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Saturday, September 1, 2012

R's improvement and Shyla's training

We think that R is continuing to improve today. He is still not himself, behaving oddly and being less interested in the world around him than usual. However, some of his more extreme symptoms seem to be dissipating. We're getting hopeful that he'll be running like in this photo sometime again soon! And, maybe he'll even be running with his new sister!
My girl, Shyla, and I had a fun morning hike. She's learning SO fast. I'm teaching her recalls... Here's a practice one. She's a graceful and fluid runner.
We played some fetch. Shyla is so fast that I have to upgrade my photography skills. Here she is retrieving a stick on Hug Hill.
And, another recall...
I intersperse training throughout our hikes. It keeps training from being long and arduous sessions and keeps it all fun for Shyla. I try to make it seem like a series of fun games for her.

After some running around, she had her greatest accomplishment. She did a sit-stay and allowed me to walk far enough away and squat down to take a photo!!!!
Shyla is like a giant sponge, waiting to soak up whatever I teach her. I use positive training techniques, including a clicker and treats, so training is fun rather than stressful (otherwise I would have waited longer after her arrival to start training). I'm astounded by how fast she's learning.

More than anything, her calmness and affection are incredible. Having her with me in the waiting room yesterday during R's ultrasound calmed me immensely. I'm falling in love with our new chocolate girl.

Her first sunset hike was spectacular! It was "raining fire in the sky". Perhaps it was a welcoming show for Shyla.


  1. Glad to hear R is improving. Shyla is such a sweet girl and that sunset is stunning!


  2. I know K sent Shyla to you! I'm glad she's doing so well, and I hope R continues to improve!

  3. What a beautiful name and dog!!! Obviously Shyla is very smart and wants to learn; now if only R is ok you can enjoy to the utmost both of them. You deserve no less.
    Thoughts and prayers...
    Take care,
    Lucy,(silent MOD Troy, Ohio)

  4. I have so enjoyed reading about your beautiful girl and am glad that the two of you are finding your connection and bonding with one another! I am keeping your boy R in my prayers that he'll regain his health and be able to enjoy romping and playing with Shyla!

  5. Quite the Welcome Shyla Show!

    Here's to R getting his Goof-Groove back!

  6. Hope R keeps getting better! Shyla is just so beautiful and so is the sunset

  7. That sit/stay/pose is a very important behavior for any dog living in your pack!!

  8. She "had us at Hello!"

    We're just bursting with joy for you! (Tho we think we've said that before, we're just telling ya again.)

    How wonderful that she is such a quick learner. Ain't no dummies in your house :)

    And please tell R, we're thinking of him and praying he's back to feeling himself real soon. We miss hearing about the cheerful R. Could part of this be depression??

    How are the two of them getting along?

    The sunset that K sent for you and Shyla is truly amazing! She'll always be with you KB!!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  9. What a joyful post my friend. So glad R is showing improvement and it does my heart good to hear you and Shyla were at Hug Hill.

    And what a glorious sunset to share with such a sweet girl as a welcome to her new life.

    Bert and My Vickie

  10. Ann...from...Outer Banks of NC..said...I am thinking happy thoughts for R.... Hope he feels better soon...I just know he wants to get to know Shyla better...He is such a sweetheart...And it sounds like you have a great plan teaching Shyla ...KB...keep up the good work..I know K is smiling....HUGS

  11. So glad to hear that R seems to be feeling better. That's a step in the right direction.

    Shyla is so beautiful. She glows in the sunshine just like K.

  12. Glad to hear R is feeling better. Could it have just been really bad colitis caused by anxiety? For some dogs adding a new family member can be both an exciting and terrifying thing.

  13. There is no "falling" involved. Shyla is where she was meant to be and you are awakening to the rightness of it all. So glad to hear R has made some progress. White Dog woos and healing energies that he continue on the path to complete health with no further scares.

    Rocky Mountain High! Awesome.

  14. Good news on both fronts! R improving and Shyla is a total doll!

    That sky is breathtaking.

