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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Teach me, big brother

I love this photo... a young sister looking up to her older brother for guidance. I am using R to teach Shyla about recalls. She happily follows him as he zooms to me when I say "Dogs Come"! (You can see in R's eyes that he's not 100% yet - he'll have a blood test tomorrow to see how he's coming along. You can also see part of his shaved belly.).
After I called, R moved first and then Shyla followed.
R beat her by a few strides, mainly because he has been trained to have a very high drive to do recalls FAST! Shyla is very speedy and will be matching his pace before too long.
You can see in the next photo how much Shyla is built like a fast running dog! Her legs are long and her body is light. She'll certainly grow a bit more and fill in but I bet that her basic graceful and athletic shape will remain the same.
A big part of why I work very hard at training my dogs to behave well in the forest is that we have such abundant wildlife.

For example, over almost a week recently, a magnificent mountain lion paced a route among some of my cameras. He must have killed a deer or elk near there and was staying near his meal. I captured hundreds of photos of him. I'll be showing you the best of them plus some video in the coming days.

Mountain lion attacks on dogs are extremely rare. When they do happen, they occur when a dog is spending long periods of time roaming the forest by him/herself, something that our dogs never do. I've only seen mountain lions in person a few times, and they were terrified of my dogs each time. Nonetheless, I make sure that I can call my dogs away from wildlife, for their safety and that of the wildlife.


  1. KB, I love this-life coming full circle. I keep thinking I am pronouncing Shyla's name wrong-I would probably slip up and say Shayla if I saw her in person. I love how R is teaching her; I know that they'll be best buds soon. I am so very happy for you friend!!!!! Still asking that R is healed.
    Hugs to you tonight.
    Noreen & Hunter
    ps I wonder if Hunter will grow more now that he is 9 mos; I'd love him too.

  2. How wonderful for R too - I think he needed a friend! I love the photo of both of them coming head long into the camera!


  3. That first photo is PRICELESS,they are going to wonderful pals.

  4. They sure look good together.

    I think the wildlife would be my biggest concern too. All it takes is one mistake on the part of either the dog or the wildlife and that can be one mistake too many. But you're training them very well.

  5. Every pup needs a big sibling to teach them the ropes.

  6. Keeping all fingers crossed that R will be 100% fit again very soon, so he can totally enjoy the fun of his new sister.

    That mountain lion truly is magnificent!

  7. I do believe that R is very much enjoying his role as big brother. What wonderful photos. Smiles are over flowing over here.

  8. I look at the photo of them both, and words from the song, " The Two of Us"comes to mind.
    " Building Castles in the sky:" All special thoughts to R that he improves to 100% again very soon. Fond greetings from Jean.

  9. I can see where R is having a good time with Shyla. He is going to be the #1 Pup and is letting his little Sis know that. She will learn and learn and he will be a great teacher!



  10. Ann...from...Outer Banks of NC..said..The picture of R and Shyla is so pretty...I would frame this one.... and those cute puppy faces will steal any-one's heart...and with the never know who is where are teaching them well KB....and they do look like they are ready to learn...Keeping R in my prayers and that he will be okay....HUGS

  11. Best way to teach a dog is to have another dog show them the ropes. Great photos and I hope R feels 100% soon.

  12. I'm so glad Shyla and R get along so well. I love the lean build of Shyla!

  13. Shyla is one lucky pup to have R as her big brudder, he will be a great teacher fur her. :) Paws are crossed fur R's test results too.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  14. R does have a bit of a concerned, inward look in the shot. His muzzle is a bit tight, too. I look for the same things with my horse. I must say you are a GREAT dog owner and trainer. It is a joy to read about all of you.

  15. Great pics!

    Paws crossed for R to get back to 100+%!

    Khyra really wants a khytty like that!

  16. So important to train the baby. She'll get it real quick since brother is teaching her. The mountain lion is beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  17. Love seeing them together. Here's hoping R gets his sparkle back 100% soon.

  18. I think it's as good for R as it is for Shyla! Those photos of them together are fantastic! Did you flinch a bit there in that last one where R was so close to you?

    I think a good recall is important for a lot of reasons, and I doubt that anyone has a reason not to make sure their dog has a good recall!

  19. The mountain lion is splendid. I can'at wait to see more pictures of him. IS that the new camera you won. It takes excellent pictures.
    Give R a big hug from Bert, he is a great older brother to Shyla

  20. I hope R's lab work confirms that he is on the mend! I'm sure it's a huge relief to see him running and playing again. He is so cute with Shyla. The mountain lion is gorgeous! It's nice to see one that hasn't been collared. Will be looking for good news on R's lab work!

    Susan T in AZ

  21. They are adorable together!

  22. I hope you get good news with the blood work tomorrow. R and Shyla are super cute together. I bet R is thrilled to have a little sister and Shyla is must be so excited about her new life.

