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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

This is a photo of Shyla that I took during a special moment high in the Rockies. I love sharing these photos with you because I feel that you understand that my photos are more than "pretty pictures" to me.
I look at a photo like the one above and I remember all the things that led me to take the photo - the warm sun, the mountain breeze, and my love for my dog. And, the "See Beautiful" tag on her collar - a phrase that summed up our weekend in the alpine world.

Last night, I was using my iPad, and I needed to take a quick look at this blog. I don't have it bookmarked so I did a quick Google search to find it. What came up first? Nope - not my blog.

The top hits were websites offering my photos for download as "wallpaper". Here's an example link.

I don't know if everyone feels the same way that I do about their photos. For me, it's the first artistic endeavor that I've felt allows me to express my emotions without words. The photo of sweet Shyla glowing on top of the mountain at sunset expresses my feelings about her, about the mountains, and about the peace that nature can bring us.

That's why it hurts me so deeply when I find my photos being tossed around like pretty little pictures, with no stories behind them.

It appears that some of the websites somehow automatically steal any photo that I post on this blog. Then the photo appears on their website for download. I need to figure out how stop that systematic theft - it's unconscionable. There's probably a software solution but it looks complicated.

I'll keep working on a solution. And I'll keep trying to take photos that reflect my inner feelings. I can't help it - it seems to be written in my genes. And, those genes were given to me by my mother so I can't turn them off.
Yes, my mother is a big part of my love of photography for she loved it herself. The greatest compliment ever given to me was from my mother's brother. As we celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary, he said "Your mother isn't gone. She's sitting right across from me.". In fact, *I* was sitting across from him. Tears filled my eyes.

A love of photography is one of many gifts my mother gave me, and I won't reject it.


  1. How upsetting to find your beautiful photos floating around the Internet like that. They should at least write and ask your permission first and let you decide where and how the photos can be used. I guess "copy right" doesn't mean a thing to a lot of folks. So sorry this is happening.

  2. We are so sorry that people are stealing your pictures. It is not acceptable!

  3. i'm hoping you pulled down your own photos as they're not appearing in this post. i hope you can find a solution.

  4. I have run into this myself - some people think that if something is on the internet, it is free. WRONG. It is a direct violation of copyright law - regardless of whether you watermark photos - and the people who did it are thieves. Nothing but common, scummy thieves.

    Send DMCA take down notices immediately and send it to the ISP's who host their websites. The thieves may not care, but the ISP's don't want the legal trouble.

    Hope you get them all taken down.

  5. We would be just as upset as you are!
    We hope your can find a solution!

  6. OMD, your photos are so personal and such a reflection of you. I'm so sorry. Ugh.

  7. Well, I just checked and we can all get Otto wallpaper,too. They even had a picture of Goose in the Otto collection.

  8. Just one more sign of our society's loss of respect for others:( Your photos are amazing and truly do show a lot more than a pretty picture.

    What a magnificent compliment for you - and we are sure every bit of it is true.

  9. Susan at Between naps on the Porch has some great blogging tips.
    Here is a link to one, hope you can use some of the information she shares.

    Linda and Cinnamon

  10. love of photography, your Mum certainly passed her gift to you. Tears of joy at your uncle's words. Your photos, I went to the link, and there they were ,so many, I clicked to download and it took me to Neil Duffin's site. This is plain outright theft, and yes, there must be a way to stop it, I need to see if any of mine are there, I have disabled the download ability, but clever dishonest thieves have found a way round that. Next thing, they will be making a fortune for themselves, and your photos are so special to you, as ours are to us. Do we have to blog with no photos to keep our own safe? Take comfort from Shyla and her love. Hugs,Jean

  11. I hope that you have gotten the advice you needed, if not, have you talked to Ms. Taleteller?? I believe she has had the same issue and has found a way to keep people from copying any of her photos....what a shame that we have to worry about things like this.

