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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fluffy Snow in Paradise

More snow fell out of the sky yesterday. It was fluffy and fun.

I haven't been feeling well with headaches, spine pain, and fatigue (probably from the pain). Going out into the completely quiet forest and playing with Shyla rejuvenates my spirit almost every day.

In between bouts of playing, I pedaled my beloved Meriwether fat bike. I had to live without it for a few days, riding my old fat bike while my Meriwether was in the shop. I got it back with new brakes that actually work (unlike the set that I'd managed to destroy in three years of riding)! And, I could pedal through loose snow again, making tracks to take me where ever I wanted to go. This bike is the best snow bike I've ever ridden. It amazes me!

Another gift today was getting to see moose. They were next to a trail that I use to go to and fro our house so I had to pass them multiple times. The first time, Shyla sensed them a long time before I did, and she sat in the middle of the trail refusing to go forward. That's become her signal to me that there are dangerous animals ahead. I peered through the aspen grove, and I saw a mama moose and her calf. They were far enough off the trail that we could pass, as long as Shyla stayed in a tight heel.

The calf watched us pass while mama moose watched peacefully. Don't worry - I had a long lens with me to get this photo!
Seeing that moose pair on top of having such fun riding and playing with Shyla made my day. I literally forget everything else while I'm out in a beautiful snowstorm among the wildlife.


  1. The moose is beautiful. Our snow is the hard stuff, I hope we get some more fluffy stuff so we can play!

  2. KB, have you seen the little video clip of skiers beside a trail through deep snow when a moose ran down the trail and then through the snow past them? It's been on twitter. The speed of that animal plowing through the snow - demonstrating amazing strength and force - made me think of you right away. It's a good visual frame-of-reference thing, I think.
    Take care, and I hope you feel better soon. I've been having almost constant headaches in the past few days, but not migraines, thank goodness. Onward!

  3. Best to stay by that bicycle lady when those moose are around
    Lily & Edward

  4. That is a serious winter coat that moose is wearing! We love that you have such a blast in your snow, Shyla! Have fun, girls☺

  5. What makes a good snow bike? Tire choice, I assume, but is it more than that?

  6. Shyla is a great alert dog for you when you are out playing and biking together.

  7. We hope you are feeling better soon - but it must be nice to have such a beautiful way to forget about the misery at least for a while. No fluffy snow here, just mud!

  8. Wow...what a day indeed! Love that floofy moose calf!

  9. Maybe the moose are now seeing you as just part of the landscape and not a danger!

  10. How fun! Love the shot of the moose, just beautiful!

  11. I love how you make the snow into an outdoor adventure. I never want to leave the house when it snows

  12. Sounds like it was a great day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. The youngin looks good and healthy. this cheers my heart

  14. We are so happy you have such a beautiful place to escape to and forget your pain for a bit. Hope things settle down for you soon!

  15. WooooHooooo!!!!!! OMD, that looks like so much funs! Shyla, gurl, I am so glads you are keepin' your Moms safe from the anipals. You are a good watch doggie fursure! Moms, I hopes you are feelin' better. Ma's my-grains are (knock on wood) not too bad right now, so she is very happy abouts that, butts she sure empathizes with all the aches and pains and fogginess it can bring. Sendin' lots of POTP and healin' vibes!!!!
    Ruby ♥

  16. I hope you know how much we love all of you,, And hope you feel better KB


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