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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A winter day in the Rockies

I am not good at resting. I am a Border Collie personality. So, of course, I was outside with my pups today, albeit more sedately than usual.
It is fair to say that relative to my regular life, I rested today - but I don't feel any better yet. It seems as if our illnesses may make all our Christmas plans fall apart due to serious concerns about how contagious we are. I definitely don't want to make anyone else sick, especially not any older relatives, so we'll do whatever the health care professionals say that we should. I suspect that may be a quarantine.

On a different topic, we had a big snowfall yesterday, and then the usual winds hit today. Amazingly, Shyla is not afraid of the intense winter winds that routinely blow at 30 to 70 mph around here. K always was skittish about the wind... so I expected that Shyla would be too. I need to remember, in all facets of life, that they are very different dogs. They may be the same breed and they may both have incredibly sweet and sensitive spirits - but, in many important ways, Shyla is unique and wonderful in her own way.

In these first three photos, you can see the snow flying through the air in the wind around Shyla. I never took photos like this of K because of her fear of the wind. Shyla actually seemed to enjoy the wind, as unbelievable as that might sound.
Shyla made a game of wind today. It would pick up the snowflakes all around us and whirl them past us. Shyla would chase them, biting at the snowflakes in the air just in front of her snout. Because she's a genius dog (in my unbiased opinion), she figured out very rapidly that she couldn't catch the jet-speed snowflakes and stopped the game. It was fun to see her puppy spirit during the brief game!

In other pup news, we have good signs about R's health. We haven't had new blood tests yet. However, the Runner has been cooking a special diet for R over the past month. R has gained 6 pounds in that time, returning him to his normal weight for the first time since August. He'd wasted away while he was sick so I think that the weight gain is a huge victory! It also points to commercial kibble as being a big part of the problem.

I also see a luster to his fur and an intensity in his eyes that I haven't seen in a long time.
And, most importantly, he's acting like R, a recognized nutcase in the Mango Minster Cracker Dog category last year!
As soon as I recover, I'll take him to the vet for his blood test which is due now. I suspect that it will confirm what I feel - that our boy is BACK!


  1. such good news about R! we are up to 19 inches! first snow storm in a long time! loving it! love the pics of Shyla...

  2. Hurray for R. He is looking awesome. We had some snow, mostly WIND!! The girlz enjoyed doing zoomies in the newly fallen snow. Get some rest!!

  3. Brrr. It's so hard to imagine feeling freezing cold any more as we fight with the heat and humidity - I love your pictures. They make me want to dive into a pile of snow. I'd love to know what my pair of hounds would be like in it!

  4. Cheers for R, for being handsomer and healthier and showing up on a regular basis here!

    Its fun to see Shyla out enjoying the snow too!

    It may take you, oh two or three days even, to start feeling better.When this is over with you might want to remember your Doc will give pneumonia Shots so you can avoid this next winter. Just sayin'. . .

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  5. We're enjoying our first blizzard of the season here, and now you're taunting me with those cool snowflake shots again! If it's still snowing tomorrow, I might have to bundle up and try it.

    I don't remember ever being told that I was contagious when I was sick, and usually the antibiotics kicked in pretty fast. But get some rest, woman! If only for a day or two so the medicine can do its job!

  6. Hi, So very glad R is acting like his old self. I am not surprised that cooking natural food for him has helped. But girl, I sure wish you and Runner would kick this bug to the curb(or boulder in your case); being sick is never any fun but especially at this time of year. There is so much going around, I hope you will be over it soon.
    Lots of love.

  7. Love the photos. We had to shop around to find a commercial dog kibble that we can and will eat.

    Hope everyone is feeling well VERY soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. R(est) R(elax) R(ecuperate) with R and Runner.. that is 5 R's...and an "S" .. & Shyla, and if Christmas plans need to be put on hold, enjoy your time together with your delightful R, he is looking absolutely shining, and Shyla and Runner. The snow, I look at Wunderland US weather, and the snow is quite widespread. Beuatiful photo of Shyla with snow flying past. Take care. And 100% better so soon. Fond greetings from Jean

  9. We do hope that you feel better by Christmas. Maybe a Christmas by the fireplace all snuggled together is just what the Dr. ordered!

