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Monday, November 11, 2013

A Warm Interlude

This weekend was another gift from Mother Nature. It was sunny, super warm (50°F!), and not windy. Shyla and I went for long wandering mountain bike rides.

We jumped out of bed early enough for a sunrise ride on one day, and Shyla was convinced that something fascinating was in the air. She maintained her self-control despite the scents!
No matter where we were, she was reaching for the sky with her nose.
Every year, I go through an emotionally rough patch at the autumn-winter transition, feeling the passing of time and worrying about the future. I'm not sure why it's focused on this time of year - except perhaps that this was the time of year when my mother was losing her battle with cancer many years ago.

I'm the kind of person who becomes even more determined to find my nirvana out in the mountains during the rougher times. So, I spend lots of time outside, soaking up the beauty, basking in the sunshine, and delighting in watching my dogs gallop around happily.

For now, autumn is barely hanging on just like this leaf. Soon, the leaf will fall, and snow will cover our world, just like every year since well before my time on this Earth.
I think that the withered, yet still beautiful, leaf symbolizes the transition of this time of year. There's still beauty all around us but we have to seek it out and allow our hearts to revel in it.


  1. The weather is nutty here this time of year. Very chilly in the morning and at night and very warm in the afternoon

  2. I too find November an emotionally tough month even though I do almost everything to help with the transition. Every year I think this will be the year it isn't a problem and every year I think, well, it is only 4 weeks!

    Love the first picture of your girl!

  3. We have been given the gift of warm weather too. It's been so awesome, and we have been enjoying it too.

  4. We got your cold weather! It was nice and warm all weekend....mid to upper 60's. Today it was 57 when I went to work and it is now 31 and rainy with snow to come. Hopefully the nice weather will move east in a day or two. I do love seeing dogs with their noses in the air sniffing something that we can't smell!

  5. I understand. There's something about the end of fall and the beginning of winter that brings back a lot of memories of those gone before.

    Shyla knows the seasons are changing...she can smell it in the air!

  6. i get melancholy every autumn, too. some is because i miss the beauty of the season back 'home' in wisconsin. it is also because, as you said, time is passing so quickly. and, too, because i think of a loss our family endured in fall 9 yrs. ago. it all just sort of pulls at your heart at once but still fills the days with such beauty and air.

  7. Good to have Shyla to pull you out into the sunshine and out of those fall doldrums!

  8. I really needed to see your blog tonight. The sight of Shyla so aware of her surroundings. What visions those smells must bring to her. A world that the rest of arent even aware of. And to you my friend, my heart feels your loss in your words. Mothers are meant to be here with us much longer than yours was able to be. I cherish my time with my mother more because of your words today.

  9. So very true! Although I admit that with Florida's weather beauty, warmth and light are around you nearly 365 days.

  10. This time of year does that to us too. In fact it starts in September.
    We admire that you go out into the wilderness to be around the wild - and look for beauty- and Shyla can smell that beauty and take you to it.
    We love you

  11. Memories, sadness, and nature with all its beauty to console, uplift, and give us some inner courage to face the day. That leaf says so much in its simplicity, super photo. Greetings from Jean.

  12. I so wish they could tell us what it is they sense when they lift their noses to the air. When my guys do it just walking out into the backyard I always ask them what it is they smell. Are the deer nearby? Did the fox just wander through the yard? Those pictures of Shyla are just beautiful as always.


  13. I tend to feel melancholy this time of year, too. I guess for me, it's knowing the days are getting so much shorter, and feeling the dread of being cooped up inside more and bundled up more. But I also find that I'm very creative this time of year, too, so it's not all bad!

  14. We just love that first picture of you, Shyla! You always write the most beautiful and inspiring posts, KB. Thank you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. You've written yet another beautiful post. It's evident in your writing that you just adore Shyla. A lot of people get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) around the colder months. They're not as chipper as they used to be because they're not soaking up enough sunshine. I'm sometimes affected by SAD as well. DK isn't a fan of this time of year because he lost his dad suddenly to a heart attack and then found out he had cancer (in the span of 2 weeks). You just reminded me that I should do something special to cheer him up.

  16. Although I welcome the cooler weather for my dog walks, the short days definitely affect my mood. I work full time in an office so almost all of the daylight is missed. I always set my sights on Dec 21st and remind myself the days start getting longer little by little. I'm also not one that really enjoys all the hype of the holidays, so I think that drags me down as well.

  17. Great picture of Shyla checking out all the scents in the air. Our dogs can tell us so much. Always enjoy your posts. Being outside in the fresh air always does so much for me and for our dogs and our fosters. You are fortunate to be so close to the wilderness.
    Ernie, the pack, and Barb

  18. I always get sad around summer because I know how hot it's about to get. Lol.

    Beautiful pics! I wonder what Shyla smelled?

  19. Hi KB, It was a beautiful weekend indeed! We finally made it up to Estes, only took 1.25 hrs and I was happy to support the local stores.
    I thought of you, riding or hiking in the mountains. It's been really cold here today and foggy-more like Ca. than Colorado; I'm not ready for the snow yet.
    Have a good afternoon my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  20. Hi Y'all!

    My Human Mom has always felt depressed in the autumn too. My Human Papa, over the years, has helped her to enjoy the beauty in the fall and winter. I think she has to really make an effort to find anything good about winter, but I consider it my duty to help her and show her, just like Shyla does for you.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  21. I love this time of year as well. That is a beautiful post, you find the beauty in everything

    Anne and Sasha

  22. Beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  23. Shyla seems to be loving the fresh air and all its delicious odors.
    Hope you have a grand time in canyon country!


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