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Sunday, April 14, 2013

A howling concert!

Last night, just as the Runner was getting ready to take the Duo out before bedtime, we heard howls from right outside our house. Fortunately, I had a trail camera set to record video (with audio) pointed at the base of our bear-proof birdfeeding station. Be sure to turn on your audio (and prepare for your dogs' reactions) before watching! It's also available at Youtube.
We scared off the coyote by pointing a flashlight at him through the window before taking the Duo out. Coyotes flee at the slightest disturbance from us.

The coyote's concert occurred before a surprising snowstorm arrived. We awakened to 4-6" of wet snow this morning. It made glorious sculptures on the still bare aspen trees.
And, Shyla was an ecstatic pup! She looks more graceful by the day when she gallops through the forest.
You'll be seeing more snow photos here in the next few days. According to the forecasts, it will snow for the next three days with a couple of feet total of wet and heavy snow possible. It's okay with me if it's so gorgeous and it feeds our wonderful wildflowers!


  1. Oooh you caught the weird gargle they do that makes one coyote sound like a pack of madmen! I love that sound.

  2. Fabulous snow shots, KB! And that howl! I had to turn my sound DOWN! We hear that Breck got 2' of snow in the past 3 days - we're in Denver where it's also supposed to snow this week. It's not spring yet!

  3. Amazing and beautiful! Todd started barking, so I think he agrees too!

  4. I clicked your video then realized in the nick of time that I don't want to upset the goats, so I will wait til daylight and visit again :)

  5. Awesome! They. are. so. loud! I've said it before [and I'll say it again]: that scrawny chest hides a mighty amplifier. Our family has an old summer cabin up in the National Forest, and one time a coyote cut loose right outside the window I was sitting next to. I nearly jumped out of my skin! [Coyotes up at Big Bear lurk in the shadows sometimes when I take the dogs out after dark, so we're careful.]

  6. How cool. Love stopping over here
    Benny & Lily

  7. What a treat. Was that a return howl in the background? IT was ever so quiet and so far away. The funny thing was, I played this with all the guest dogs that are hanging around the office and only one seemed interested. but I must add, that it scared that one so bad it let out the worst gassy smell you can imagine.

    I am glad you are getting snow. It gives me hope for a beautiful spring and all the pictures you will be sharing with us.

  8. Oh my goodness.... I didn't like that sound one bit. Muffin took off like a rocket. We have coyotes here in the orange groves and we can hear them but NOT that good. Thats a good thing otherwise you'd never get us out to pee.

    Mommy said great video.

    Lily Belle

  9. Oh Dog Oh Dog that was AWESOME!!!! MOM loved my reaction. First I was like "Huh?" Then I was like "Woooooo"
    Then I was like Woooooo Wooooooo Wooooo". Wowzers that was GREAT!

  10. Gosh- just like wolves!
    Beautiful- beautiful snow falling all around you!

  11. That was a shrill howl!!! Can't believe you're still getting snow.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. The snow on the bare branches is just beautiful, KB. Mom says we have to wait to hear the coyote howl or we'll be waking dad up before he wants to get up!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  13. That's not at all what I imagined coyotes to sound like - not sure what I expected, but very cool to hear the howls.

    Would you believe Pip showed no reaction to this - I played it twice for him. He tends not to react to sounds even though his hearing is fine.

  14. An incredible video. Are you ever lucky to have recorded it...


  15. Wow! That coyote has some lungs! I listened over headphones so as not to scare 12-year-old Isaac, but I had to turn the volume down FAST because the volume was so unexpected. What a treat for us -- thank you for recording it, even though I don't blame you for scaring it off before any of your family went outside!

  16. Incredible! Oddly enough no reaction from Toby. Thanks for sharing - you are so lucky to see so much wildlife.

  17. WOW! AWESOME! I got goosebumps!!!


  18. Zaphod was very interested in the howl . . . Hailey not so much. So amazing! Thanks for sharing. Lee and Phod

  19. Wow! Not sure I could live where you do - I would be terrified!
    Cocoa wasn't in the room I played this in, so can't tell you how he'd react - some sounds send him running into his hidey, others don't phase him one bit.

  20. Wrigs just shrugged and said, "Oh. A coyote." LOL! Love the snow photos! I wish we had some here.

    Susan and Wrigs

  21. We get to hear the coyotes howling behind our house every once in a while, and we've never been fortunate enough to be able to record it. Truly music of the meadows!


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