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Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Luck to offset Bad Luck

You might remember that I had a trail camera stolen a couple of months ago. I thought it was gone without a trace, until a couple of friends found some pieces. After their discovery, I went back to the site, and I sifted carefully through the leaves and other debris on the ground. I discovered small pieces of the camera, including tiny LED lights. Based on what I found, I think that the camera was probably destroyed.

It was a trail camera that had brought me lots of joy over the years - because it was pointed at a spot where so many animals visit. Like this bear who was marking a tree during mating season...
And this mother mountain lion seemingly scolding her kitten...
I was super sad to lose that trail camera... but, believe it or not, I lost yet another camera there early this summer. It was a small pocket camera that I dropped. I searched extensively for days on end, and I didn't find it. Then, about a week ago, lo and behold, there it was lying in the trail.
Obviously, it had been through a big ordeal - it's covered in new scratches and scrapes. It had been pelted with rain, hail, and snow over its 3 months lying in the forest. Plus, animals had obviously played with it. Those are tooth marks, likely from a curious bear, on the far left of the camera. Squirrels gnawed off a few plastic parts of the case. I was glad that I had a UV filter on the lens so it was protected from being scratched.

I brought it home, and I recharged the battery - with almost zero expectation that the camera would work. I put the battery in, and believe it or not, the camera works!!!!!!!!!! I was astounded. It's not even touted as a weather-proof camera. It's a Fujifilm x20 (currently replaced by a new model, the x30).

So, although I now feel certain that I'll never see the stolen trail camera again, I did have the good luck to find my compact camera! This was one of the bears who passed both the lost compact camera and the trail camera. In this photo, he was about to give the trail camera a serious once-over - sniffing, licking, and rubbing against it. Fortunately, I always put my trail cameras in protective metal cases to save them from curious bears. I wonder if he was the one who left the tooth marks on my compact camera?
I'm glad there's been some good news to offset the bad news of the stolen-and-probably-destroyed trail camera.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Have as much fun as sweet Shyla with her red ring toy!
Actually, I'm not sure that's possible.
But I hope your weekend is good!


  1. i'm amazed that pocket camera still works! very cool. :)

  2. WOW! War wounds on the camera! Scars to show what it has documented! What a treasure!!!

  3. Whew...that big bear looked scary! Maybe the bears didn't like their pictures being taken..

    That's amazing that the compact still works. No telling what it's been through over the last few months!

    You have a great weekend too!


  4. I am glad to hear that you got one camera back anyways. Sweet Shyla does look super happy with her red ring!

  5. sorry to hear about your trail camera

    it has brought me so much joy to see your captures

    i can not help but wonder if a bear busted it apart
    they sure are strong and bend metal with seeming ease

    such wonderful images
    and congrats on your found camera

    i also just found a pocket camera in much the same way. though the camera seems to work in most ways, i have no image... so something did not survive the storms

  6. Sad about the trail camera but great you found the other and it still works!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  7. It is amazing how resilient some electronics are these days!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. I laughed out loud when you said the found camera worked! Wow, that is just amazing good luck. Hooray!
    And I'll do my best to have fun this weekend, but I have to agree with you about Shyla and the red ring toy ;)

  9. Bummer about the trail camera. How cool however you found the other camera. Reminds me of when MOM, me, Bert and Miss Vickie went on a walk/hike shortly after my MOM had to start wearing a pump and this other thingy that constantly monitors different stuffs in her body. Welp we get back to the car and MOM notices that the receiver unit that attached to her belt area was GONE!! Must have fallen off somewhere. Butt my buddy Bert found it for her. Search and rescue does not always involve a human body, sometime it involves things that keep the human body running or working and stuff.

  10. We wish you and your pack a wonderful weekend, too!!

    Bart, who had his stiches removed today, Ruby who is happy with her new stuffy and Otto who has a rottie puppy absolutely in love with him!!

  11. Finding that camera AND having it work properly is a sure sign of good things.

    Now I am off to see if I can find a red toy just like Shyla's so I can have as much fun as she does:) LOL

  12. I'm glad you found your pocket camera! We put a trail cam up "down below" and have gotten tons of photos of deer, a few foxes and raccoons.

  13. I'm sorry about your trail camera, but glad you found the other one. You do take wonderful pictures!

  14. Tammie - I wondered the same thing about a bear but I had a few pieces of evidence to examine, including the metal protective case. A tool had clearly been used to try to pry it open. Then, a concentrated effort was made to break the obvious weak link in the lock (I have the broken lock too). So, I think it was a person, unfortunately. I would be able to accept a bear ripping it off the tree more easily.

  15. I know it was a good feeling to find that little camera,,, but still sad about the trail cam.

  16. Oh we were sort of hoping one of the animals took it, so you didn't have to think there were low-life humans around.

  17. How wonderful about your compact camera and how lucky that it still works!

  18. That is great news that you found your camera and it works. Happy weekend to all of you too!

  19. Wow that's one sturdy camera!
    Is it possible that an animal got your trail camera, perhaps attracted by the winking red eye?
    Just wondering because it doesn't make sense that someone would steal it just to break it. Well, to me anyway :) Have a super weekend!

  20. How wonderful to find your lost sorry to hear about the trail camera.

    I don't think many could be happier than Shyla with her red ring...except for Arty at the beach maybe ;-).

    Happy Weekend!

  21. Not only do you have good news to offset bad (which is the way it always works, I have found- we just don't always see the good!) but you have a camera with an amazing back story! I hope your weekend is wonderful too.

  22. So the pieces you found were parts of the case not the camera, right? I'd be worried about you if it was parts of the camera. Theft is one thing, destroying a camera implies something completely different and more dangerous.

  23. Finding your pocket camera and then having it work is a testament to the manufacturer. Sorry about the stolen camera. Love your photos as always KB. Hope you continue to have some warm golden days before the cold sets in.


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