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Monday, October 13, 2014

Taking Stock...

Today was a turning point. It stopped feeling like autumn and started feeling like winter was knocking on our door. Of course, that made me yearn for summer even more!
For some reason, every year, the beginning of winter makes me take stock of my life. How many more glorious summers will I get? I have no reason to think it won't be many more summers but I can't help but wonder.
This isn't a new thought pattern - I've wondered the same thing every year ever since my mother died of cancer at a fairly young age. That life-changing event shaped my thinking so that I try to make the most of every day I'm given.

Visiting the high mountains with my hiking buddy...
Sitting in a verdant aspen grove whose floor is covered in Columbines in early summer...
Lingering out in the woods to see the amazing sunsets that grace our mountains...
Standing out in the cold when camping high in the mountains to enjoy the stars...
Trekking all over our forest to keep up with my trail cameras so I can "observe" the wildlife who I love sharing our world with...
As I look back over our summer adventures, I feel satisfied that I truly lived it - rather than just sleepwalking through my days.
In the end, that's my real goal - not to let my life slip away without doing what I love. The Labraduo knows how to do that better than most people!
After mulling over our great summer, I think that I can handle the season change. I can't look forward to it with quite the wide-eyed innocence of Shyla - but I can focus on the parts that I love.
Like the incredible red glow of sunrises and sunsets in the winter.
In that spirit, I think that I'll try to be out in the mountains early enough for tomorrow's sunrise.


  1. Winter seems a long was off around here. We're getting record high temps tomorrow (in the lower 80's).

  2. i'd have a hard time letting go of all the beauty of summer you have, too. :)

  3. Thank goodness for the digital beauty you captured over the summer, it may warm up a snowy winter day!!

  4. KB,, you know what? I have the same wonders that you do. I wonder about this and that...
    But I know one thing for sure.. that I do not wonder about.
    You and Shyla and R and Angel K, have made my life appreciate each day. We need to learn more from you,, but even in your autumn and winter world- we learn from you..
    You have been our guide.
    Keep on keepin on, and were right beside you even if you do not know it.

  5. Your reflective thoughts put into words, gives us all time to pause, and reflect too. Love the photo of R in focus, and Shyla behind. Totally stunning sky and colours, and like so many other friends in the North, winter is arriving at their homes too. Longing to see snowy scenes once again. Hugs,Jean

  6. You say everything so perfectly, KB! We just love your incredibly beautiful photos ♥

  7. Such wise advice - the Labraduo goals is one we should all aspire too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

  8. We heard on the news lots of snow was expected in your neck of the woods
    Lily & Edward

  9. I get nostalgic as fall turns to winter as well. I have similar feeling as you having had my mother die in her early 50's (and this time of year as well). I've made it past her age, but I still wonder how much longer I'll get. Unfortunately, I am not as good as you are at grabbing the gusto in life. My surroundings aren't as spectacular as yours, but that is no excuse. Keeping a positive mindset is always a work in progress for me.

  10. KB, no one could ever accuse you of "letting your life slip away!!"

  11. Wow, this a live action! Beautiful photos (as always). It is summer again here!

    Your Super Doodz Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. I find this a melancholy time of year; the short days make me want to hibernate and very little gets accomplished. These days I often feel like I'm letting life slip away - as I get older, I have less energy to do things, and most of that is drained by work :( In fact, I am quite in awe of people like you who seem to be constantly on the go!

  13. We are not big fans of Brrrrrr Season here in the South, but your seasons are are pretty!

  14. Beautiful post - sentiments, thoughts, and photos. Winter isn't my favorite time of the year either, but we always manage to get through it and then comes all the beauty and joy of spring.

  15. I'm so sorry about your mom. I lost my mom, too and I am right there with you on wondering about how long I have. Your photos are so pretty. <3 ~hugs~


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