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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring, spring, spring

I'm blissfully tired after a wonderful day outdoors. I can't wait to snooze like my sweet R did this morning.
I started with a mountain bike ride and got a little carried away with my exuberance. I found some single track, and, although I hadn't planned to ride singletrack so soon, my body handled it fine. I loved rolling silently into the forest, catching glimpses of snowy mountains in the distance.
When the trail became rougher, I tried to exercise some self-control by turning around and returning to the 4wd road. I enjoyed the sight of our mountains over a big, mostly frozen, reservoir.
Soon, however, I noticed another little trail disappearing into the boulder-strewn forest. I couldn't stop my bike from turning under its own power "explore". I found a currant bush with bright green nascent leaves barely unfolded to soak up the sun.
I arrived home after more riding than I'd planned but still feeling strong. Since I'm still supposed to walk miles a day for my neck recovery, the Labraduo and I immediately headed out into mushy snow for a hike. Often, they plowed through the snow like barges on a river, sending snow flying into the air around them.
Amazingly, in a dry and warm section of forest, I found a stash of ladybugs who probably just emerged from hibernation. What a clanging contrast - mushy snow and ladybugs! It was close to the spot where I found a grapefruit size of cluster of ladybugs on one of the first frosty days last fall. That particular cluster dispersed last fall but the ladies must have hibernated somewhere nearby.
We found a secret viewpoint in the middle of the forest. We enjoyed the solitude, sunshine, birds singing, and warmth.
We relaxed in the sunshine, with R's fur shining with luster.
All in all, it was a gorgeous spring day on the front range, and I was lucky enough to enjoy it!


  1. Wonderful pictures as usual :) Ladybugs already? YAY! As a side note - my great Aunt wrote a famous song called "Springtime in the Rockies" and seeing your pictures reminded me of it!

    The Duchess

  2. Oh wow! Definitely a beautiful day for you! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    That R must be quite a character! I'm betting he didn't stay tired for long!

  3. It's late, I've had a full day, and I'm soon going to be snoozing like R. But, first I must have a look at your photos and also read that you're now on single-track plus the bike is operating on its own power, taking off on a tangent. I'm gullible, KB - but...I don't buy it!

    Enjoy these days before the moisture moves back into your area. Be safe!

  4. I am a pushover for Hot Links, so I went to look at the ball of ladybugs you found, which was interesting, I found your story about K's hypothyroid. As a hypothyroid human, who takes Naturetroid (a natural thyroid) I was wondering what kind of meds she does take. Is it a compound that your vet makes up, or something on the market? After a few years of a synthetic thyroid, I was not much healthier until I used the natural stuff. Which is probably neither here nor there in the canine world. What were her symptoms? Is this as common in dogs as it is humans?


    Jo and Stella

  5. The picture of ice on the reservoir sent a chill up my spine.Mid-April and its still that cold ? Your two biking companions are looking in the peak of health.

  6. I'm glad you went a little further this time, because you found some cool stuff!

    I remember the crazy invasion of lady bugs from last year. We have them EVERYWHERE here.

    Glad to see everyone to happy.

  7. Have not seen any ladybugs yet, but the hummingbirds should be back soon.

  8. After reading the previous post - you just never cease to amaze me - such courage. I just learned that my daughter's father-in-law had a fusion done yesterday, involving C3-C7, not sure I even know what I am talking about. But it was a very long surgery and he now is wearing a funky neck brace to support his head and neck. I hope he has the bravery and perseverance you exhibit as he goes through his recovery.

    Phenomenal photos in these last two photos.

  9. Beautiful pix! Is the reservoir paddleable? What a sweet spot.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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