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Friday, October 13, 2017

Autumn Flowers with some in Aerial View

Just before our recent snow, I found a flower blooming among the golden aspen leaves. It was a wild clover with a beautiful magenta color.

The majority of our recent flowers have been the golden aspen leaves.

Alas, many of our leaves have fallen to the ground now. However, the day before a big wind event that brought down many leaves (and trees too!), I did an aerial view of a local aspen grove in brilliant gold. You can watch the video here or at Youtube.

P.S. Youtube has been marking many of my videos as "inappropriate for advertising". I think that that rating is an error but they won't review them unless I get a lot of views in a short period of time. I'd be really grateful if you could click on my video to play it and give it the thumbs up if you're over at Youtube (icon in lower right of video). I will be having a fair number of videos in the coming weeks so it would help me immensely if you could do that favor for me! Thank you.


  1. it looks like the golden color bled and dripped down the barn. gorgeous.... love your drone video to.

  2. wow you have golden trees.. that really color-ado... or the el dorado?

  3. The clover flower is just gorgeous up close. We loved the video! The aspens are just stunning from up above.

  4. We could watch this all day!
    Thank you for taking us up above the trees
    for a beautiful view of the aspens.


  5. I watched the video and also liked it. Hope that helps. How did you get the footage - was it from a drone? It's amazing.

  6. Wow...I am really loving your videos, so much beauty!!

  7. So beautiful and a very easy request to perform:) Happy weekend.

  8. More than happy to give you a thumb's up! 👍🏻 Happy weekend.

  9. That is all so beautiful! I love the color of the Aspens against the bluebird sky!!!
    PS: Went to YouTube and gave a few thumbs up. I love your videos!

  10. We gave you Thumbs up!!! for your beautiful video
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. You know, who needs flowers when you have those gorgeous golden aspens against the blue sky!

  12. The gold is pretty, but we love the red, red/orange Maple too. All the colors together are the best.

  13. The clover was so pretty and Mommy says it is tasty too.

  14. Tried to comment on YouTube but couldn't manage. I'll try again tomorrow.


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