  23. The picture of Shyla looking to R for guidance is so sweet. I'm sure he's happy to have another furry friend around; I'm glad for her presence to bring some sunshine into your life as well as you continue to adjust to daily life in K's absence. We will be hoping for good news from the vet!

  24. I can see that R will be a very good example and big brother. I am praying that he is better and all goes well for him.

    Anne and Sasha

  25. Seeing these early bonding moments is such a precious gift. Thanks for sharing your joy! We are sending powerful White Dog Army healing energy that R comes home from the vet with a great report.

  26. OMG! I've missed a lot. I didn't know that poor R was sick. You must have been so worried! I'm glad to hear he is better and him and Shyla are bonding. These are such great pictures of the two of them. I can tell your heart is making lots more room. Absolutely love that first pic! :)

  27. ahhh what lovely pictures xxx
    keeping everything crossed that R makes a full recovery too.

    Cant wait for more pics xxx

    Charlene and Stormy

  28. That first picture is fantastic! We could come up with so many captions for it. It's so wonderful to see them both together and getting along. I bet that Shyla and R are going to be snuggle bunnies real soon (if not already).

    Great job on the training. Can I send Lily & Muffin over to be trained by you?

    We're still keeping our paws crossed for R!


  29. Mom is wishing that we were as great at recalls as the two of you are! You are such a beauty, Shyla and our paws remain crossed for you, R!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  30. Hi KB - sorry I have not posted before now. I took a few days away at the beach and completely unplugged from all things electronic (Sept 1st was the 6 month anniversary of my son's passing, how can this be????). I am overjoyed to see Shyla and R running together - so glad R is improving (and no tumors - prase God in heaven). Shyla is so beautiful, I love her long lean look. I know she is not K - but she is doing a wonderful job at capturing all our hearts right from the start!

    Take care,


  31. We enjoyed todays post very much. Have a wonderful day.
    Best wishes Molly

  32. I am looking forward to more lion photos. Love the face in the one posted.

    Glad the dogs are doing fine together good for them and great for you...


  33. Lovely pictures of the two, she is so beautiful.
    What a luck that everything went this way with you all. Seems like Shyla waited for you...
    The lion lools magnificent...exciting that you have them in your countryside.
    Yes. I´´m really proud of the small ones, they are only 18 months.
    Now I can start them on Saturday in hunting class on the exhibition I go to. Then they have the possibility to get certificate if the judge like them. Three certificates then they are a champion.
    Thanks for stopping by
    Hugs from us all!

  34. I hope R is feeling better soon! I just love him! Looking forward to your photos and adventures.

  35. Welcome to your new pack, Shyla. She's a beauty!! :)

  36. I hope R gets back to feeling better soon, shayla is just beautiful and smart already of course she has two great teachers...great pictures
    stella rose

  37. One of the things I love about having two dogs is how the new ones learn from the incumbents. Tucker learned much from Dakotah, and now that Dakotah has gone on and Phoebe has joined the family, Phoebe has learned much from Tucker. It is clear that Shyla and R will have a great relationship, and I'm sure Shyla will learn a great deal from R. (I love the second photo down from the top where Shyla's tongue is sticking out.)

    Crossing paws that R will be feeling 100% very soon!

  38. Keep us posted about R's blood work. Yeah, I can definitely see his eyes aren't quite as "happy" I guess is the only way to put it.

    Great pics - love the one where Shyla is looking over at R. Who doesn't love a big brother?

  39. Oh R! I hope you love being a big brother as much as I do! You're lookin' good, bro!


  40. I've been trying to keep up with the latest via my phone the last week or so; I've been so worried about R. I hope he truly is feeling better and clear from danger. Fabulous photos of your new gal! Love the photos of the two of them together. Looks like both are adapting well.

    I hope I haven't missed the story of how Shyla came into your life. I've been anxious to hear that!

  41. Oh, PS: Fabulous shots of the mountain lion, too. Holy moly!!!

  42. Holy sweet potatoes! I just got caught up on everything and can't believe how much I missed! Glad R is feeling a bit better, I'll keep my paws crossed that things keep going up hill for him. And a HUGE Congrats to your new little girl! She's absolutely beautiful, I just know R will be a great teacher, just like his teacher was to him :-)

  43. Yea, ditto to what Corbin said bouts catchin' up!
    I am so freakin' happies to meet Miss Shayla and I adores her name and da meanin; behind it, I not be ables to think of anything more suiting to hers. I knows R will teach her well...he had an incredible teacher.
    I can;t believes I didn't knows da R was sick...I should be smacked furs not knowin. But I is glad he is gonna be all okie dokie.
    Welcome Home is gonna has a wonderful life!


  44. R looks like a very proud big brother! He knows his role, but he is also puppy like too. He understands Shyla, and he know she respects those moutains. After all she is the daughter if the mountains, and Angel K lives in those mountains too- watching over all.


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