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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Black Dog Saturday

Our vets have been working to figure out R's recurring UTI. Answers haven't been easy to find. In some ways, that's a good thing - they found no signs of new cancers in an abdominal ultrasound. You can see his shaved belly from the ultrasound in the photo below. He wasn't happy about the shaving because it's been cold here!

R seems to be feeling great. He loves his little brother. Often, R is the one starting wild play sessions (which is the opposite of what we ever expected!). One of his tricks for inviting Hachi to play is to lie on his back and let Hachi "attack" him. R loves showing his teeth while playing.
The vets also did a culture of the bacteria that caused R's UTI relapse. It turned out that the remaining bacteria is one from the first infection, and it's not antibiotic-resistant. That's odd because it doesn't explain why it survived the treatment.

At this point, we have no explanation for what has happened. It seems most likely that he'll stay on antibiotics for another couple of months. Hopefully, that will wipe out the bacteria.

In any case, our master plan for timing the arrival of Hachi seems to have worked beautifully. Both R and Shyla seem to love him. And, R is still healthy and crazy enough to help raise Hachi.

R has one of the sweetest and most fun-loving personalities that we've ever run across in a dog. So, we are thrilled that he is eager to help teach Hachi all the stuff that he needs to learn.


  1. Hope R can kick this infection. He is clearly one tough dog! Ha hi looks like he grew so much in the last week!

  2. Hari om
    POTP continues from here to R... tho' it looks like things are heading right way! YAM xx

  3. So glad that your vet is working to find answers! Fingers crossed that this round of antibiotics is just what he needs. It looks like he is the very best puppy raiser!

  4. I can only imagine there is a lot of fun going on at your place.

  5. Fingers are crossed that R will feel better really soon.
    It's wonderful to see everyone playing together.

  6. We sure hope that infection goes away soon. That playtime sure is fun, fun, fun!

  7. We are keeping our paws crossed that R gets rid of that bug. It always makes us smile to see your pups all playing together.

  8. Brilliant Group Play Moment - Makes Us All Smile For Sure - Much Love


  9. Fingers and paws are crossed that R is rid of his UTI soon. Love the 3-way tug!

  10. I am smiling so big my face hurts. Thank goodness Hachi likes to jump on R's nekkkkked tummy. R has a might fine set of sharp pearly whites. The angle of the first shot makes his canines look about 87' long.
    Yep you timed out Hachi's arrival perfectly. Indoors activities is helping the 3 Musketeers bond. Shyla has her paws full with her crazy pants brudders.
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Our first thought was, hope the vet commented on R's fine set of teeth! Love Hatchi trying to get in on the tug-o-war game. Fingers crossed the antibiotics do the job this time.

  12. Hachi is going to help keep R feeling good! We're glad they haven't found anything bad, though know it's frustrating not to have answers. Hopefully this round of antibiotics gets it for good.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  13. WE sure hope the extended antibiotic treatment will knock that bacteria out completely. Hachi needs that big brother around for a long time. We love that three-way tug!!!

  14. Fingers crossed! I'm so glad R loves playing with Hachi -- you made a great choice in getting Hachi now.

  15. We hope the infection keeps staying in control.,. and then disappears!
    I think Hachi has been and is the best medicine for R... Just look at that happiness in R! R is your gentle giant!
    And we know Shyla loves her little brother too.,. So much for Hachi to learn,,, and he has the best teachers!

  16. I think the pup has done a world of good for R. We pray the infection is conquered.

  17. You knows, I needed to stay on antibiotics for like three months to get rid of my skin infection, so I can totally see having to have R stay on them for the UTI. You have to make sure everyone of those little buggers are gone, or it can come back. I loves the three way tug! Hachi is one very lucky puppers!
    Ruby ♥

  18. Glad that R is feeling good, hope the extended antibiotics do the trick.
    just love your trio!
    Hazel & Mabel

  19. One toy, 3 doggies, that is the way to have triple fun time.

  20. Also hoping R's extended antibiotic treatment helps kick that infection to the curb!!


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