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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Shyla Saturday

I've known Shyla for almost eight years now. We've been through so much together. Her fearfulness has taught me to be more empathetic about fears that I don't understand and prepared me for the Hachi tsunami. I've learned to look at situations from her viewpoint so that I can gain a glimmer of insight into her fears.

She started on an anti-anxiety med last January. With the vet's help, we very gradually increased her dose. By April, the dose was reasonably high, and we were not sure whether it was making a meaningful difference. We took a break from giving it to her (with our vet's guidance because it's not okay to stop a med like this cold turkey).

Well, the verdict is that it was making a big difference. When she came off of it, it was obvious to me that her fear of strangers and separation anxiety escalated. So, she has restarted the med, and she is happier.

I'm so glad that we can help her with her persistent worries. I actually wish that we'd tried a med like this for her eight years ago. It's been quite a journey teaching her to live in this crazy world.
The journey that we've traveled together has made our bond even stronger. It hasn't always been easy but I've always known that it was worth it.

Happy Shyla Saturday!


  1. How excellent that there are meds available to help pets with issues like this. I hate to see anything suffering in any way, and it is good to hear you can help Shyla in this way.

  2. Your mind has been thinking about your coming move and your two dogs shower and Hachi and how they will adjust to a move. You might want to start thinking about that and more meds because when we moved here 31 years ago and Max are dog that's been long dead nearly had a nervous breakdown the first 10 days because he could not adjust to a new house. It is very difficult for dogs to move to a new situation and with two that are already fearful it will be a big adjustment. I do hope that you can keep the same doctor I'm not sure how far away you will be moving

  3. What a beautiful shot of Shyla. It's good to hear she is doing well with her medication.

  4. Shyla is such a sweetie and we always enjoy her joy when she's out with you.

  5. Whatever works to keep you happy, Shyla. What a beautiful photo!

  6. Beautiful girl, she's lucky to be part of your pack. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Shyla...sweet Girl..what a beautiful photo of you the gorgeous yellow flowers...
    You and Mom are lucky to have each other
    Hugs cecilia

  8. Love that photo! I'm so glad you are able to get things figured out for Shyla. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  9. Such a breathtaking image of her in the meadow field of flowers!

  10. Thanks for sharing this, KB. A lot of people are put off by the thought of medications for fearful/anxious dogs (I was!), but they're worth a try. Our behavioral vet put Habi on meds at the beginning of our journey, and we started to progress from 100% impossible days toward normalcy. After a year (against our vet's recommendation, but with her agreement and advice), we weaned Habi off - and progress plateaued. We worked for a year using just behavioral mod without getting very far, then I admitted that yes, Habi's brain really did need meds. Once we started them again, we started making progress again. Glad you're more realistic than I was, and really glad that Shyla is helped by the medications.

    Chris from Boise


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