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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Colorado Mountain Magic

Do you know that feeling that you're being watched? I usually brush it off and tell myself that I'm being paranoid. But sometimes, you are truly being watched. I have a few examples.

A Great Horned Owl watched our pack as we headed out on our evening hike.

One day recently, I pedaled along with Shyla by my side, and she suddenly stopped. I didn't know why so I tried to cajole her to start moving again. Her stare up the hillside and into the forest became more intense. I finally looked where her eyes were fixed, and this is what I saw. A mama moose and her twins! They weren't aggressive so it was a pleasure to spot them.

And sometimes it is a coyote who is watching you from the forest. I was glad that I didn't have any dogs with me on that day. I also didn't have a good camera but I was glad to get even a low quality image.

Getting to see these wild animals is just one bright part of living in our mountains.
I love the Colorado mountains!


  1. love the coyote, we have seen one but he was running not watching. the owl is beautiful and I would like to see him watching me... when something is out there, Big's face gets taunt, his ears stand up and his head goes forward. when he does that we look to see what he hears or sees that we don't. of course it is neverl moose or elk

  2. The great horned owl photo is outstanding. Just incredible.

  3. Hari OM
    These are just stunning!!! YAM xx

  4. They are all so beautiful and we're happy that everyone respected everyone else's space.

  5. What beautiful pictures of your sneaky mountain animals. We always say that if the dogs are reacting to something it's always best to check it out since they almost never lie. I wish I could visit your area once to enjoy it's beauty too.

  6. Ooh, moose twins! That's exciting to see. Usually when I stare at something on a walk, it's just a bunny.

  7. Oh my. You live is such a beautiful place. Wow, just wow.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  8. Another Round Of Top Shelf Photos - Stunning My Dear

    P.S. Rub BLK Dog Behind The Ears For Me

  9. Such amazing and remarkable images. Every single one of them!

  10. I surely hope you know you're a master photographer!
    even when your pictures (in YOUR estimation) don't measure up to your own standards...
    they are nothing short of FABULOUS. thank you for sharing them with us.
    I can almost even smell the fresh air of the rocky mountains! there's nothing like it!!! xoxo

  11. The owl, pine needles sheltering his wings, the coyote, his fur is truly beautiful, and the twins, you have the most wonderful selection of wildlife, and through your lens, we also share the beauty of nature in all its glory from earth to the magnificent skies.

  12. Replies
    1. Yes, sometimes. But I've learned that behaving with confidence and assertiveness lets me handle most situations without anything bad happening. I feel safer when I'm in the forest than when I'm driving my car - that's for sure.

  13. KB your blog always brings me joy, delights my senses and educates me....thank you for sharing your beautiful
    part of Colorado with us and of course your Pack.
    Hugs cecilia
    PS hope R's appt went well

  14. Such amazing critters and we love the owl...did he say we paid too much for those glasses? Hugs to R from all of us.

  15. Very cool! And it's great you're able to spot them to take the photo before they run away. I saw a coyote on my drive out to the farm on Sunday but he was running across the field. No photo for me.

  16. Watching you, guarding over you.....yin yang....You are so blessed, lucky or whatever you want to call it. I love your MOuntains that we see thru you toooooo

  17. Your animal photos just blow me away! I especially love the coyote!

  18. We often see owls (barred) watching us, but I don't ever want to see a coyote doing so! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  19. I find it scary when I have a strong feeling of being watched but cannot see what (or who) is watching me. I like your advice about behaving with confidence and assertiveness, and will remember that for in the future.

  20. Seeing all the animals in their natural habit is one of the things I miss most about living in the mountains! It's so fun to spot all the animals.

  21. We love the moose, they are always so cute! The coyote scares us as they are losing their homes around here at a fast rate and coming into neighborhoods like crazy and killing pets. It is a sad thing all around.


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