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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Springtime and Shyla's Diet

I know it's springtime when I see these rascals almost daily.
They like to block roads at this time of year. It's the most enjoyable traffic jam I can imagine.
"Nope, we're not moving", they said to me! In these situations, I can see a herd rule in action that I've read about in wildlife books. Apparently, an older cow elk is the herd leader. In my experience, it is always a cow elk who eventually leads the herd off the road.
With the first true sense of springtime, I've gradually been reintroducing trail riding to my mountain biking (I was mainly riding on dirt roads for quite a while). I am thrilled. With a very slow increase in trail riding, my surgery-addled shoulder is getting stronger rather than more sore.

Shyla is happy about that because she joins me for part of it.  She's saying "I refuse to look at that camera because I want to RUN" in this photo.
I made many mistakes after my shoulder surgery - and one was that I failed to reduce Shyla's food rations to match her reduced exercise. I remembered to limit my own calories but not hers. So, she's on a small diet right now. Here's what she has to say about it!
Shyla gained only a few pounds but that's a fair bit on her frame. She needs to lose one more pound, according to my vet. My vet likes to be able to see the last two ribs in a dog as active as Shyla. Every step Shyla takes when she runs involves more impact if she's a tiny bit too heavy. Over a lifetime of running, that takes a toll on her joints - so I follow my vet's rule.

Shyla says she's going to head for the hills if this diet continues!
Don't worry girl - the diet will be over soon. You're looking good!


  1. She is looking good indeed. Don't ya just love Spring.

  2. wish all i had to lose was a pound….:)

  3. I don't think I would give those elk an argument if they were blocking my way:)

    Hate to tell you how many pound Miss ciara could drop!

  4. I also keep Nola on the lean side of normal. You can clearly see all her muscles and her last rib. Good luck with the diet!

  5. OoH Shyla, I feels your pain gurl furiend!
    I went to da V-E-T today and him told my mom da same thing, I needs to lose some "winter weight" too...da nerve! ;(

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and (My weight is fine) Max

  6. Ha ha ha! Shyla, I feel the same way about diets! We had a foster Greyhound once who was a return and I've never seen a dog so overweight. It was painful to look at her. We put her on a diet and introduced exercise to her life and she did lose the weight, but it took its toll. She died within a year of serious weight related problems. Her body just couldn't handle it. The couple who adopted her had done their very best for her and spent all the money that could be spent to try to help her live a long, happy, life, but it just didn't work out. Keeping your dog in shape is one of the best gifts you can give them.

  7. Diets sometimes say " a little in moderation of all things is OK", and this, from your photos , Shyla , includes looking the other way. Super photos of all. Cheers, Jean.

  8. That would be an enjoyable traffic jam. My Bruce is on a slight diet right now as well, and he gives me the same look!

  9. aww, poor baby. she's a gazelle. :)

    love the elk!

  10. Yeah, even when it's just a rainy day and we have to stay in..treats and DINNER is limited! We agree with Shyla's growly face.

    How do you know which one is the Head Elk Cow? They look the same to us.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  11. This has been a long winter for all of us, in many different ways. My diet has been a light one too, for the last few weeks. I've managed to shed 5 lbs. but 5 more need to come off so I'll be at it awhile longer. The warmer weather & working out in the sunshine surely do help. But my tummy's growling a bit when I go to bed too, Shyla, so we're "sisters in the fold"... and I'm baring my teeth as well. *haha*

    Love you all~ Andrea

  12. The elk are soooo beautiful!
    And Shyla is looking absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Shyla is just beautiful! Even when she shows her teeth!! Glad you are feeling better!!

  14. Shyla looks fabulous and we trust the die-t will be over soon! Oh, and her teeth are outstanding!

  15. The elks are Beautiful. Today will come a post with elks I took during my trip to Austria. Wild ones, very special experience.
    What a view you have. Would love to go there....maybe some day. A trip to the US is in mind but we dont know when.
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs from Sweden

  16. Poor Shyla about the diet. At least it's almost over.

  17. Poor Shyla about the diet. At least it's almost over.

  18. You are looking fabulous, Shyla! Please don't take one more step over that cliff edge. YIKES!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  19. Shyla is down right skinny compared to the vast majority of Labs (any dog really), even with a few extra pounds. I have a never ending battle with weight on Jimmy. Do agility is hard on his joints so I need him thin. He doesn't get the all out running that Shyla does, so the poor boy gets very little food.

    Glad your shoulder is strengthening! It sure is a slow process, isn't it? My thigh is still visibly slimmer on the leg with the broken knee cap. My quad is taking its sweet time coming back!

  20. Great photos! Hey Shyla, yes, diet IS a four letter word!

  21. Great photos! Hey Shyla, yes, diet IS a four letter word!

  22. Shyla is gorgeous. Jack hates those diets too, but he knows that in the end its all for the good.

  23. She looks great. She will lose that pound super fast now that spring is here.

  24. diet is a 4 letter word around here - we are really struggling to get Toby down to his desired weight.
    Funny, Ted upped his exercise after knee surgery failed to relieve his pain and also saw improvement.

  25. Stick with the diet- you'll look sexy after! BOL!


  26. What do you guys eat? Your coats are beautiful
    Lily & Edward

  27. Our dogs would eat everything you give them so I don't think they noticed when the food was reduced for one reason or another. They would snarf it down without noticing. Shyla looks great.

  28. Diets are no fun for anyone!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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