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Monday, April 22, 2013

Snow and Monday Mischief

Here we go again. Yup, this is what greeted us this morning.
It continued throughout our snowbike ride. It makes for pretty pictures and nice wildflowers but I'm getting a little tired of it.
Shyla's not getting tired of anything. This girl's love of our mountain trails is endless.
Because it's Monday, I thought that I'd share a Monday Mischief story with you. I've mentioned that I take Shyla with me to my Physical Therapy appointments. Sometimes, I visit the rest room while we're there. On the first occasion, I took Shyla into a stall with me and had her do a sit-stay. I was extremely diligent to make sure that she didn't peek under the stall dividers at anyone else.

When I headed to the sinks to wash my hands, a person entered the rest room and then went into the stall next to the sinks. I'd let down my guard and wasn't supervising Shyla quite as closely. As I scrubbed my hands, I heard a wild laugh come from the stall next to the sinks. I looked down, and Shyla was lying down with her head under the stall wall, presumably looking up at the woman. I started apologizing profusely but, fortunately, the woman thought it was incredibly funny. No harm done! Now I supervise Shyla closely the entire time that we are in the rest room.

I'm learning that a person needs to pay attention to lots of details when they have a dog who goes into public buildings. I wonder how service dogs are trained in the etiquette of rest rooms. I'd be interested to know about that if any of you are familiar with service dog training.

Back to the present, given the aerial bombardment by snow all day today, it's amazing that I took this photo just yesterday in beautiful sunlight.
Apparently, we are getting close to a record for snowfall in April. My preference would be not to break the record and have this be the last April storm. It's time for some warm and sunny springtime weather!


  1. Another amazing adventure with Shyla.
    Now if she peeked at me under the stall I'd try to stuff her in my purse..(too bad she wouldn't fit)

    xo Linda and Cinnamon

  2. LOL - I have to agree with Linda - I would be thrilled to have Shyla peeking at me:) Great story.

  3. LOL! I think it is great that she was checking in with the others using the bathroom.

    Have a great night!

  4. Giggling here, having a beautiful chocolate lab peering up at me would get me laughing too!! Great story.

  5. I can just imagine what Shyla was thinking, and that surely shows how well she is doing in public places, far less, in public rest rooms, Snow, it must stop soon. Beautiful photo in sunshine. Greetings from Jean.p.s. I would have laughed too!!

  6. She always makes us smile. She looks so happy and peaceful in her mountains and on her trails
    Benny& Lily

  7. We're having a record dry April...crazy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. Lol! I totally just pictured her peeking under the stall! Thanks for the laugh:))

    Love your snow pictures. I could never get tired of seeing those!

  9. We are all "snow" dogs, but are sure ready for a little Spring sunshine too! All mom can say is "well, we do need the moisture"! We are certainly enjoying all the mud. It's much easier to dig that way!

    Khady Lynn

  10. We have a record epic flood here. I guess no matter where you live, stuff is falling out of the sky at you!

    Thank you for a good laugh! I can just picture Shyla in the bathroom. I have no idea what proper service dog etiquette would be!

  11. You can sure tell how much Shyla loves the snow. If Shyla stuck her head in my stall I would have reached down and started petting her and telling her what a sweet girl she is.


  12. Oh my gosh, this was a great way to end my night. I can just picture the whole scene. Ya gotta love that woman, she took the peeping doggy in good stride.

    Who knew you were training a "Peeper"

  13. Bawhahhahaha! I am going to ask my buddy Bert what he does when my MOM or Miss Vickie takes him into the restroom. MOM says she would have laughed her fool head off if a dog stuck his/her head in.

  14. Too funny! Most of us have dogs or cats who find the bathroom most enticing. A curious dog would enjoy a peep at another stall or two.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  15. You can send that snow our way! :D


  16. Whoop! I would have laughed, too! Shyla picked a good person to peek at, luckily! :)

  17. lol Shyla certainly does take an interest.

    My Kirra can be quite nosey and will just stand and watch folk, also she thinks anyone pulling up in their vehicle is offering to give her a lift.

    The joy of being a pet owner - brightens each and every day.

  18. We love that you were peeking, Shyla! You're just being a nosy girl and there's nothing wrong with that!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  19. It's good the woman in the stall was a dog person! I can only imagine if it had been someone who was scared of dogs. Glad it was a happy story!

    By now, I'd be tired of snow, too, I think. But it remains beautiful, no doubt.

  20. That is a very funny mischief Monday story, and we're so glad the woman appreciated what happened properly!

  21. BOL...BOL...Shyla isn't as SHY as you thought she was!!!


  22. What ....snow again. Hope spring will come to you soon

  23. Oh my goodness that is hilarious. Were you peeking Shyla!
    Benny & Lily

  24. Ok, Colorado- you need to get your act together! IT'S SPRING TIME!

  25. Nice photos of Shyla and thanks KB for sharing that funny story. She really is a curious pup. bol

    We hope you get a bit more sunshine and less snow. We've been getting so much sun in our part of the world.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  26. Too funny! My dogs are always joining me in the bathroom, so I guess we are out of etiquette as well. :)

  27. Woof! Woof! Yes and be Safe. Saw on TV the snow accidents. For sure lots of the ski resort is loving it. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  28. Hi KB how are you all doing? I would honestly enjoy seeing Shyla anywhere, she is such a beauty. I hope the snow slows down so spring can truly arrive for you all. I am finally walking again and doing intense pt....but Indy is so happy to have me walking again! Bigs hugs to you and Shyla and R and the runner!

  29. Nothing would make me happier than seeing that beautiful Shyla face looking up at me.

    Anne and Sasha

  30. Yep - I'm getting tired of the storms, too! Had to drive down the mountain from my son's house last night, and it was icy. Beautiful portraits of Shyla - the Peeper!

  31. That is hilarious! What a girl you got there.

    I'm impressed by your upbeat attitude about all the snow. I suppose though that because of where you live, you somewhat expect it. If we had snow like that here, at this time of year...I'd be devastated. Bring on summer!

  32. we love the photo of Shyla flying through the snow- its gorgeous!

  33. I love the restroom story. I'm sure that Shyla not only brightened that person's day, she gave her a fun story to share with others. Great photos! My favorite is the second to the last: Shyla bounding through the flying snow.

    Susan and Wrigs

  34. Have you seen the weekend forecast?!? HEAVEN!!! I hope we're done, too, but when I remember the fires last year, if we get another freeze, as long as it comes with moisture, I won't complain.

    What a precious experience you had with Shyla in the restroom! I know some people would be annoyed by that, but I find it incredibly cute! She was curious! And friendly...

    Now for my little RR story of the week; I was in a public restroom when a mother and a small child entered. As I was leaving, I heard the child exclaim loudly and with gusto: "Mommy! You made a poopie!"

  35. Oh dear. That would certainly surprise me to have a peeping dog when I am going about my business.

    Mango Momma


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