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Friday, October 20, 2017

The waning of autumn

I spotted this flash of color from the ground the other day. It made me miss autumn. What a glorious season it is!

Shyla loves this time of year. She loves the cool air that lets her run even faster than usual! She rejoices at every little sign of winter and snow. It's already snowed here a couple of times but it's melted each time. Usually, the snow that stays all winter as the bottom layer falls in December.
Happy Friday as we slide toward winter!


  1. Cooler up North already, yesterday was sunshine all day. today grey and a cool wind. Your golden leaves will soon be all dry, and brittle brown, and on their way to make humus and compost for another season's growth.

  2. Hari OM
    We still have a bit of colour around... but it is fading fast into the various shades of brown and dun which are the winter garb for about five months! YAM xx

  3. Everything about autumn is wonderful! I enjoy spending time outside lots too, Shyla!

  4. do you see the leaf has a smile, a mouth and an eye? it looks like a bright orange leaf fish to me, about to gobble something

  5. Fall has such vibrant colors. Too bad they can't last longer.

    Happy weekend.

  6. We are also big fans of Autumn...such lovely yellow hues!

  7. Looks like more of the same this week with some snow at least downhill from you. 😄

  8. Warm here this weekend, and still some leaves on the trees despite previous rain, strong winds, and frosts. So it was nice to be outside, but I am in pretty rough shape from stupidly trying to "do stuff" last week and as a result spent most of the weekend hardly moving. Still...nice weather! :)


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