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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A restful day at Carson Pass

We spent another day at Carson Pass. R, our tenderfooted youngster, acted lame within hours after our high altitude adventure the previous day. I spent the day stewing, worried sick that he might have injured his surgically repaired elbow. Alas, for once, my fears were wrong. His still soft paw pads were causing him pain, and a set of boots enabled him to go for a short walk.

It's always so funny to watch a dog when he's getting used to boots. The video below shows his drunken walking and a brief strike when we first put the boots on his paws.

His paws felt much better by the next day but he kept wearing boots for rocky trail runs over the rest of the vacation.

After the terrifying and jolting ride up to our campsite, I'd come up with a plan to avoid riding in our van down the shelf-like gulch road the next morning. K and I would mountain bike what I believed was a short leg of the Colorado Trail and meet the boys at the next trailhead. I had two guidebooks and a topo map, all of which agreed that the route included a short 1000' climb and then gradually descended next to a creek. Sounded perfect to me!

Little did I know that the trail had recently been relocated. I had, bar none, the hardest day ever on a bike as I struggled along the Continental Divide, climbing endlessly, to make it to the next trailhead. We traveled through incredible peaks, staying in the thin air near the top of the Divide for most of the day. We finally made it to the next trailhead, only to discover that it wasn't the trailhead where my husband planned to meet us. To top it off, cell phone reception was nil. Uh oh.We did stop to have some fun along the way.I'll tell the story of our saga in my next post.


  1. Chuckling. Very, very familiar with the booty walk. Have to protect those paws, but they are convinced you are torturing them.

  2. Bless his little heart! It is cute though watching him struggle to walk right!

  3. Geez! I assume since you are blogging that you did manage to find the correct trail head eventually and meet up with your husband!

    LOL at the booties - when we put boots on Z, he found that it was hard enough to walk before L noticed that he was wearing toys on his feet! Then it became nearly impossible!

  4. Catching up with your adventures, KB. This sounds as though it could be scary! My Breezy had to wear boots outdoors for the last several years of her life. She would go lame in the right front paw if she didn't wear them.
    PS I love that my word is "losty."


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