  12. It is horrible that your talent, emotions and sacred subjects are being stolen and used without regard for what is right or for that mater, legal. I relish each glimpse into your soul and what has captured your eye and am so grateful that you choose to share so generously.

  13. Horrible! Thundering Herd has excellent advice and I know others who that has worked for.

    Love the second photo - really shows her personality.

  14. As I recall your pictures used to have a Creative Commons license, so some people may have been confused. I think with the example I would try to contact the people doing it and tell them that (now?) your work cannot be used without explicit permission.

    It's a nuisance when so many people are doing it, but I agree it's probably worth the trouble.

    I love your blog and pictures, and I'm sorry you're having this trouble.

  15. Don't think any of our poor photos have been downloaded by anyone.

    Yours always have a story.

  16. I found this on Pinterest, but at least it was soulful and linked directly back to your blog. How do you feel about that?

  17. Your photos are fabulous, KB - every single one of them but they are YOUR photos and stealing is a crime! grrrrrrrrrrrr

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  18. Hi KB - that is horrible to see someone exploiting your precious memories. A photo to me is a window into your soul - it evokes emotions and takes you back to that precise moment in time. I hope you can find a way to watermark your photos so this doesn't continue to happen. Every day many of us out here in blogland look forward to your photos of Shyla and R, your wildlife cameras, beautiful starry skies, and the Colorado mountains. Good luck and take care - oh, and Indy says hello!


  19. We really dislike when that happens too and we have never gotten our paws around it either.

  20. The very first thing I noticed when your blog loaded this morning was the new copyright, so I wondered what was up. I'm enraged. I'm so sorry this has happened to you, too.

    I suspect the photographer's blog has been hacked and is being used to pirate other people's photos. Scraper bloggers (aka: theives, bums, jerks, etc) are coming up with so many ways to load their pages with the hard work of others so they can reap the click money. I, too, suggest you enact a DMCA, but also, you may contact Google and prove this is your stuff (easily since the scrapers didn't even bother to remove your copyright), and they have ways of eliminating scraper blogs and stolen content from their search engine. Other search engines say they do the same thing, but Google is one of the best.

    Again, I'm so sorry this happened to you. It stinks. But as someone else mentioned, your photos are indeed windows into your soul, and I'm so glad you share them.

  21. PS: I just notified the real Neil Duffin that his name is being used in this manner. Perhaps getting two victims on board in the same fight might help resolve this horrible theft.

  22. This is just my take on it, but I would start by contact Neil Duffin Photography at (notice (it's "com" not "net) because his identity has been stolen to create this website and he might be in a better position to do something about it than you. I would also suspect that the site was created in some other country...

  23. Hello everyone, I am the real Neil Duffin of Neil Duffin I'd just like to send a thanks to everyone who has brought the offending website ( to my attention.

    I would just like to make it clear that while I USED to own this domain I did NOT renew it when it lapsed earlier this year. It now appears to have been registered by another individual who is using it for illegal activities.

    As a photographer I agree with everyone's comments and I am totally outraged by the copyright theft. It is totally unacceptable and I will give any and all assistance that I can to KB to get the issue resolved.

  24. Your photos are always more than beautiful because we know there is a lot of meaning behind them. We are so sick of people stealing our words, ideas and photos. We gave up watermarking because they were still stolen. Ugh

    First pic reminded us of K
    Lily & Edward

  25. This makes me so angry. It is like being assaulted. I will pray that you find a solution. Your photos are so incredible and I look forward to them. You are showing me a beautiful part of the country that I might not ever see but for you. Shyla and K brighten my day. Thank you for sharing and I am sorry someone is taking advantage of all that beauty.

    Anne and Sasha

  26. Theft, plain and simple! Have you thought about moving your watermark to the very middle of the photo? We've done that and it may help? Good luck! Love your blog.

  27. Mine are stolen, too - that's why I started to watermark them, but I think the watermark is easy to remove. Will be interested in your solution.


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