miscreants.

    Mango Momma

  4. We have to agree they wanted to make you laugh.

    K looks so good, it is hard to believe so much evil resides in her. Hope the new treatment is doing her lots of good.

  5. As my mother would have said, "They were giving you presents!"

    You know, after all, dogs love their poops and think everybody else should too.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  6. It's like they knew they were on camera, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. K looks so great. Here's hoping the new treatment is working for her.

    The poop reminds me of the last time we ran the girls off lead. They ran down the hill side by side so my husband wanted me to take a picture. As soon as I focused, both dogs stopped and pooped. I didn't take the picture but we laughed at the idea that they even poop in tandem.

  8. K looks like the healthiest girl around. Such a beautiful girl!

  9. K looks amazing! What a beautiful girl!

    Who knew coyotes had such a good sense of humor!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. yes, he know how to post on the camera like K, K is doing great with you :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  11. Those ball cactus just prove the lfe lesson: the tougher the situation, the more spectacular the bloom! So,bloom in all your vivid splendor, my amazing friends.

  12. Well, maybe those ornery canines knew it would give you a giggle today if they played their pranks on you!

    I love that cactus shot. It's so vivid! Wow!

  13. K is so happy and loved.
    It shows as she does what she likes to do. I want to be like K.
    We are with you in hoping the medication is doing what it is supposed to do.
    It was nice of the visitors to leave gifts!

  14. LOL! The last photo is hilarious! Definitely gave me a laugh.

  15. Laughter is good for the soul :-)

  16. Looks like a branch of the canine post office moved to your camera location. Maybe they were all leaving messages of support for K. We're happily pooping all over our yard to lend our support, too.

    Jed & Abby

  17. The last picture gave a good laugh!
    Great trail camera pictures of the coyote. K looks happy and seems not to bother much about the snow.
    I was at the vet yesterday with Ayla. She has a ear infection. So treatment for a week and then we hope it´s away, it happens sometimes with dogs with ear hanging down.

  18. Now that is comical relief at it's best! Hahaha!!

  19. This post could have been entitled 'The opening line of a Tale of Two Cities .

  20. Comic relief indeed!!! K looks positively amazing!!! She looks like she is really enjoying her romps in the woods!!

  21. Poop happens! Thank you for the smiles.

    Love ya lots,

  22. Wow, that's a lot of poop! I think that they are all getting together in support of K and saying "poop on cancer."

    We are happy to see another wonderful day with K.

    Lily Belle

  23. Wow - your camera must pop from the contrast of colours taken in one day! Stunning.
    I think your trail camera marks the spot for a toilet stop..heehee!

  24. poopin' for the camera. BOL! Maybe that's their way of smilin'. It sure made me smile and giggle.

  25. Oh, I have missed reading everyones blogs so much over the last few weeks.

    I am just catching up today, but of course we had to start with yours.

    I love that you had snow and mountain lions and bears and spring and winter and wow, I have missed so much.

    as usual K looks wonderful.

    bert and my vickie

  26. Could have been worse... they could have pooped ON the camera! BOL! K looks most beautiful, as she does every day!

  27. I'm feeling so sad for your friend who lost his dog, and yet, those final photos did me in. You made me smile in spite of the sadness.

    Your coyote shot reminded me we saw two foxes in our neighborhood this morning, after not seeing any for more than a year. I think it's high time Pierce goes into hiding again!!!

  28. Hehehe, nothing like a little toilet humour to make us all laugh. As usual your photos are billiant, even the last one hehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  29. What can I say? Poop happens!
    Thanks for the smile!

  30. the last shot made me go off in fits of laughter XD

    K looks like a puppy in the second photo!

  31. Dropping by to visit and to let you know that someone at the tip of the Mitten State is thinking about you and your sweet dogs.

  32. K will have a tribute on our Cancer Heroes Wall whether she is in Colorado or over the Bridge. She is, in every sense and definition, one of the most amazing heroes we have is her family because we know that no hero fights alone. Someday, soon if the Universe hears our prayers, cancer will touch no one!

  33. Hi Y'all!

    Too funny! BOL!

    We can sit in our house and watch it rain or snow on the other side of the creek. At the shore we sometimes watch it rain across the river from us. Or the sun is out there and it's rainin' on us.

    In these mountains storms run around and around the mountain ridges and we can be enjoying a sunny day.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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