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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Running like the wind - Black and White Sunday

Shyla gets 1 minute per day to run like the wind off-leash, with our vet's blessing. She takes full advantage of that single minute.

Look at her joy!

Her speed blows me away. She runs around me in circles like I visualize that greyhounds might do.

And her grace astounds me.
She's carrying my glove in some photos because I've started training her to find and pick up objects that I drop. She loves the search for the object... but then her puppy-like spirit takes over, and she runs in circles with it rather than bringing to me. It's fine with me for now because I always want the training process to be fun. We'll soon refine the game so that she brings me the glove after finding it.

We went to a training class in town today in a busy park, and Shyla showed signs of rebounding from the fearfulness that has possessed her over the past week. I'm feeling hopeful that her fear set-back will be short-lived.

Happy Black and White Sunday!


  1. What a happy face she has in her running photo. I bet it feels great to do zoomies.

    Mango Momma

  2. Joy or insanity? I love that photo!

  3. Happy pup! Zoomies are great for the soul!


  4. I love the photos and the unbridled joy she has in her life!

  5. Bounding, running, fetching, she is one great girl!!Lovely photos ( always are).Greetings from jean

  6. Awesome pleasure to see her run.
    I can't imagine the joy it brings to you to watch her up close and personal.

    xo Cinnamon

  7. We love that puppy look in her eyes, and you are so good to let her learn and still have fun.

    Thanks for the nice comment, and we sure do hope those fires are soon doused.

  8. Free at last. Even if only for little spurts of time. We all need to make the most of it like Shyla does.

  9. She is such a cool girl, and further, I bet when you tell her, her minute is UP, she just stops in an instant, right!

    I will be happy when those Docs figure things out and she can go back to being Speedy Shyla full time !


  10. Her puppy spirit makes me smile! I love that look of mischief and joy on her face!

  11. I LOVE the photo of Shyla running toward the camera. She is smiling from ear to ear!!!

  12. That happy face is infectious. I can just picture her doing circles around you and you know that brings a smile.

  13. Shyla is really kicking up her heals! I hope she can have more off leash time soon (as I'm sure you do too).


  14. Just look at her go!! Bet it feels good to stretch the legs even if only for a minute.

    Catching up again. Stopped by to say HI!

  15. Love the butt shot and the wild eye ones! We are dealing with a little bit of fearfulness - it does take time. She will come around.

  16. We sure hope no news is good news as far as Shyla's leg goes. How is R doing? He looks good. Is his bloodwork closer to normal?

    Your signs are cute, but maybe you need something more forceful - like a '10 MPH, Stictly Enforced'?

  17. I can see the pure joy in her face!!! She is truly loving life!! xo Jeanne

  18. You look so happy, Shyla! You are really enjoying that one minute to the fullest!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  19. Ann.....from Outer Banks of NC... said......I just love everything about your sweet duo (SHYLA and R)..They bring so much joy and smiles to everyone...Have a blessed week ....HUGS

  20. We can feel the joy from here! Run Shyla, run!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. thanks for the reply!

  21. We greyhounds are purty darn fast you knows.
    I am so thrilled to knows Miss Shyla is gettin' betters withs her fearfulness. Her is already an amazin' dog.


  22. You have good willpower if you can stick to that single minute of freedom! I have such a hard time restricting my guys, even when I know it is for their own good.

  23. How happy she looks running like the wind over the beautiful countryside you have. She is so lucky to have come to you.
    I will check with vet tomorrow about Tyra if we will have some rehab, shes well now how it looks like. But I havent let her loose for hunting yet. Easy to get it again

  24. Oh she does look like she has a hoot in that one minute! Love the butt pic! :)

  25. Now those are some SERIOUS zoomies! I can only imagine how happy Shyla is to be able to run like the wind, even if only for a minute. That's the only part of pets that I wish I could change, not being able to explain that what we're doing is for their own good. Here's hoping the restrictions are lifted soon and Shyla can go back to zooming any time she wants to!

  26. Woof! Woof! What a happy joyful RUN photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  27. Such JOY...Shyla and the glove....Sophie takes my drying towel and shakes the B'geesus out of it...and then runs off...I will be waiting for next installment of what to do....thanks for this!

    PS thanks for the info re: spam and old comments. How do you turn them off? I just couldn't locate the section for this.


  28. love love love shylas joy face!!! she looks kerazy!!!! LOL!!! love it!!!

  29. I'm glad to hear Shyla is bouncing back and is becoming more confident again. It just makes me smile to see her joyful exuberance.

    Susan and Wrigs


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