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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wintery Sunday

It's a cold Sunday here. Snow was in the forecast but only a few flakes have fallen so far. Here's what Shyla had to say about the return to winter!
The early blooming flowers all can close their petals tight when it gets cold. This Ball Cactus sits on a dry south-facing slope. Its flowers were barely open yesterday but they'd closed for business today.
The Pasqueflowers did the same thing, closing up to protect their important parts.
Shyla and I enjoyed a fun bike ride under gray skies. She does love when it's cold because she can run even faster than usual. And, I'm super happy with my new summer bike. It gives me confidence on tricky trails that I thought that I'd never have! I find myself rolling down tough sections of trail without even thinking about it. Fun!

But, even as we enjoyed our ride this morning, we dreamed of sunshine, like we had last night during our evening hike!
R wishes you a happy, sunny, and warm Sunday!


  1. We second Shyla sticking her tongue
    out at the crazy weather, we have the same here.
    It's good to hear you are enjoying the sunshine when you can and biking.
    Love the photos of Shyla and R.

    xo Cinnamon and Linda

  2. R and Shyla, both waiting in anticipation of another day, love R standing so tall. We have showers, snow in the far south, and lots of wind, so many quinces on the lawn this morning. Cheers, Jean,

  3. That pasqueflowers reminds us of tulips when it closes up like that. We just got through another round of severe storms, but thankfully no tornadoes and no damage. Tornado watch through 2:00 am:(

    Tomorrow promises to be a much better day!

  4. Those photos are absolutely amazing!

  5. glad you didn't get too much snow!

  6. R, my mom and I had a wonderful, sunny hike today! Thanks :-)


  7. We can feel the happiness in that bike ride! Our weather is all mixed up too. A little of this- a little of that!

  8. We think you all have had MORE than your fair share of winter!! Hope those flowers are back out tomorrow for you!

    Dory, Arty, Jakey & Bilbo

  9. I don't blame Shyla in the least - it's tough to have a tease of spring and then back to cold.

  10. the ball cactus looks like fireworks.

    XXXOOo Bella & Royx

  11. I do love your pictures. I'd never seen ones like the flowers taking care of themselves. Shyla is always a sweetie, and R is such a handsome fellow. Thanks as always.

  12. I didn't know you had barrel cactus there :)
    Love the pasqueflower blossom.
    Toby loves cold weather too, but I'm glad it's getting warmer here (about 70 yesterday)

    I've always focused my admiration on Shyla but lately R is looking so soulful. This picture reminds me that he's supposed to be extra lean these days.

  13. It is cold and windy here so our pawrents decided to run tomorrow instead. But me and Stanley love cooler weather! Mom has Shyla's expression on her face!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Wow, you have cactus there?? How Beautiful it is....

  15. New bike?! Curious to hear about it. I never realized how much difference your bike can make to how well you ride and how enjoyable the ride is. My Trek Neko is perfect for the mix of road and trail riding I do. The fat tire bikes do have me intrigued now for winter riding... but I need to learn more about them.

  16. You take the most incredible photos, KB! No way could I miss any of your blog posts ♥


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