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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Black Dog Sunday

Our Black Dog has his sparkle back.

He doesn't mourn what he has lost - like all of his vision. Rather, he playfully trots through life full of happiness.

This treat started on his nose, and he launched it when I said the word. He can't catch them anymore but he still loves this game. After he launches a treat, I find it on the ground so that I can hand feed it to him. Yep, he has me wrapped around his dew claw.

The smallest moments with R can touch my heart as they show his innocence and hopefulness. For example, I came into the house after being gone one day this week. I said hi to him (so he'd know who I was). His tail went "thump, thump, thump..." and then after about 10 seconds it went into an unstoppable frenzy of thumps.

When I looked over at him, I realized that his eye was sparkling in a way that I hadn't seen since before his surgery. Even though his eye is blind, it still expresses so much emotion. It is still a window into R's soul. On this day, it was filled with pure Black Dog optimism and joy.
We love our Black Dog more than words can express.

Happy Black Dog Sunday. Every one is precious.


  1. Hari OM
    So, so handsome, Mr R!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. I love him too... so beautiful so sweet... and I am happy for you and R that he is a happy dog. we humans could learn a lesson from how he lives his life and adjusts to whatever life brings.

  3. We love your black dog too. He sure is a sweetie.

  4. Such a sweetie R, we all love you too R!

  5. I love this dog, and we've never even met! Maybe sometimes when you give the release word and he snaps for the treat you could try to instantly drop another one into his mouth so he would be "catching" it? Just a thought :)

    1. I've been thinking more about this, and it would take such excellent timing on your part that this could become "KB's Trick"!

  6. You'd never guess that eye was has so much life and love in it. ♥♥♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  7. have magical powers in every single inch of your handsome body
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Righteousness - Amazing Photos - Capturing His True Character - Thank You So Much For Being The Better Human - And Those Ears - We All Celebrate Another BLK Dog Sunday

    P.S. Extra Treats For The Whole Pack

  9. We just adore you, R. You are such a sweetheart♥

  10. His love and enthusiasm show that true inner spirit which is huge , and with your love showing in every word today, ( and always ) we all know that R be the most loved fellow. His depth of perseverance is a lesson to us all out here.May I follow his steps if I lose my sight.XXXXX

  11. Wonderful that he's so happy and enjoying life!

  12. I am facing some of my own health issues right now. nothing like his actually.
    but just the sight of him enjoying life to the MAX inspires me like none other!
    all of them are inspiring. for different reasons! but a most special connection to R!
    give them a hug from me will you KB? xo

  13. R touches all our hearts with his optimism and love of life. I try hard on bad days to think of R, what he has gone through and how happy he is. And it makes me smile.

  14. Such a handsome boy! I'm so glad he's recovered so well from his surgery. We should all be as resilient as he has proven to be.

  15. R...still has such a loving personality,more so than some humans.
    We love him too.

    ♥ Astro and Mitzie

  16. How I wish I could give him a huge hug :)

  17. No wonder your dogs love you so much - you are a wonderful pet owner. You give your all ALL the time.

  18. R is an inspiration. He is a miracle dog. A tip of the tail to him.

  19. Oh R, you warm my furry little heart my furiend! I can see the sparkle too! I thinks it's because you loves your pack so much, and they just bring out the joy in your heart. ♥
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I gots Ma wrapped around my paw too....☺

  20. You can't help but love this wonderful dog. The way you describe his interactions with you, his happy spirit, his optimism, his courage is so beautiful.

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