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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Our Bear Cubs are Huge!

I promised yesterday that I'd show you video of how big the cubs from the den have become all of a sudden!

I think that their growth spurt is due to the incredible bounty of bear food that we have this year. The berry crop is overwhelming. Bear scat on the trails is bright red from the berries. The bears must be super happy.

It has been hot recently so the bears have gravitated to water holes, where they often like to soak and cool off. I captured footage of our den family at a watering hole on 8/3. As I watched the video for the first time, I thought that I was seeing yearling cubs because the youngsters have become so big very quickly.

I compiled all the bear visits to that watering hole over the past few weeks into a video. If you're just interested in the den family, then watch the opening clip because that's where the family is.

I didn't include the myriad other animals who have drunk from that watering hole, including multiple moose, deer, bobcats, and mountain lions. It's a popular place when the weather is hot and dry like it's been recently.

You can watch the video either here or at Youtube.
I promise to get back to other subjects besides bears, starting tomorrow!


  1. It's amazing to watch how fast the cubs grow!!

  2. I love these little insights you share with us. I think I could watch them for hours.

  3. wow they grow faster than a doggy pup :o) it's so wonderful that your bears are a part of blogville somehow :o)

  4. It's amazing to watch how fast the cubs grow!

  5. The Cubs have grown leaps and bounds in just a matter of a few weeks~ it's a gift thank you for sharing with blogville.
    So glad you could capture all the others at the watering hole.
    xo Astro

  6. So cool that you get to watch them grow up and that you share them with all of us as well.

  7. Love the bear video and would love to see the video of the other animals. I never get to see anything but dogs and cats and a few possums and raccoons

  8. Wow, they really are growing fast. So good to see them healthy.

  9. Wow, the cubs are growing so fast!
    We can never get enough of the bears!

  10. The contrast in size between the big males and the cubs is scary amazing! Thank you for posting the videos

  11. I'm telling you, this is better than TV
    Lily & Edward

  12. OH my gosh, they look like little cows stellie rose

  13. Just like our little humans and our pups, we wish they could stay little forever:)

  14. OMD! We can't believe how quickly they have grown!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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