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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mother bear and cubs

I couldn't help myself - I wasn't going to post today before leaving - but I saw a bear and at least one cub in the forest. Seeing ursines in their natural habitat, foraging like bears have done for eons is a true gift!

As I rolled downhill, I saw the bulky black sow, foraging in a tangle of aspens and shrubs, before she saw me. Once the mother bear sensed me, she stood up tall on her hind legs to figure out what I was. Her brown snout stood out from the rest of her jet black fur.Once she identified me as a human, she started lumbering up the hill away from the trail. I clearly saw one tiny jet-black replica of the mother bear walking in her wake. I thought that I saw a second cub trailing a little further behind but I wasn't sure.They'd been feasting at an ant hill that I passed a minute later.And, broken branches with claw marks in the dirt below some bushes told me that they'd been enjoying Buffalo berries along the same trail.Now, we're truly leaving for our vacation. The fire that I wrote about yesterday is out (thank you to our wonderful volunteer fire fighters) so that's not a worry. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes!


  1. Hi KB,
    Happened to check blog status just after you posted. So exciting - your pics of Mama & baby are great. I'm posting "my" bear soon. Have a fun vacation and be safe! I think your "wild" animals are less habituated to humans than the ones around my house.

  2. Enjoy your vacation, but thanks for taking the time to share you bear pictures!

  3. It is indeed wonderful to see the bears where nature intended for them to be. Great shots of a lovely sight.

  4. wow, very cool pictures! have a great time away!

  5. Kia ora KB,
    Wonderful photos. What a great interaction. Don't have to worry about bears here in New Zealand, but I kind of miss that element in a way. Happy holiday wishes.


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