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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scary Ride

Today started out seeming like a good day, an ordinary day in the mountains. Shyla and I had a peaceful morning mountain bike ride. We saw that the past few days have brought snow to the mountains, down to about 1000' above us.

Here's what the Divide looked like on Sunday.

And this was today! Winter is marching downward, toward us.

On our ride, I gave Shyla a new toy, a purple Wubba, and she seems to love it! It was a gift to celebrate her accomplishment of learning how to behave when unsupervised around the house.
Then, I headed home to quickly drop off Shyla and head out for a bit more riding. While I was in the house, a migraine aura hit. It was so visually disturbing that I couldn't do anything but take my meds and go to bed. Thank goodness I had an open schedule so I could just stop in my tracks for it.

Finally, after a long time with my head under the covers, I started to feel a little better, and I thought that I'd go out for an easy spin to keep my spirits up. After all, very soon, it will be real winter when I can't even ride on some of my favorite trails because they build up such deep layers of snow.
During my easy spin, "it" happened. A reckless driver almost hit me.

The loop I was riding was 95% trails but there was a short dirt road section to connect two trails. The vehicle came up behind me on a blind curve and didn't slow down to pass me. As he approached me, he swung out onto the wrong side of the road to pass me (even though I was hugging the right side of the road). At that instant, a car came around the blind curve from the other direction, nearly having a head-on collision with the reckless driver.

To avoid the head-on collision, the reckless driver behind me swerved back into our lane and then I heard a super loud high pitched noise very close behind me. For an instant, I thought the sound was a cop's high shrill siren. I glanced over my shoulder, and the reckless driver was just about to hit me from behind. His brakes screamed as it his car was barely under control. So, I blindly swerved off the road, landing in the deep ditch next to it.

Here's the part that truly put me over the top with anger. The driver did not even stop to say "sorry" and see if I was okay - he looked at me (I saw his face), and he drove on. What kind of human being does that? Not one with a heart or any kind of morals.

I didn't move for a while, paralyzed by the knowledge of what a close call it was. But, I was okay, and I was still alive. So, eventually, I got up and finished my loop, giving thanks for what did not happen. Needless to say, the "event" had not helped my headache.

Both dogs knew things weren't right with me when I got home. I had a loving Labraduo licking my face and snuggling up to me. I am so thankful for them.
Seize the day, for you never know what might happen next.


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you are okay!! What a jerk!!

    I love the last photo of Shyla... so pretty!

  2. so glad that didn't occur with a terrible outcome!

  3. I am so sorry this happened to you, and so glad you were not hurt!
    What a total jerk that driver was! Reckless, irresponsible, and just plain despicable. I'll bet you wish you had a picture of that car (and license plate) on one of your cameras.
    Also, I hope your migraines stay away, KB. I had more headaches this past summer than I've had in years, and I thought of you often.
    Hugs to the Duo!

  4. You needed to put out an All Points Idiot Alert! I sure am glad you are okay.

  5. We agree with Brian - you should file a report about that driver's recklessness. We are so glad "IT" didn't happen and that you are OK. Hope the migraine has passed and that you did not suffer any injury to your spine with the fall. Hug:)

  6. That sort of action just makes me furious! So glad you escaped serious injury. And that you had the loving duo to nurse you when you got back.

  7. Oh KB,,, that is just awful! We are glad you are okay!!
    Bad people in the world!

  8. Oh, wow! I'm with you --- I can't believe he didn't stop to see if you were all right. I'm glad you're okay, and that you have plenty of loving support.

  9. So very glad you are ok...Sometimes I really wonder about some people.

    Hope the labraduo snuggles helped soothe you and your headache.

  10. We're so glad you weren't seriously hurt. That guy still wouldn't have stopped if you were, we bet.

    And it's great you have the nursing duo at home to take care of you....

  11. Oh my goodness! I am so very glad that you are all right!!! What is wrong with people these days?? We had a similar event happen here ... the person was killed. The police believe that THREE cars ran over her! I don't know how they came to that conclusion...witnesses I guess as it happened on a well traveled road. Maybe you could report the incident with a description of the car? So glad you are ok!! That is frightening!!

  12. How absolutely awful. And what scum that driver is. Unfortunately, my experience is that this type of driver almost never stops. So glad you're OK and please be extra careful in the future

  13. Good grief! Thanks goodness you are okay!!


  14. OMD how i has missed your gorgeous fotos...and you and Shyla and R!!!!
    i is glas you had no collision but i is shocked there even be cars in your parts...hehehehe.


  15. Thanks for sharing the fascinating mountain photos of winter creeping closer. I'm sorry about your close call - so glad you are okay! What a jerk that driver was. He's lucky his stupidity didn't get both drivers and you seriously injured.

  16. Sheesh, people are ass holes! That's all I can think to say. I am so glad you are OK. What a shake up!

  17. Thank goodness you are OK! What a jerk to run you off the road and then not even stop.

    We never do know when "that" moment is coming, do we? And things like this are real eye-openers! As you say, Carpe Diem! Fortunately, I think you live that motto more/better than any other person I know.

  18. Yikes! I'm so glad you are okay!

    I can't believe he didn't stop. I know whenever I pass a bike rider, I always look in the rearview mirror to make sure they are still upright. I try to give plenty of room, but what if the wind from my car caused the rider to take a tumble? I'm probably overly paranoid - but I hear of too many riders getting hit and I would hate to be the cause.

    Your Labraduo are so intuitive and I love that they did their part in cheering you up! :)

  19. Oh no. Being on the roads with the horses scares me to death - I've had some very close calls. I won't walk our dogs anymore in our neighborhood. He agrees with me, just too much traffic to make it safe or fun.

    Monty and Harlow

  20. I've definitely had the same thing happen - I'm surprised he didn't flip the finger at you for good measure! I know you're careful as am I - thank goodness luck was with you. I'm sure the tension didn't help the head.

  21. More often than not I can't understand humankind. How could someone almost kill you and not stop??? So glad you are OK. Hopefully this is your last narrow escape.

  22. This just blows my mind. I cant beleive the guy didnt stop and check on you. I'm so glad you are ok and so glad one of the dogs was not with you.
    Be safe

  23. That is just horrible - and I am so thankful you were not seriously injured, especially with your shoulder and back issues.

    People really need to open their eyes and pay attention!


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