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Friday, September 21, 2012

A Lion, Sunrises, and R

I love when I sneak a peek at the photos on a trail camera, and a mountain lion is looking back at me.
I especially love it when the mountain lion isn't wearing a radio collar or ear tags. There's been a never-ending study in our area that has been radio-collaring all the lions. This summer, it seems that a few "rogue" lions have been wandering our neck of the woods. This one looks like he just ate a good meal - notice how his stomach is distended.
They are incredibly curious creatures. This lion walked a little past my camera and then sneaked up for a closer look and sniff from the side. You can barely make out his ear (bright white) in the far left of the photo.
This summer, one camera in particular has captured a lot of lion photos. The reason may be that the deer hang out in this same spot. A small herd triggered my camera to take more than 200 photos after the lion came through. This doe was munching on something, as you can tell from her funny expression.
On other subjects, life has become much busier since Shyla's arrival. I need to fit training and puppy-socializing into my schedule - which involves extra trips to town and other places. Consequently, we are suddenly seeing lots of sunrises, so we can get in a hike before the busy days are underway. Shyla looks gorgeous in the rising sunlight among the golden aspen leaves.
A bull elk has been bugling each dawn - a beautiful sound associated with the elk rut. Shyla is fascinated by the sound. She's looking toward it in the next photo.
When the sun is fully up, she can run. Oh my, she can run like the wind!
She's so fast that I often find my shutter speed to be too slow for her! I'm learning about the zip of a puppy!
R will be having another blood test soon to find out if his blood cells have recovered and whether we can fully relax about his hemangiosarcoma scare. My "scientific test" has always been to look into the eyes of my dogs - and I can often see nuances that tell the story of what is going on inside them. R's eyes have recently regained their sparkle and gleam. I hope that my "scientific test" is supported by his blood test.
He's been going on some short mountain bike rides with me, and I'm seeing our speedy Labrador returning! And, I love seeing him among the golden aspens.
The one thing that I've noticed is that he suddenly gained a few gray hairs on his muzzle during this episode. No big deal, as long as he's getting healthy again. He definitely believes that the only good part of this whole episode is that he is now too skinny so he's getting extra portions and extra meals - a Labrador's dream.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I agree, I see a sparkle in R's eyes!! Your girl is quite the model and I so enjoy the trail cam shots. What would you suggest as a good "beginner" trail cam. I am sure we'd see some deer and small critters here on our farm, nothing as exciting as your lion though :)
    Have a great weekend and enjoy the duo.

  2. I love seeing these mountain lions photos! What amazing animals!

    Don't worry, R, I have grey furs on my muzzle, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Ann.from...Outer Banks of NC..said...I see love and respect in R's eyes as he learns from you..and experiences the blessed affects that sparkle in his eyes...R and Shyla are so cute......God smiles upon all of we journey with you....Hope you have a great week-end...HUGS....

  4. I'm glad R is doing better! I think the eyes are the best test of all

  5. Good to see that sparkle in R's eyes. We know he is just dying to get out there and run with his new pup.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. These two high energy pups will keep you on your toes, I bet! Both beautiful but I am partial to black.


  7. You're so right - extra food is every Lab's best thing in the world! I am so happy to read about the healthy gleam coming back into R's eyes!!!

  8. I see that sparkle too. And of course Shyla sparkles all over. MOM and I laughed and laughed at the deers face.

  9. They're such a lovely pair! Fingers crossed for R's next blood test.

  10. Thanks for sharing your wild life pictures as always. Shyla sure is a beauty against the aspen trees. I'll keep my fingers crossed for favorable test for R.


  11. Shyla is a vibrating delight; like a hummingbird in the Spring. R's sparkle makes us happy! As for the grey, see our post for Thursday. Where does the time go?

  12. Beautiful pup! And my first thought on looking at that first picture of R was - he looks like a pup.
    We had a fine blood test this week, too, after I had worried again...

  13. We can see the sparkle, R! Larger portions are always a good thing!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  14. We are laughing at the goofy doe shot. BOL funny expression. Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. We all just wanna jump thru the screen and kiss those beautiful noses!

    We're still praying for R. You can definately see how much clearer his eyes are these days. We think the gray hair looks great on him. Very distinguished!

    Lily Belle

  16. You live in paradise!!! Wow, that lion!!!

    But, are you not afraid to wander around in their territory at all? Do you think the dogs basically make sure none ever gets too curious about you?

    That last photo of R is very good by the way. He seems to have more expression/character in his face.


  17. Amazing cat pix - so cool that he doesn't have a collar! Love the photos of Shyla - she is just lovely, and R is so handsome; his eyes do look sparkly; girls' eyes would brighten if they could get extra foodables!
    Sammie and Avalon

  18. We are still keeping R in our prayers! I'm so happy that Shyla is adjusting well to her knew lifestyle.


  19. I just found your blog, I hope R is doing OK. As far as the gray fur on the muzzle my little Dottie and my Boomer have quite a few, which gives me more just one more reason to love all over them!

  20. Oh R! I think you are looking much better too. Mom knows.

    As for those grey furs, well, they do show up against your lovely black fur more than on a light colored dog. Dexter is only 4 years old and already sporting a little grey beard.

    Mango Momma

  21. Great trial camera pictures. Exciting with the lion. Hope Shyla is learning not to chase the wild animals.
    We have labradors for tracking, bird hunt, moose hunt,very allround.

  22. Gray hairs makes us black labs and black lab mixes look distinguished.

  23. Beautiful photos and yes, R's eyes have a special gleam in them. So happy you are all enjoying yourselves. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  24. We're both doing our happy dance that R is feeling better. We sure hope he's fully recovered and back to his normal self for - well, forever. Shyla is making such wonderful progress and is clearly happy in her new life.

    Jed & Abby

  25. Get better R!
    Shyla is so beautiful!


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