  15. Wonderful news all round, and the perfect sunset to finish off.Shyla is fitting into her new family as though she has been there all her life, K is ,I'm sure, sending her messages about the trails, rocks, certain places to sit for the very best photo. Such a clever learner, Fond greetings from Jean.

  16. We are glad to hear about R, and glad Shyla is settling in!


  17. That sunset is just spectacular! Wow!

    I'm hoping R keeps feeling better and will be back to his silly antics soon! I love a good R story.

    Shyla is just such a pretty, unusual color! I'm glad she's fitting in so well and learning so fast!

  18. Great that R is better, hopefully you will get some result from the vet what he has/had.
    Shyla is wonderful. She came to you on the right time I think. Labradors are very fast learner. We use them as drug dogs, for blind people and assistant dogs. I have some friends that have hunting labradors, they go in the water to fetch shooted ducks. And also blood tracking search after car accidents with moose, roe or wild boars.

  19. We continue to send you lots of AireZen, R! We want you well soon so you can run with your new sissy! She sure is beautiful and smart too!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  20. So glad to hear R is better. We send him healing paw and shed loads of love. Shyla is adorable. Have a great Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  21. Sending more get well thoughts to R.
    Shyla is lovely :-)

  22. Glad to read that R seems to be getting better - great news! You and Shyla sound like a dream team in training - she seems brilliant! Such quick progress!

  23. More love and healing for R...and welcome hugs for your new girl.
    That sky is just intense.

  24. Extraordinary sunset!

    We are so happy that Ri is improving and look forward to seeing him back to romping with you. And Shyla is clearly a joy!

  25. Hi Y'all!

    Just stoppin' by to say "hi" to beautiful Shyla and see how R is doing.

    My Human has trouble with the shots of me in action...most are blurs. That sunset is spectacular! We get them at the shore but not as dramatic as the flaming sky silhouetting the mountains.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  26. A big hope that R gets his groove back very soon. Is he running with the Runner? Or not feeling well enough yet? Its great that Shyla is such a fast learner, it will be fun following your adventures with her.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  27. Ok, sometimes a black cloud hovers over us. We don't know why, and sometimes it lingers longer than we'd prefer. BUT it's all for a greater reason, sometimes hard to understand in the moment. R will be ok, and if he's not- he's had you and your husband to love on him, and a great big sister to teach him, and a cute little sister to teach. It's one thing after another sometimes, I'm currently in one of these slumps myself...and it sucks. But, there's a light.

    And, I love Shyla's pink collar!!!!

  28. Sounds like things are looking up in your world! So happy for all of you! Shyla is gorgeous... And smart too!?! Perfect!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  29. So glad to hear R is doing better
    Benny & Lily

  30. Hi, So very glad that you and Shayla are settling in together and that she is such a quick study(wish Hunter was). Love the sunset and course so glad to hear R is acting more like herself. Sending a big cheer up for all of you today.
    Noreen & Hunter

  31. My most fervant prayer is that R is feeling better and better each day <3

  32. Sorry to hear R has not been feeling well and you had a visit to the emergency Vet. Hope that blood work comes back improved in the next few days!

    Shaya is a beauty! I love her dark chocolate colouring. I didn't really start to use clicker training till Becky came along. The dogs love it - like a game and respond with more enthusiasm I think.

  33. We keep sending postive healing to R so that he will be perfectly feeling good soon!
    Shyla is such a beautiful pup. And we are so amazed at how athletic she is,, and smart!
    We love Shyla!

  34. Glad to hear he is getting better

    Stop on by for a visit

  35. I like that - 'Shyla is like a sponge'. She is my role model!!!

    With hopes for R's quick improvement.

  36. glad that R is starting to feel a bit better, we have everything crossed that he is right as rain real soon xxx

    shyla is so gorgeous and so lucky to get to go on such amazing walks, beautiful pictures as ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Charlene and Stormy

  37. We have been catching up. Shyla is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She sounds amazing and perfect for you. Sorry to hear about R but it sounds like he is improving. :-) We will keep paws crossed and good thoughts for his continued improvement so he can enjoy his new sister.
    Happy and healing thoughts to all

  38. We're do glad to hear that "R" is doing better. And Shyla is a beauty!


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