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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Thankful Thursday

I have two things to be thankful for today. First, Shyla is steadily getting better. She woofs her displeasure if she doesn't get to go on a morning bike ride with me. So, we've restarted riding together, albeit with short rides and some howling thrown in.


She was full of energy this morning, wanting to run and leap in the fresh snow. I am so thankful to see her bouncing back.

The other thing that I am thankful for is that there may be a HUGE pile of snow for her to play in soon. A storm is taking aim at our area and will probably stall out over us, dumping lots of snow on our area. Various weather forecasts put the total snow over four days at 2-7' (it's very hard to predict the weather close to the Divide). For once, I am enthusiastically cheering it on, hoping for enough snow to dig us out of our drought. I want flowers and no fires this coming summer!

This was the driveway to Lab Valley after our last fairly small snowstorm. I am hoping that we soon have more snow for the pups to play in and for picturesque winter scenes.


  1. Hari OM
    ...and yay, that will mean lots of lovely eye candy for us!!! Hoorah for Shyla's improvement. YAM xx

  2. so happy Shyla is bouncing or maybe levitating back.. yay for snow to help your drought.

  3. We're so glad Shyla is feeling better. Yes, we heard you might get a really big bunch of snow, happy romping sweeties. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Wonderful that Shyla is feeling better and letting you know. My goodness 7' would be a lot of snow at once! I hope you get as much as you need.

    Take care, stay well.

  5. We're so happy to hear Shyla is feeling better. Our paws are crossed that you get lots of snow to help you out of that drought. We hope you have a big plow to get you in and out of Lab Valley.

  6. I'm so happy Shyla is getting better.

    I've got my fingers and toes crossed for the snow you want. Such beautiful shots.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to the precious pups. ♥

  7. To be sure, snow is so welcome when it will fend off a drought.I am guessing you rely on rain water or do you have a bore and get underground water? Such good news that Shyla has recovered so well. Love that road view, amazing.( that is, for someone down here who doesn't live where the snow falls like that )

    1. Hi Jean! We have a well so we get water from below the ground. Thank goodness! The only issue can be that, if the power goes off, the well pump won't work. We are storing water in jugs just in case that happens.

  8. 87 cheers for your thankfuls...Shyla darling double yays.
    I say bring on anything that will prevent forest fires
    Hugs cecilia

  9. We (and our Fort Collins relatives) are watching your impending storm, and hope you get a super dump of snow!

    Chris from Boise

  10. Very grateful for Shyla's recovery. We saw that weather forecast too...looks like you'll get your wish! Have fun.

  11. So pleased to hear that Shyla's doing better.
    Looking forward to photos of your next snowstorm!

  12. You Always Produce Beautiful Messages For Bringing Happiness To Our Hearts - Go Team Human


  13. The forecast amounts are getting up toward that 7'. We're excited!

  14. We are so happy for both you and Shyla, KB! Your driveway in the snow is so pretty!

  15. I just read a weather update and it looks like this will be a massive storm. Hunker down and stay warm.

  16. We are so happy to hear that Shyla is doing so much better. And we hope YOU get the snow, and not us:) We are due for a lot of rain, and that means mud. But I am ready for Spring.

  17. YAY!!!! I am super duper happy you are feelin' betters gurl! Sendin' more POTP to helps you get all the way back. Oh, snow sounds FABulous! We got lots of snow on our peaks here, butts none down in the valleys. We did howevers get hail..yeah, SO not the same...
    Ruby ♥

  18. That is wonderful that Shyla is doing so much better. Paws crossed you get some more nice snow.

  19. Beautiful shots! Especially of Shyla running! We are so happy that Shyla is doing better. We were looking at the weather maps this morning and boy oh boy you guys are going to really get some snow! Stat safe!

  20. We're with you. We badly need the moisture. That alpinglow image is just exquisite!

  21. Oh, I wasn't thinking of that aspect of it - bring it on then! We were in a drought last fall too but have already gotten enough snow this winter to get out of it.
    It's great to see Shyla getting back to her old self! ♥


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