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Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Labraduo that makes me smile

It's a gray day here, as a snow storm is creeping toward us. In addition, I have a migraine, leaving me feeling a bit blue (my meds let me be functional for brief periods). Prior to this one, I thought that I'd made big strides toward better health. I now have a whole routine of supplements, a TENS headband, and mindfulness meditation that feels as if it helps keep migraines away. I guess my routine is not foolproof.

I have had time on the trails with the Duo over the past 24 hours, and it's made me smile. R has been able to do more hiking and playing, which makes everyone happier.
His little sister looks up to him, both literally and figuratively, and she loves having him with us for our evening hikes again.
Shyla tends to seek the higher perch when the Duo is together, which puts her on level with R.
While I was feeling decent earlier this week, I restarted training with R - something that's been on my "to-do list" since my shoulder surgery. This trick, "take a bow", is one that he knew from the past but we hadn't practiced in a year or more. He was thrilled when I took out the clicker and we practiced. In fact, he was so over-the-moon happy that it made me feel guilty for not doing it sooner!
You can also see R's ribs in the photo. After his January elbow dysplasia surgery, the vets asked us to keep him extremely thin to help slow the degeneration of his elbow. I commented to the specialist and our regular vet that I thought that he was too thin, and they disagreed. Apparently, with a joint as bad as his elbow, it's okay to be able to see almost all of his ribs if it reduces the impact on his elbow when he walks and runs.

I hope that all our efforts to help his elbow work. For now, it seems as if his January "clean out" surgery was a success. If another surgery is needed in the future, it would be a truly major reconstruction. We hope to avoid that.
And, now, we and the wildlife await the snowstorm that is creeping up on us.
Spring snow helps the insects that Mr. Mountain Bluebird needs in order to raise his young. Happy Mountain Spring!


  1. Walking in pairs is always more fun than doing it solo so I can understand why Shyla is happy. Pawsome to hear that R is doin good and we hope it stays that way.

    Dina and Mom

  2. I hadn't noticed how much smaller Shyla is than her brother but a couple of these pictures show it well. Gorgeous photos as always. I hope you can find relief for your migraines soon.


  3. Maybe the storm and difference in air pressure brings on another migraine, nothing we can do about the weather, Love R, and the bluebird, super photo. Cheers, Jean

  4. They are so very beautiful and we always love seeing them together.

  5. So glad you are able to get back into your routine. I hope the restrictive diet helps R stay healthy. Happy hiking!

  6. Hope the combination keeps the migraines under control. Lovely to see the duo.

  7. Totally pawsome photo's of the Duo! They make us smile every single time.

    Sorry to hear you have yet another "head banger" as Mommy calls her migraines. Isn't the TENS headband the one the FDA just gave approval on? You should do a post on that. Mommy would love to hear what you think of it!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. R looks so happy to be back to normal again. He does look thin, but if it is best for him, then so be it.

    We have a front coming through this weekend, usually a trigger for my daughter's migraines. I am convinced that Phantom suffers some sort of migraine, maybe abdominal migraines, or at least I am hoping that will explain today's obvious lack of energy and appetite.

    Hope that TENS band is helping some.

  9. dang blogger! wouldn't take my comment!

    i figured the storm was bringing your migraine. love your duo. and love your mtn bluebird!

  10. Bart and Ruby have to watch their weight, too, but NOT ME!!! I need extra weight when I wallow in the stream like a hippo!


  11. Great seeing both the pups out enjoying the hikes.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  12. Awesome photos.I am so sorry about the headaches! Feel better!

  13. Love the photos -so goof to see R back out on the trails. Our Sally had elbow dysplasia too and it's tough to manage. Keeping the weight off is critical, so kudos to you for keeping him thin.

  14. The duo is so beautiful together, and you capture such amazing photos KB!
    We're sad the migraines are playing tricks on you again,, I wish we could wish them away.
    A storm is heading your way- do you think the storms pressue have an effect on your head?

  15. I'm so sorry the migraines are still playing havoc.

    The duo is priceless as ever. I'm sorry that R might have more problems down the line. He does look thin, but let's hope it helps.

  16. The two synchronised pictures are just lovely!

    Here's hoping the migraine goes away soon.

  17. Excellent bow, R! We love seeing pictures of the two of you together! The mountain bluebird is so beautiful!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  18. Isn't R clever, to do a trick he hasn't practiced in all that time?! Looking forward to more new tricks. Will there be tandem tricks with the duo?

    Hope you're feeling better, KB. I was just reading that soaking in a hot tub (if you are lucky enough to have access to one, or mineral springs, if you're very, very lucky) can stop a migraine. Just thought I'd mention it. I can't really picture getting into the water when feeling dizzy and nauseous, but on the other hand, I'd probably try anything if I had a migraine that just wouldn't quit.

  19. Can you train R when Shyla is near? My guys have to be completely separated as Jimmy will NOT allow poor Wilson to train. He's quite adamant about being my only student!

  20. Lovely Pictures of the duo. The bluebird is fantastic.
    But R looks Little skinny. Trym is getting food for sled dogs. Very much energy food. He is running all day out chasing birds. He has a very high metalbolism. Very seldom on a Little dog as he is....

  21. Sorry the migraine came back. As someone else mentioned, maybe the weather pressure change affects you. It's frustrating to think you have found the cause and thus the cure and then have a migraine and have to start the guessing game again. Hopefully you can still have spaces of time where you feel good enough to get out and create these wonderful photos.

    I've been trying to get some weight off Java because I worry with her mix of breeds, she could suffer hip problems at some point and extra weight isn't good. It's a balancing act and not always easy to measure on such a hairy dog. If your vet thinks R is okay & keeping his weight down helps his elbow, I think you're doing the right thing.

  22. Such a beautiful duo!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  23. That second photo totally ROCKS!!!


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