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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

When I spotted the Labraduo snuggled up, they were both sound asleep. My camera awoke R before I could snap a photo. His sister stayed leaned hard against her brother but opened her eyes.

We have a lot of dog beds in our house, not to mention our bed which the dogs often use. However, more often than not, these two are sharing one fairly small bed.
I feel lucky that they are so bonded to each other. They play together raucously and then they snooze together in sun puddles.

We love them. It is the era of R and Shyla - and we appreciate every single day of it.


  1. Hari OM
    ...and those open-eyes are asking, "pawsibbly you think of walking..???" &*> Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. melts my heart into a puddle, so precious together. this reminds me of Cooper and Baby, this is them together. and the one photo of how Baby laid of top of Cooper all the time is in this one they were inseparable. all dogs need another dog.

  3. Our favorite pictures are the ones of R and Shyla sleeping together in the same bed. They are so precious♥

  4. That is so sweet. When I first looked at the top picture I didn't see Shyla in it. She is snuggled so close to R it looked like a shadow at first glance.

  5. Friendship in their eyes, beautiful.

  6. Adorable. Can't beat the comfort of a warm body and a sun puddle.

  7. Isn't it such a warm feeling to see dogs snuggling to each other?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. These are so sweet. Making my heart all warm.

  9. If I have one regret about the way I've raised Piper, it's that I didn't manage to add a companion for her early on. At the time, she had a lot of issues, and I focused on rehabbing and training her for years, and by the time I started thinking *maybe* I could add a second dog, my gut feeling was that she would not respond well and I would be in a terrible position (as would the second dog). Piper had "playdates" with other dogs, and I took her to many training classes for socialization (and training) over the years, but I do regret that she has been raised as an "only dog."

  10. I know you cherish those moments as much as I cherished the ones with our Ellie and Lucy snuggling in the same bed. Keep taking those pictures. They will mean so much in the future.

  11. OMD, you guys are soooooo adorables! I could just...hey, schooch....I thinks you could fit one more on there, rights?? heheheee
    Ruby ♥


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