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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn Sunset Light

It appears that this year's season of golden leaves is drawing to a close. There are a few small pockets of autumn color but that's it.
So, as a photographer, I am transitioning my photo locations so that I can take advantage of the low angle of the sun, especially around sunrise and sunset. It brings out a coppery color in the dogs' fur.
The other evening, we played some recall games just before sunset. Since Shyla's recall has been a little less strong lately than usual, I like to use R as competition. Here, they accelerated out of a sit-stay toward me. 

Whoever gets to me first gets the huge jackpot of treats, and the second-place dog gets one treat. R knows every trick of the recall game. He cuts in front of Shyla within the first few steps and tends to "win" most of the time even though Shyla has a faster top speed. He's teaching her about the importance of a fast recall, no matter what!

When I'm out with the Duo for photos around sunset, I focus on Shyla when the sun is barely above the horizon. The sun's light brings out the nuances of chocolate fur.
I love the warm reddish color of her and of the world around her. I know from experience that the red hue will become more intense as we get closer to the solstice.
Just after sunset, when the world is still quite light but there's no direct sunlight, I focus on R because black fur shines in this light. Last evening, we stood in front of one of the few remaining aspen trees that has leaves. R was intensely focused on a sound in the forest.
But, in an instant, his eyes turned soft. His intensity can almost be too much for me at times but I love that he can "turn it off" when we're alone.
Even though the autumn leaves have mostly fallen, I am rooting for a few more warm sunny days when I can ride my bike in shorts before winter sets in!


  1. The two pups are so beautiful and your photos enhance their beauty so well.

    We had an almost shorts kind of day here today too. Indian summer is great.

  2. I'm joining you in wishing for more warm days; our colors are still incredible-the best we've seen in the years we've lived here. I rode yesterday and can tell you I'm out of shape; hoping to ride tomorrow morning first thing.
    Have a great weekend KB.

  3. Such wonderful photos and the recall game sounds like fun!

  4. I don't think I've ever met an "intense" Lab. High-energy hunters for sure but not intense. Most of them are just too goofy :-)

  5. Gorgeous portraits of both!
    I hope you get your wish for a little more warm weather before, well, you know. And I hope it will also be dry! Yesterday we had a sudden wave of heat and humidity that was actually quite unpleasant. After hammering just a few nails, I had sweat dripping off my face - had to stop and change into shorts and a tank top. The goats have already begun growing their cashmere, so heat makes them uncomfortable as well. Short tempers in Goat World!

  6. Lovely photographs. Here's to having a few more sunny days in the Rockies.

  7. We love the magic that you can make with your camera!

  8. The photos are so awesome tonight.
    R cracks me up and Shyla she is so beautiful.
    Happy Crazy Love all over again.

    xo Linda and Cinnamon

  9. I'm not ready for winter here yet, either. You definitely got some spectacular effects from the sun on both of them! In a few of those pictures of Shyla, I almost wasn't sure it was her until I checked her eyes. I've never seen her look quite so dark!

  10. We love this treats game idea! We wish autumn could last forever. It's our favorite season.

  11. Beautiful dogs, beautiful photos ... love the light you've captured, it's fabulous!

  12. I love the two photos of R, intense! then soft
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  13. You always catch the best expressions
    Lily & Edward

  14. Great shots! We love the eyes!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. Wonderful fall shots....keeping my fingers crossed that you get a few more warmer days!

  16. We've been enjoying some above normal temps lately. Love your portraits.


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