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Friday, August 21, 2020

A bear and a mountain lion visit a cool spring

As many people know due to our wildfires, Colorado is in a state of drought. I cannot remember the last time we had a plentiful rain storm. Most wildflowers have wilted in the heat. 

Also, many water sources that wildlife rely upon for drinking and bathing are completely dry. Fortunately, a few nearby springs are still bringing water to the surface. In those spots, wildlife quench their thirst and cool off in the water.

Recently, at one cool pool, a bear took a bath and a mountain lion lapped up water noisily. Check out the refreshing video if you have time.


  1. How I envy that bear. He can roll around in a muddy pool to his heart's content and will not be forced into a bath for a thorough clean and towel down when he gets home...
    Toodle pip!

  2. Hari OM
    ... and that one pool of water is doing 'heavy lifting' to be both and drinking source!!! YAM xx

  3. They ear sure enjoyed it in their own way!

  4. The bear looked so happy splashing in his water hole and that was one thirsty mountain lion!

  5. Everytime I see your videos of mountain lions drinking, I am so blown away by their muscularity. Such amazing creatures!

  6. So glad for the pool of water for the wildlife.
    Purrs for rain out your way
    Hugs cecilia

  7. It almost looked like the bear was going to take a nap in the water. :) Great footage!

  8. California is burning and the air is so bad. It's always dry here in the summer and rain is very rare. I'm so ready for fall and some cooler weather.

    I hope you get some rain so the wildlife can have access to more water.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  9. Your title sounds like a great first like for a joke. I do love seeing how relaxed both the bear and the Mountain Lion are during their time at the spring.

    We are actually starting to look forward to rainy season, things here in California, Colorado and other dry areas are so very scary!

  10. That water must feel so good to the bears in the absence of rain. The mountain lion sounds very thirsty.

  11. I would hate to bathe the bear after he rolled in the mud puddle.

  12. It's nice to see some of the water sources are still available for the animals. That bear seemed to be enjoying his bath.

  13. I'm so relieved they still have some places to find water!


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