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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunrise Hike

Shyla and I took a sunrise hike this morning in bitter cold, wind, and snow. Surprisingly, it was just exactly what we needed.
I've been down lately, as I'm betting that you've been able to tell from my posts. A combination of a devastating anniversary and this never-ending flu has left me feeling completely devoid of energy or joy.

There's little that I can do about the flu except wait for it to pass (and try to rest, although I'm getting impatient). However, to help me deal with that unnamed terrible anniversary, I have an amazing girl who is growing up right in front of my eyes. She's sensitive and sweet, a perfect friend for a time like this.
This morning, Shyla headed out into the day with her usual zest, as enthusiastic as I was about greeting the sunrise. While it was still dusky, I kept her on leash to avoid wildlife encounters. But, as the sun became stronger, I decided to let her run a bit. Look at her intensity when she realized that I was going to let her romp!
And, she was off to the races...
By the end of our hike, it was clear that the snow would keep falling, perhaps all day long. Snow dominates our forecast so perhaps we are returning to a normal winter. I think that Shyla hopes so!
Sometimes the best medicine is right in front of me.


  1. Does Shyla's feet even touch the ground? And yes it is true the best medicine is right in front of you. That's what I always tell my MOM, especially lately.

  2. That last line is so true! Beautiful photos, as always

  3. Dogs can heal us, they are a balm to wounded souls.

    Feel better!

  4. I love the chocolate lab in the early sun pictures. Your last line is perfect.


  5. Saturday I was in a bit of a funk from the friday tragedy. I found myself on the floor snuggling with my Gracie all afternoon. She was the medicine I needed for my heart. They really are the best medicine.

  6. You are so right about Shyla being the best medicine- and you are her medicine too. She is so beautiful

  7. Nice photos. Shyla sure is happy off leash!

  8. I am so glad you two have each other to do your sunrise walks together.

    I was just comparing a picture of Shyla from when she first came to the ones you posted today.

    What a transformation.


  9. Just a spoon full of sugar right! And your sugar is named Shyla.

    We're hoping that in some small way she is helping to heal your heart just a little..

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  10. I'm in love with your photos today! I know it's a bittersweet anniversary, but I am betting Shyla will love all the firsts of this season with you.

    You've had a really long bout of the flu! Have you been to a doctor? Don't wait until it becomes something really serious!

  11. I love Shyla's "take off" picture. I don't know how long she can stay suspended in mid-air, but it would be fun to know.

    She is such a beauty!


  12. Woof! Woof! My mom always say that last sentence ... Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woof, Sugar

  13. You summed it perfectly. We send White Dog energy to Heal...body and mind.

  14. Off to the races ! Looks like an understatement !

  15. Fresh air, exercise, and a canine buddy. It doesn't get much better than that!


  16. Shyla has so much energy it's crazy fun to watch her.

    xo Cinnamon

  17. Those photos are so full of love and beauty. All paws and fingers crossed that you feel a lot better soon.

  18. Beautiful! She looks like she is really enjoying life!

  19. Good you came out...Shyla is great.
    She enjoys your hikes...

  20. being sick is not fun. i wish you health and joy. your photos as always are lovely. yea that you are getting snow. the sun is out for a moment and i must get out now too. lovely day to you.

  21. There is not anything nearly as powerful as a dogs undying love.

  22. Boy does Shyla fly! I am so glad you have her to by your side to help ease your pain through this anniversary. Have you tried ginger tea with honey and lemon? It really does help the flu and energy. :)

  23. Everyone is right, the last line is so true--As is your last post--Your heart dog is a part of you.

  24. Look at her go!! As soon as the wet weather clears up you have inspired me to try to learn to pan the dogs while they run. I just love yours.

  25. I'm glad you've received a diagnosis now so you can begin healing. And I hope Shyla continues to help you work through what I know is painful. It's fun to see her run like that! She is so full of energy! Good that she can run again now!

    I hope you get lots of rest and love, and I hope you're feeling back on top of the world soon.


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