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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tiny the Bear Visit

Yesterday evening, I hiked with the Duo at sunset and captured a couple of photos in the magical light. This photo is unique, with R focused on me and Shyla focused on a scent. Usually, it's the other way around.
One of you said that R looked too serious and almost stern in a recent photo. This one shows his pure and lovely eyes - there's nothing stern about them!

This is the usual state of affairs, with Shyla's eyes glued unerringly on me.

I'm sure that both of them are keenly aware that Tiny the Black Bear has been tromping all over our forest. I found his huge tracks the other day, and then, later in the day, I hiked with the Duo. R wanted to roll on every one of Tiny's paw prints. I was amazed by how driven he was to roll in as much bear scent as possible.

One of the places that Tiny visited was our clearing. With our late and intense snowfall, it appears that the things bears often eat at this time of year are not available. Usually, our first bear visit to our clearing is in June. An April visit is unprecedented.

Alas, I didn't have my trail cameras aligned correctly for a bear standing up and trying to tear down the bird feeders. But, I still think that the photos and video are interesting. I posted a video at Youtube, and you can also watch it here.

I am concerned about Tiny's limp. When I first saw his tracks in early April, he was bounding through deep snow drifts, suggesting that he was feeling fine. In the video, he clearly favors his right front paw. I hope that he gets better soon. He's an institution around here in the spring and fall.

Many thanks to who are the reason that I have a video trail camera in our clearing!


  1. No, Tiny...the camera is not food!!

    R has the most beautiful eyes :-)

  2. What a great video. Only I have to say that we were hoping Tiny would get some bird food. I know we were hoping you would get more snow but now that we have been reminded of Tiny and the other animals, we want it to stop snowing so they can get food.

    We extra loved the photos today of R and Shyla.

    Great Post.
    Bert and My Vickie

  3. MOM just loves R's eyes. He will always be Cracker Dog to us. Love him. Shyla is so focused on you. Which brings endless smiles around here. Tiny , wow! So cool. I hoe his paw heals and he is bounding through your forest real soon.

  4. How do the hibernators who awaken to find winter is not really over manage? They are, we imagine, very hungry and in need of replenishing their fat after the winter. Even the small creatures seemingly do not have new shoots and plants to rely upon.

    R does have very deep and compelling eyes.

  5. I always love Tiny posts! You just have to love him!

    I love that first shot of the two of them! Wow!

    We'd be happy to send you a spoon!

  6. Another amazing video. Poor Tiny, he looked a bit desperate and, yes, frustrated!

  7. Shyla and R are such a beautiful pair! Tiny the bear is hungry and frustrated.

  8. R has captivation and seen so beautifully, and of course not forgetting Shyla too.

  9. Tiny is so hungry, is the feeder close to your home? Do you ever leave feed out for them when the snow lasts so much longer than usual?Lovely photos of the two together, picture perfect. Greetings from Jean

  10. He is limping...and we don't think he's tiny at all.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. Tiny sure isn't tiny! We're glad your camera survived, KB!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  12. We do love R's eyes - they are filled with love and devotion. Both pups gave you some great shots today.

    Poor Tiny, we do hope his paw heals, it looks pretty sore. Too bad about the video cam being too low, but Tiny sure did sit and post nicely for you:)

    Hope you and the family have a nice weekend.

  13. We will love to roll in that print bet it Ella yummy. Tiny is ginormous
    Benny & Lily

  14. Nice video, thanks for sharing it with us.

  15. Shyla's gaze at you is so intense! Tiny is anything but!

  16. Amazing video, KB! I, too, hope he's okay. His limp and the way he seemed to be licking his limper worry me. But it was so cute to see him trying so valiantly to get birdseed!

    Beautiful portraits of the dogs!

  17. Hi! Thanks for your comment. Its a Lovely time now with the pups.
    Beautiful Pictures of the duo. Awsome video of the to have him in he garden of yours

  18. Nice video! I wouldn't worry about Tiny's limp...bears have an amazing ability to heal well from even severe injuries. I'm glad he wasn't able to get at the feed in your feeder. He'll find some grasses (even last years grasses) to nom on soon. Once the 'ladies' finally wake up he'll forget all about food anyways ;)

  19. We are sending healing purrs to Tiny. We don't have real bears here but we are very fond of Mommy's Teddy Bears.

  20. Great pics of Shyla and R. I thought that Tiny would realize there was a little give to the pole and start shaking it!


    Jo and the Petz

  21. Love that picture of the Duo! Hope Tiny will be okay. That limp is certainly concerning.

    Susan and Wrigs


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