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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Bad Humans and the Cute Bear Cubs

On my first bike ride after returning home, I found a scene that made my blood boil. It was on a short forest road that I use to access some other places but "campers" have discovered it in recent years.

They are not classic campers but people who choose to live in filth in the forest. They call themselves "travelers", "crusty kids", or a host of other names. They set up huge encampments. I was the first to find this one so they weren't aggressive toward me. They ignored me. That included the guy passed out on the road and the girl who had a needle in her arm.

This was the scene at one tent site two days ago. That's a pile of junk on the left and a tent. There was porn and food all over the ground. Since then, a couple more tarp shelters have been built in this spot.

Just across from that tent, there was a pile of garbage. It was horrifying, including household stuff, clothing, a barbie doll, a weed wacker, a computer printer, and food remains. A neighbor went into the area last evening, and his photos show this pile to be substantially bigger already. He was aggressively harassed by the "campers" who literally forced him out of the area.

Here was the main camping area. I couldn't show the many tents and tarp shelters but there were probably five. There are even more today.

A girl had a needle in her arm, as you can barely make out in this photo. They ignored me the whole time because no officers had been there yet to investigate.

Now, the situation is explosively tense because officers have been to the area many times since it was discovered. The "campers" are gathering more and more of their cohorts to join the site. They are preventing everyone but them from using this section of forest or the forest road that they are on. I am too scared to go near the area.

I've been working tirelessly contacting authorities, writing letters, and networking to try to get this site shut down. I'd like it to be permanently shut down with a big gate blocking vehicle access to the area but I may be dreaming too big.

Thank goodness that there was footage on my trail cams to make me smile and laugh in light of the terrible situation relatively nearby. Mabel (our den sow) and her cubs are together, despite that scared cub video that we saw recently.

Here they are near our house.

Mabel's mange has healed well, and her two cubs are looking healthy.

I also got video of Dot and her cub at a bear tree, which the cub seemed to think was a jungle gym. And, I got the first footage of Mabel with her cubs in a watering hole!!! I hope that you enjoy the video as much as I did. You can watch it here or at Youtube.

Now, let's all hope that the bear family does NOT go near those awful "campers" despite the food that is lying on the ground all over the area. If only law enforcement would just take action, we wouldn't have a dark cloud hanging over our neck of the woods.


  1. What the Hell. I am confused as to why law enforcement can't do anything. Not right at all. And what kind of person brings a printer to camp??????I sure hope the bears and all wildlife stay far away from these "people".

  2. I love the cub climbing the tree - so much more strength and coordination than just a couple of weeks ago. I guess those marathon play sessions really pay off. Do you think the scared cub was one of Mabel's youngsters, now back with the family? I was just thinking about that cub this morning.
    During the fire I read a couple of articles about the problem with these "encampments" - I don't recall anything like that back when I was living in your neck of the woods. Maybe I was oblivious, or maybe there are just a lot more people out there now. Anyway, it sure seems like law enforcement ought to be able to roust them out of there, especially if there is illegal activity of several kinds going on. I hope they don't have weapons. I'd be scared to go through there, too, and worried about the effect on the land and wildlife. And I'd be really angry that I had to be scared and worried! I sure hope it isn't allowed to go on much longer, and that those people have to take their dirt and trash out with them. Ugh.

  3. Those law enforcement people need to get busy and do something!! What a mess, and how terrible!
    I am glad they have not harmed you,,

    Your right,, the bears were a happy part of your day.

    I hope something good happensa real soon about those campers!

  4. So awful. This looks a lot like the homeless encampments in San Francisco. Strangely I've only had positive interactions with those people, even the junkies.

    I was going to ride my bike tomorrow and hope to avoid these people. Should I stay away from 68J?

  5. Oh man I hope they don't start a forest fire! So they basically are squatters and live on welfare? Very disturbing and I'd be nervous to go near them. So cool to see that cub just tackle that tree like it was nothing and he seemed to be having fun.

  6. Bad humans :( But relieved that the baby found its Mom!

  7. Can you safely (and I mean safely for you) set up a hidden trail cam to observe bears in the area of their tents? I don't know what laws there are about filming people in public spaces in the US, but at least if these people do something illegal and/or something happens you have video to show the police so action will be taken. Also hopefully, if they leave enough food out, the bears will scare them off from their campsite!

