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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Wildflowers Galore in Crested Butte

I haven't written much about our trip to Crested Butte or showed many photos of the "Wild Flower Capitol of the US". One of the things that I adore about Crested Butte is the many high altitude mountain biking trails that are lined with flowers as tall as me.

We tried to time our visit for the peak of the wildflowers but the drought was starting to hit the area, and the flowers were a tiny bit past peak - but still no complaints from me!

I got to ride trails that looked like this one for days on end. The only downside was that the rides were too long for Shyla so she couldn't join me. She went running with the boys instead.

There was a super mellow vibe among the mountain bikers. These weren't crazy dudes out to rock the trails at top speed - a small faction of the mountain biking population drives me nuts because it gives all of us a bad name. In contrast to that faction, almost everyone I saw while riding in Crested Butte was stopping to take in the flowers and incredible scenery.

One day, I managed to crash quite badly when I was only 100 yards into my ride. I was going down a very steep slope with loose rocks when a group of motorized dirt bikes appeared out of nowhere. I braked, lost traction, and fell hard. It was my worst crash in years, with a big gash in my elbow, a bruise (or maybe a small fracture) to my ulna (a forearm bone), and a gashed and swollen knee.

I really didn't want to miss a day of riding in paradise so I went back to the van where the Runner helped me clean the wounds and then bandaged me up to go back out on the trails. I was okay to ride - albeit with more pain than usual - but lifting my bike was impossible due to my elbow. I came upon a section of trail where carrying your bike across a chasm is the only option. For a moment, I thought that I'd have to turn around.

To my surprise, a pair of very nice guys who I'd chatted with at the start of the trail were waiting for me so that they could carry my bike for me. They'd seen my elbow and knew I'd need help. People can be so generous and thoughtful. When they are, it makes my day. I don't know these guys' names - but a big thank you to them and to all the thoughtful people in the world!

Thanks to their help, I got to see these sunflowers who were leaning into the trail to say hi!

And I swooped downhill to a section of trail where the purples took over. Purple is my favorite color so I had to stop to enjoy this section of trail lined with fireweed!

Tall Larkspur also added a bit of the "Color Purple".

I'm still recovering from that crash. Today was the first ride that I took without yelping in pain at least once due to banging my elbow or going over a big bump. I think my elbow is going to heal fine all on its own.
Happy Saturday to all of you from Shyla and me!


  1. Hope your knee is also okay. And huzzah for considerate people who make the day - and the world - a better place!

  2. I get very irritated by some of the mountain bikers who zoom past almost clipping us with not one word of warning as they approach. And no apology afterwards. If I'm not careful I tend to think all trail bikers are rude but then I think of KB. And I smile. Glad you met the good Samaritans who helped you cross to the lovely flowers. Hope all your injuries heal soon.

  3. OUCH! I sure hope your knee is all better soon. Those wildflowers are beautiful!

  4. Such beautiful flowers and beautiful people you found on your vacation. Sorry to hear about your bumps and bruises but it sounds like you are well on your way to recovery now.

  5. Yikes, that was a nasty fall. Hope all your parts mend well. We don't have mountain bikers here but we must say that some of the bikers on our trails are quite rude, zooming past us walking with no warning and swearing at us when we scold them. Oh well, thankfully there are a lot of other nicer ones out there too.

  6. Help when you need it, one of life's mysteries,( did they know you would be there or need their help?) and blessings. Beautiful golden flowers, with a golden girl.

  7. Bless those generous thoughtful guys!
    What incredible wildflowers - just beautiful!

  8. You have an amazing tolerance for pain! I have wrenched my back and am sulking on the sofa because I am missing an agility trial. I know that would not have stopped you! Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Sorry that you had a wipe out, but glad you were well enough to continue (after a trip to your first aid tent!)
    We really need to share more stories of people helping each other out. The world is so full of the "bad news" it would be nice to hear about the kindness.
    The colours are amazing, even in the drought!

  10. It looks very beautiful there so there's no doubt that would be a great ride! Sorry about the crash (our mom crashed on Monday). We hope everything heals quickly!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Wow....really wow. I may need to add Crested Butte in Wildflower season to my photo bucket list!

    I love how people within sporting communities can often be so very friendly. I have had similar experiences with gear difficulty during scuba diving excursions...

  12. Wow! Look at all those flowers! No wonder you love it there so much!

    I'm sorry about your spill! I hope your elbow feels better soon!

  13. Mommy and me would give a million trillion dollars to walk that path, and see those beautiful flowers.


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