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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Healing Power of Springtime

I am ready to move onto a new season. This winter has been difficult, to put it mildly. I dream that Spring will bring new health to me, and life will return to a semblance of normal. 

Except when they yank on my "bad shoulder", the Duo has helped me keep moving through shoulder surgery recovery and the clusters of migraines that have ensued.
Evenings tend to be when I feel the worst, and the fact that I need to take the Duo for a "hike" helps me as much as it helps them. I may not want to go on the hike before we start - but I'm usually happier when we're on the trails than I am languishing in the house.
I honestly had absolutely no idea that shoulder surgery would lead to such a struggle to recover. I thought that it would be easy, especially compared to the far more extensive surgeries I've endured in the past. Instead, it's led to a long dance between the darkness and the light - between pain and healing - that is not over yet.
I think that the light is starting to win, although my shoulder still hurts and the migraines still hit me regularly. Despite those downers, I feel optimistic when I see the Pasqueflowers open up and turn their faces to the warm sunshine - because it means that change is on the way.
Today, the flowers were closed again because it's been a cloudy and stormy day.
Stormy days seem to be my nemeses. They cause my shoulder to swell, my head to hurt, and my normal spine pain to escalate. Ah, thank goodness for the happiness of a dog, no matter what the weather!
The way the Labraduo has helped me through this winter of trials and tribulations must be a version of the "Power of the Paw". In this case, their indomitable spirits have helped me stay strong.
Here's to the renewal and healing of Springtime.


  1. Just when we think the photos can't get any better! We love that last one of Shyla with the donut. And the paw one is good too. Mom said shoulder injuries and surgery are h-e-double toothpicks! Well, she did not have the surgery but had the injury and PT and said it was the worst pain. We are glad the Duo heals you! Happy Easter!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. they're so wonderful. i love those beautiful flowers, too.

    yes, the dogs and ducks get along quite well. both seem to be part of the landscape to each other. unless the dogs walk straight towards the ducks, they can pass within 15-20 feet and the ducks won't move.

  3. I hope the all better springs up to great you soon!

  4. Ah yes, the power of the paw! And the DOG! Ma says dogs make you 'get out of your head', and push forward. This is so true for us that get those nasty migraines! As much pain as Ma can get in, she puts on the sunglasses and heads out and about a mile into our walkie, she usually feels better than when we left the house. I tell her, 'you're welcome' and can we go again?? bol
    Here's to the power of Spring and Dogs!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Hopes your shoulder is feelin' a-okay very soon!!

  5. I feel for you...that is the primary reason my husband has been holding off on having the surgery! The ortho told him it is at least a six month recovery time! I am so glad that the dogs are helping you. Also wanted to mention to you that we went on the most interesting visit the other day to a rehab ranch where they had big cats, lions, tigers, cougars, jaguars! It was awesome! They are a non profit based in Jacksonville, FL and they are called The Catty Shack Ranch? They sure do love their animals! They refuse to euthanize and will take animals from zoos and other ranches that are closing down. We will be donating to this shelter. It was so heartwarming to see how very much they cared for these special creatures. Many of them were injured in some way and they have nursed them back to health. Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  6. Isn't it wonderful the way that dogs help us forget the pain, if only for a little bit. I hope things improve as things get warmer.

  7. Amen to that toast to Springtime - here's hoping for far more days and nights of good health and less pain for you. Hoping you and your family have a nice Easter too.

  8. And we hope spring brings healing to you also.

  9. I love your pasque flowers. Our dogs always help me forget my troubles and bring a smile to my face daily. BTW Walter's gotcha day is just over a week away so he was with us for most of last spring.


  10. Those photos stun me, more than before, close-ups in perfect focus, here's to hope that your shoulder is the same, and migraines diminish with summer soon there. Hugs, Jean.

  11. Howdy Mates. We will keep paws crossed your recovery continues and you improve and enjoy your Spring time. We agree, we have a job to do and it's a job we love. Caring for our peeps! Healing slobbers to you KB. We love the fact, even when you are feeling down, you still take your wonderful photos and share them with us! Thanks mate. Take care and Happy Easter to you all.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. We hope that spring will bring a renewed health to you too, KB. You are such a lovely person ♥
    Happy Easter!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  13. Goodness gracious! Those pictures just blow me away. I sure hope you start feeling better soon.

  14. Hoppy Easter! We bet you saw ton's of bunnies on your hike. We have one living in our yard and we see him every day. It's pretty cool. We named him Peter.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  15. Awwww yes, Spring. My favorite time of year. I love those flowers!

  16. So glad your dogs are able to help you through this difficult time. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  17. Lovely flowers. Hope you have a great Easter Weekend.

  18. Amen. Even though we live in California and didn't have the weather struggles so many had this year, we still welcome spring's renewal.

  19. Oh, man. i've been reading your blog from bed most days and Feedly NEVER lets me comment (it kicks me out). But I've been sympathizing with you on migraines and such. They suck! I've never had them in my life. Barely had headaches except when I had a bad cold or flu. I just wasn't a headache person. But now that i'm dealing with brain inflammation...OMG, i have a whole new appreciation for people who normally or have grown up suffering migraines. Horrid thing. I'm worse at night too. But yes, thank DOG for DOGS! our perfect medicine. I hope you feel better soon.


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