  8. I cant even think about those "Campers"........
    So I am just going to keep smiling about the video iwth the bears and cubs. It is so cool to be able to see them as they grow.
    The little one on the tree was really funny.

  9. Eesh. I started to worry when I saw your photos because who knows how they may react to people taking photos, especially if they start getting warned by authorities! Please take care, KB, and stay safe!

    On a happier note though, it's still so lovely you can capture all the wonderful wildlife in your area. The little bear cub climbing the tree made me smile!

  10. Shame on those horrible campers. They need to clean up their act! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Thank you for the wonderful bear video, KB. It washed away a wee bit of the camper evilness.

  11. Hari OM
    Putting up prayers for peaceful and safe resolution to the people problem; and of thanks for the beauty of the bears. YAM xx

  12. So sorry you have to deal with that.
    What gross little piggies.

    Glad that the bears are doing well.

  13. Loved the cub climbing the tree! In the last view at the water hole, the cubs looked nervous. Do the bears have any natural enemies (predators) who they need to fear (besides humans of course)?

    I am sorry those horrible people have settled into your area. What is wrong with people?!!! GRRRRRRR!!!

  14. That's too bad. I hope the authorities can kick them out soon. I would worry that they might be careless with fire and start a fire. If they are throwing trash around like that, who knows what else they would do.

  15. It's insane the amount of destruction the homeless can to.
    There must be a process the law enforcement has to follow to have the homeless removed. At least I hope so, and they are not just ignoring the situation.
    Here in Washington as many other states, derelicts have set up encampments. Winter can't come fast enough!!!

    xo Astro
    going back to watch the cubs now :)

  16. Prayers the horrific danger those camps create is stopped soon!

  17. The cubs made my heart sing! I am so glad the bears have made it through the fire.
    I am sorry the drug camp has been set up near you. It is as sad as it is annoying. There is no easy solution to such terrible social problems.

  18. I hope law enforcement can roust that encampment soon. We have a similar situation here. Homeless encampments along our river. I no longer ride on the bike path because it is too uncomfortable. Take care!

  19. such wonderful bear footage, it sure did make me smile!

    sorry to hear that you have to avoid that area.

  20. Ugh, why do some people have to ruin things for everyone else??

  21. We just don't get it. If anything, the police should start investigating where they are getting the items. Probably burglaries to support the drug habit. Don't go near them, just keep writing. The more attention you give the more they are going to stay purposefully. Hopefully a mountain lion will pay them a visit.
    Lily & Edward

  22. We suspect that it is inevitable that the bears would come investigate the odors coming from that camp. Hopefully the authorities can get them shut down. We would be angry too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  23. The bears are wonderful, those evil humans not so much.

  24. I have no words other than nasty asses for the "crusty kids". They need to get jobs and get a life. I have a housing suggestion for them it's called prison. Keep contacting law enforcement become a voice for the forest.

    Glad you shared the bear video and their photos so I can leave on a good note.

    Aroo to you,

  25. It is just not right that these "people" feel they can trash there surroundings like that. They endanger everything around them. We don't understand why the police cannot do anything. We have vagrants on street corners begging for money, I hate when the stoplight forces me to sit next to one and hate it even more when they have dogs with them - the poor things living a life on the streets
    Thank goodness for the bear pics but I pray they don't get themselves in trouble visiting the encampment
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  26. This camping situation makes me SO mad!!! I sure hope the police can shut it down! Your bear videos are amazing!

  27. This becomes a problem on so many levels and one that the longer it goes on has a longer lasting impact on your community and environment. Can you start petition here and on FB force action?

  28. I don't understand why the police aren't shutting this down. stella rose

  29. We're having similar problems in our nearby Pisgah National Forest. There simply are not enough Rangers to do the work. There are some people who are simply homeless and harmless, but more and more we are seeing the "rowdies" as I call them. Just infuriating. And thanks to our General Assembly, they are free to carry guns.

  30. Ufff that is horrendous, I feel for you all having to put up with that. I hope the authorities get it sorted quickly.

    I can't believe how big Mabels cubs have become. I didn't really notice it in the pictures, but in the video, wow.



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