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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A wildlife message center at the junction of two valleys

Down Labrador Valley from our house, a second valley joins in from the north. For wildlife, the meeting of two valleys is a bit like a major traffic intersection for us humans. They love to travel along valley floors because travel is easier than in rough terrain.

One species that is there frequently is moose. We have a mother and yearling calf pair who have been around all winter, and they pass through that intersection regularly. The other morning, they joined us for breakfast. Indeed, they were so close to our deck that I didn't need a zoom lens to take a photo of them!

And here was mom's glamour shot! She's a beauty.

This pair, and other moose, frequently go through the valley intersection where I have a cam. I first placed a cam at that intersection because bears passed through there a lot in the fall. However, bears sleep all winter long so other species dominate for the winter.

Check out the video of the animals who traveled past the cam. It included both herbivores and carnivores. The carnivores seemed obsessed with reading the messages from others as well as leaving their own!


  1. I totally love their noses... 1:39 ;o) looks familiar ;O))))

  2. Oh Mom is a beauty 100% and quite the poser.
    Whoa Lab Valley Interstate!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Oh how beautiful and what a delight to have them so close. I would have loved being there with you.

    Loved the video. You go from no snow to snow to snowing. All the precious animals. I loved the dump, walking off and the buddy coming over to leave their scent on the dump. That's how it's done.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  4. Gorgeous photos of the moose! I laughed at the end of the video.

  5. Here Kitty Kitty! i just love these bobcats. I can't type very well because the coyotes have me howling with laughter, can't stop smiling. I was siting here amazed that they all follow the same path and then along came the first pile and the second said take that. LOVE IT... when I walk Beau his is on short leash and we walk, not stop and wander. yesterday we were getting it down the road and all of a sudden he stopped short and nearly yanked me down, unexpected . it was a pile some HUMAN did not pick up, and he had to sniff and pee on it... I know it is not allowed but I would LOVE to kiss that gorgeous big nose on Mama's perfect profile. wow shot

  6. Bertie just wishes he could add to the coyote message pile!

  7. Hari Om
    Adorable!!! Are you aware of the slow-vision currently presented by Swedish TV of the moose migration? Not that any of us have yet seen a moose. I swear they know when folk are watching and are skipping through when we leave the screens!!! YAM xx

  8. Mrs Moose is a beauty and I sure love those long legs!

  9. Love the Mum and little one, and the bobcats as they pass by, then having to stop for the necessary toilet break, then the second one stops too, ai wonder if there is something significant in using the same spot? A great place for your trail cam.

  10. Our mom was laughing at the ending of your video too. She also made the comment that the poop those two coyotes left looked very know...nice and solid. Pet pawrents always obsess over how our poop looks. Walter liked the way the second coyote first left his mark over the first pile because he always does that to Millie's business too.

  11. How wonderful to see the moose close up without too much worry!!

    The coyote duo at the end remind me of evenings in our backyard LOL

  12. What a wonderful spot. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Whoa...that was quite the message! 💩

  14. What great shots you got of the moose! I still hope one will wander through our yard some day!


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