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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Black Dog Sunday - Happy and Wonderful Big Brother

Our Black Dog makes me smile daily. He's been through so much, including his elbow replacement and his glaucoma. Yet, he's the happiest dog I know.

He truly loves it when I ask him to be in photo shoots. He knows that lots of treats are coming his way!

His bond with Hachi just grows and grows. I frequently find them curled up together like this.

Sometimes, R leaves the main living area to go snooze in the bedroom. If Hachi notices, he follows. I watch to see whether Hachi is going to pester R (in which case, I close the door to give R a rest) or if he's going to curl up with R. Recently, he curled up with R.

There is nothing that lets Hachi relax like snoozing with R.

They do play together but not always.
Hachi has started losing his sharp puppy teeth
Our Black Dog's spirit astounds me. He's so kind, playful, and happy pretty much every single day. I aspire to be as happy as he is!
Happy Black Dog Sunday!


  1. thanks for my early Sunday Smiles. the one that I love most is the just above the play fight. the size of Harchis paws. oh my... I love that High Five... and the fact you have steps to your bed.

  2. BLK Dog Sunday, Just Go Ahead And Hand Out Some More Treats


  3. What a gem he is! I just adore him :)

  4. Hari OM
    For some reason today, I am thinking of R as the James Stewart of dogs... YAM xx

  5. R is so special and so is that brotherly love!

  6. You are just the sweetest boy ever, R♥

  7. I love R's solo pictures but you can probably hear the "Awwwww" coming from all your readers today when looking at the pictures of R and Hachi all curled up together.

  8. my heart is full.
    and it's happiness seeing these two. and with Shyla... these three! xoxoxo

  9. Adding Hachi to your family seems like it's been a very good thing for R, and for Shyla as well. They are all so sweet together. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. That second picture is one of my favorites of R :) But the ones of the R curled up with Hachi are all pretty special, too!

  11. Love seeing pics of your adorable trio. What a beautiful canine family.

  12. Curled up together, that is one of the best photos of them together. R is a truly loving brother.

  13. Hachi has chosen an admirable hero to worship.

  14. My mouth is speechless...but my heart is singing....
    Bless you all and your precious family...LOVE IS A CURE ALL!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  15. Each one of them is so sweet in his/her own way! I love seeing R with Hachi!

  16. We can all take a lesson from your wonderful black dog. Overcome the obstacles and stay happy.

  17. OMG, those fangs! :-) Looks like Hachi's canines aspire to be like R's! Wonderful photos.

    We added a new pup (one year old BC, outdoor ranch dog before we adopted her) to eight year old Obi's life about the time you added Hachi to your pack. It's been fun to watch your Hachi and our Rowan learn "together" these last two months (this is one reason I've been enjoying your training videos so much - they're progressing about the same, more or less the speed of light thanks to Sue Ailsby's Fenzi classes). Obi isn't nearly as comfortable with a warm body snuggling up to him as R is, but this afternoon I caught both dogs on the couch, Rowan's head on Obi's flank. Didn't dare move to get the camera. :-)

    Chris from Boise

  18. Your dogs do have the good life, and it is heartwarming to see it.

  19. Our dogs have never curled up together like that. It6 so wonderful to see.

  20. R is sooo happy!
    Who has the biggest teeth?


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