    We love the pictures of Shyla and to hear about her playing with the snowflakes is tickling our hearts. She is incredible and amazing all rolled into one!

    And to our sweet R, we are thrilled you are feeling much better!! It's nice that the sparkle is back in your eyes.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  10. Dear Shyla,
    I just want to tell you that I think you are a very brave girl. I HATE the wind. We live a the base of a big canyon and we get lots of wind this time of year. I can't be away from my mom. Or I sit on a little rug in front of the kitchen sink and look pitiful. I know I'm a rottweiler and I'm supposed to be brave; and that I outweigh you by like 70 pounds, but you are much braver than me about that wind stuff. I am most impressed.

    Your friend,


  11. Beautiful wonderful happy photos. Every single one. I am sorry you are still sick and will most likely miss out on the family fun for Christmas. Quaranteened for the holidays actually sounds peaceful to me right now.

    I am so glad about R and so happy to see the sheen back in his coat and the sparkle in his eye.

    Get well my friend
    Bert's my vickie

  12. My MOM feels the same way when she is sick, jsut can stay down. But I do hope you try cuz I think it helps in the healing process. R doe slook like his old self again. And Shyla is stunning in the wind.

  13. Ann....from...Outer Banks of snow here....wish we did have a little is the best time because it's Christmas....hope you do listen and it's very cold outside there but I do agree (ALL the R's are important-including sweet Shyla)I'm like you though when I am sick some times I just can't keep still...and the healing process does take time..stay warm all the snow pictures...glad R is feeling better and Shyla too...HUGS

  14. I was hospitalized when I was 18 years old with pneumonia caused by salmonella. It was summer, and all of my friends stopped by on their way to the beach to visit. I hated it. Rest is your friend - your body needs it to recover!! I hope you are on the mend soon. Beautiful shots of both of your dogs!!

  15. Look at that R go!
    Beautiful photos!
    Hope you all feel better soon.

  16. What great news about R. Homecooking is the healthiest and best as far as we see it. The WDA eats that way,too, and you are right the amazing difference in coats, skin, eyes general energy levels is amazing.

    Now to get you back to health so that you and Shyla can enjoy some REAL winter fun! Sending White Dog healing and positive thoughts.

  17. You maybe right. There are kibbles and there are kibbles.

  18. We are so happy that you're back, R! You are such a handsome boy!
    We love sticking our noses in the Aire to sniff the wind. We're thrilled that you're not scared of it, Shyla!
    Gorgeous pictures of the two of you!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  19. That closeup of R is the best I have seen. His face is so cute and his eyes are more expressive or something. Not sure why, but he looks really good there!!


  20. Great news all around for the pups! For you, not such great news. Just take care of yourself. Stay warm, dry, and eat lots of chicken soup! Hoping that you're all better before Christmas.


  21. Hooray for R! Santa brought him his spirit back!

  22. Good news about R! Love the neat.

  23. Happy to hear R feels better. I am definitely a firm believer in feeding as little commercial kibble as possible!

    Lucky you to have snow for Christmas. May it be a merry one, despite (or would that be IN spite of) the pneumonia.

  24. Yeah on R's health returning!

    Now, for you - rest as much as you can. Don't make the Runner have to crate you. ;) Don't over do it. Maybe just wearing a surgical mask will keep others safe from your germs?

    Here's to hoping you feel better by Christmas morning! Beautiful pics!

  25. you gotta do it..sleep and rest
    Benny & Lily

  26. R! Great to see you back inaction,you nutty little lab.
    There are certainly worse things than being under quarantine for the holidays. You can hunker down and just have a cozy day.

    Mango Momma

  27. Beautiful Silhouette shots. R is definitely looking good.
    We hope you feel better soon!

    Violet and mom

  28. Please try to rest and get well! Wonderful photos of Shyla and R, as always! It put a big smile on my face to see R looking so handsome and exuberant! It's fantastic that he's gained six pounds! That's a wonderful Christmas present!

    Susan and Wrigs


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