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Thursday, April 11, 2013


On the homefront, we've resumed our adventures in our forest. Shyla and I try to make it out in time for sunrise, but it's getting harder each day with sunrise racing earlier.
I've been noticing a change in Shyla, a contentment and trust that has surely been slowly evolving, but has really shined through recently. For example, she knows that she "owns" this boulder, the one that she chose for sunrises months ago. She settles in and even doses, letting down her guard in a wonderful way.

Moreover, Shyla now has the confidence to defy me sometimes. When we are training, she'll sometimes grab a stick and insist on a game of fetch instead of our normal training. Our trainer says that this is a wonderful development in an under-confident dog. It's a stage that she often sees as a fearful dog loses her fear. Thus, for now, I should let Shyla take the lead so her confidence keeps growing. It's a great sign she sometimes acts like a teenager who just wants to play rather than work!

I captured this photo of Shyla in the wind this morning, almost by accident. I think that, in an abstract way, it shows the sparkle of the confidence that she exudes these days.
Her brother R has always had that confidence but he's recently been demanding (loudly) that I spend training time with him. Here, he is finishing a "spin", a trick that he is quite proud that his sister doesn't know yet!
Let's raise our glasses to confidence! At times since I met Shyla, I never thought that she would behave with the self-assurance and happy-go-lucky attitude that she has these days. And, R always had it - but he's glad to get a chance to show it off!


  1. Yay for Shyla! Spin (counterclockwise) is one of Nola's favorite tricks. We're working on turn (spin clockwise).
    Nola's MOm

  2. Love Shyla's snow whiskers! (They look less cute on me when I'm skiing!) We stored the skis for another season. Now in Denver and hoping for some warmth and sunshine.

  3. We'll drink to that!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Pawesome news on the confidence. Congrats for your perseverance and success. Amazing what love and trust can do.

  5. Love the look on "R" face.
    Shyla is such a joy to watch from this end of the computer.
    Sweet babies both of them.
    xo Cinnamon and Linda

  6. I want to rub Shyla's gorgeous fur. It's so shiny and beautiful. Love that boulder dozing photo!

  7. Go Shyla! It can be counterintuitive to reward confidence like that, but confidence is a great thing!

    Great pictures, as always. I like the special sparkle one!

  8. That is such great news to hear about Shyla! We love how she snoozes on HER boulder. That wind picture of Shyla from this morning is a WOW shot. You should find a contest and enter it.

    It's great to see R. He's looking good! (How is he feeling?) Nice turn my furend.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  9. Great news, slowly and surely, Shyla is gaining every day. R, show us all your tricks, you handsome fella!!we know you can do this so well. Cheers from Jean

  10. Wonderful, beautiful pictures. She is such an incredible girl.

  11. I'll raise a glass to that, too! I love how well you capture their personalities with your photos, and I'm thrilled to hear that Shyla is doing so well!

  12. Oh the snooze on her rock just melts my heart. And you know I love me some R!

  13. Confidence. The power to stretch and become and risk. We see it building in you all.

  14. I like to see R showing off his tricks and confidence too..
    and of course we are happy that Shyla's confidence is growing!

  15. You not has to ask me to raise a glass to Shyla's accomplishments...I am more than happy to do so.
    It is just remarkable to sees her comein' out of her shell. Yo has really helped her in so many ways, it is wonderful to watch.


  16. We are so glad to hear Shyla's confidence growing. She is so lucky to have someone like you who makes sure she gets the training and socialisation she needs to be happy in this human world. And you captured it wonderfully in that wind photo - but we love the spin photo of R too!

  17. What a contrast to snow from your Utah trip!
    It is fun watching Shyla grow. Our 5 year old flat coated is still gaining confidence - and even trust - is us.

  18. Good job Shyla! We know you had it in you. Whatever you do don't learn R's spin trick. He needs to know he still is #1, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  19. Yay Shyla! I knew it was just a matter of time - you do such great work with her!

    Go R - love the spinning!

  20. We raise our glasses to your confidence, Shyla, and we love your spin, R!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  21. Yay for confidence-in humans and dogs!


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