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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Shyla Saturday

Snow, snow, snow. We've been having about one big storm per week over the past umpteen weeks. For most of this winter, I really enjoyed the snow. But, in my opinion, it is now time for springtime. Mother Nature does not agree. Another foot of snow is due in a few days.

Thank goodness for Shyla and Hachi. Their joyfulness about snow, no matter what month it is, makes me smile. It seems that almost all of my photos of Shyla this spring have been in snow!

Shyla seems very happy with being at Lab Valley. However, I've noticed her drinking more water than in the past. We have a blood test and urinalysis set up for her this coming week. Yesterday, we measured how much she drank, and it was 3000 ml, which puts her squarely in the "drinking too much water" category. She's been taking seizure medications for years (with great success in controlling her seizures). I hope that they haven't messed up her liver or kidney function. We will know more in a week or so.

Happy Shyla Saturday!


  1. prayers for sweet Shylan, and that the doctors can find what it is and that it is nothing bad..

  2. We hope all is okay with sweet Shyla too, our favorite snow dog!

  3. Mother Nature needs to go into hibernation. YIKES another foot of snow in May....
    Sending lots and lots of healing thoughts and hugs to you all for Shyla's lab work

  4. We have our paws crossed that Shyla is doing okay and maybe a small adjustment can help her feel better.

  5. Oh dear, I hope the reason for Shyla is drinking more can be resolved easily.

    I was tired of snow weeks ago, and thankfully Mother Nature has been cooperating for a few of them.

  6. Keeping you in my thoughts the test results come back within range. Paws crossed for you on her status and better weather soon.

  7. Here is Scotland we are also overdue for spring.
    Since Bertie's bladder cancer diagnosis last year he's been taking medication and I have been carefully monitoring his water intake, which has also increased slightly recently (and believe me it's not because of warmer weather!) However, at 400 - 450 ml per day it is still slightly less than what I understand is the 'standard' of 50 ml per kg. (He is 9.5 kg). I am interested to know how much Shyla weighs and how much you've been told she 'should' be drinking?
    I do hope the tests don't show up anything worrying.
    All the best, Gail.

    1. Shyla is 20 kg. I am basing my assessment on 70 ml/kg being the top end of normal. Some literature says to investigate immediately if water consumption is more than 100 ml/kg. It sounds as if Bertie's drinking is very normal. Now we need to figure out why Shyla's is not. I will assume the best until told other wise. Ooof, our moving truck is here. Time to go!

  8. Sending good thoughts about Shyla's upcoming tests! Good for you for monitoring her water intake. And - good luck with the move!!!

    Chris from Boise

  9. We are sending lots and lots of positive thoughts your way, Shyla.

  10. I think I have three here who might love that snow year round, but not me. I love Spring.

    I hope things go well for Shyla and that there is no serious issue. Lightning has increased his water intake as well and also has some weight lose, tail fur loss, and on and on. We have had a number of tests done and so far no answers:(

  11. Sending purrayers for sweet Shyla.

  12. well at least your pup is enjoying the snow! I hope she is healthy and all is good with Shyla.
    I agree with you, time for spring!

  13. Paws crossed for all the tests coming back in the normal range.

  14. We hope all is OK with Shyla, and that it stops snowing there soon!


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