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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A great start to the day!

I had a wonderful morning bike ride with my girl before my day went south. The wind was mild, the air was refreshing, and we were both happy.
We have a high wind warning for winds up to 75 mph this afternoon/evening so I was glad to enjoy the world before that hit. So was Shyla!
As our ride went on, the wind picked up. I had this photo all lined up and then a gust of wind bent the tall grass in the meadow, resulting in an ethereal image.
As I arrived home, my vision started going wonky. Then, the the light show started, with flashing zig-zagging lights throughout my visual field. Some of you will recognize this pattern as the start of a migraine. I didn't get migraines until about 4 years ago, and they've steadily become worse and worse. I now understand why people go to bed, with their heads hidden under the covers, during a migraine. I was there for most of the day, with sweet R's head on the pillow next to mine. I'm heading back to bed now... hoping for a better tomorrow.

At least I had my glorious morning!


  1. SO very sorry!!! your morning was beautiful - thanks for sharing that with us and hope your migraine gets better!

  2. Hi Y'all,

    I've had migraines since I was so young that my mother didn't think I was old enough to know what a headache was.

    My mother had them and my grandfather as well as my father.

    At one point mine were so debilitating that I had to see a neurologist for treatment. Mine often last for days with nausea and vomiting.

    Hawkeye used to get upset when I took to my bed with an ice pack. An ice pack and eventual sleep are the only relief I can get when meds won't stay down. I can shorten the headache if I catch it in time and get my meds down before nausea starts.

    My sister-in-law gets them too. Sometimes as many as 4 or 5 a week. Her doctor gave her a med that will stop it if she catches it before the lights start.

    Hope you find something to help you like my sister-in-law did. In the meantime I'll say a prayer your headache passes quickly.

    So glad the pawed ones are beside you for comfort. Glad you had such a fine ride to dream about when sleep finally offers some relief.

    BrownDog's Human

  3. I'm hoping by the time you read this, that you're feeling better and can enjoy your entire day!

    Take care!!

  4. I'm sorry you have another migraine, KB. I mentioned to you before that I work in eye care. Because of that background, I know that Botox can help to relieve migraines and prevent them. Have you ever checked into that? I had a pt who had them and she said they helped her more than anything else she had tried. She would get migraines several days a week. Just a thought for you.
    I hope you are feeling much better soon!

  5. So SO sorry! I hope the migraine passes soon. Possibly TMI, but I'll mention it in case it may be useful:
    the one thing that almost always helps me when I feel nauseated from migraine pain, is to just surrender to the nausea and allow (or even encourage) myself to retch. Even though it's usually ugly dry heaves, not actually vomiting, something about that deep-muscle retching disrupts the pain enough to 1) make it stop getting worse, and then 2) start getting better. I call it "derailing a migraine." After that comes the fragile phase when my head feels like a cracked eggshell, but by that point I know I'm on the way back to feeling (miraculously) well.
    I hope you feel miraculously well very soon!

  6. We had a windy day here too, but not as bad as yours. Bet the weather changes had a lot to do with that migraine. My daughter fights them all the time, no fun, no fun at all. Hope yours passes quickly.

  7. If only you can catch them before the lights...I get them...not as much as I used to. I can usually feel them coming on and medicate immediately!! I sure do hope you are feeling better!! Weather definitely affects mine!
    xo Jeanne

  8. I hope you feel better. I love that action shot!

  9. Thank goodness for good mornings! Here's hoping you're feeling much better soon!

  10. Blessings on you, dear girl! Time to say Goodbye to these Bad Migraines. I hope you can find something someone has mentioned that you might be able to try.

    Cheers and hugs,


  11. So sorry - hope you are feeling better. You are right - at least the day got off to a good start and you got your exercise in!

  12. Glad the day started off good. And I like that windy photo. Sending good vibes, thoughts and prayers your way.

  13. We're glad that you at least had a glorious morning. Hope tomorrow is headache free!

  14. Sorry to hear about your migraine. You did get some nice shots of Shyla today. There is nothing like a canine nurse to help you get over feeling bad.


  15. You shared your wonderful morning with us all, was there a thunderstorm lurking? A drop in the air pressure is one of the factors that can trigger these dreaded headaches. Hope by this time the worst has gone, and dear R is still supplying lots of TLC. Greetings, Jean.

  16. We are hoping that you feel better today, KB. Migraines are no fun at all.

    Love ya lots ♥
    Mitch and Molly

  17. Not on a good note, but isn't it amazing how many of us here suffer from migraines? I woke with one this morning and will take my med's soon. I always know when they are coming as my hands turn ice cold for hours. I've tried acupuncture and biofeedback but those never worked for me. Unfortunately, drugs it is! Don't know which is worse, the migraine itself or the medicine! I always have a miserable time taking the med's because it is a shot that I give myself and who likes needles.
    They run in my family and out of all of us, I have the worst of them. Had them for 36 years now and apparently I'm NOT growing out of them. Lucky me.... I hope that you find relief quickly from yours. You do not suffer alone!

    Oh a happier note, we're glad you had such an awesome morning.


  18. Just caught up. It's so lovely to hear about your relationship with your dogs - you know them well enough to know when they are attracted by scents, and for Shyla to show you tricks like taking off R's collar. I think the smartest thing about that is her knowing you want the collar taken off!

    Sorry to hear about your migraine. Hope it's gone by now.


  19. I do hope you are much improved, a migraine is quite.debilitating. you will soon be outdoors with your.lovely labs.

  20. Oh crap, I hope you're doing better. The hubs gets those sometimes. Nasty stuff.

  21. When it comes to pain, you sure can't catch a break! I am so sorry you are suffering through a migraine. Feel better ASAP!

  22. UGH...Thank goodness for that big black furry companion. Hope you are better today.

  23. So glad you got to enjoy that glorious moment before the migraine. Fingers crossed it will go away fairly quickly.

  24. OMD, Ma gets them all the time!!! Actually, since she got a new doc they are better, butts man, they really wipe her out!! When you were describing your vision going, and (as Ma calls them) the 'pretty lights' that come before (Ma's are prisms and would be pretty, if it weren't for the fact that they make it impossible to see!!)
    I hopes they go away real soon for you...I sure do feel your pain!
    Ruby ♥

  25. Hope the migraine passes soon. I get about one a year. My sister has gotten one monthly for years and as a younger woman my mother had them so bad they thought she was having strokes. I know how terrible they can be.

  26. Hope you are feeling better.
    Beautiful Picture you show...Great to have dogs who understand your pain

  27. I sure hope you are feeling better. I had a bad day yesterday too.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  28. Sorry about your migraine. They sound awful!

  29. The last photo of Shyla is fantastic!!!
    I used to get these "mighraine auras" as well, always followed by heavy headaches. Then I only got the migraine auras. It came with menopause that the headaches stopped. I haven't had a migraine aura for a long time - touch wood. Sometimes I feel the start of one, and then it stops after a few minutes. I hope for you that over time it will ease up on you as well.

  30. We are glad for your glorious morning and you got some wonderful photos.
    We hate migraines- and we hope your better soon KB.

  31. Truly an ethereal photo! Only you could make magic with a wind like that!

    I hope you are feeling better now. Get plenty of rest.

  32. Oh no! I am praying your migraine is gone by now! Those are absolutely no fun.

  33. what a beautiful morning

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