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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turkey dogs

Our R can go from sound asleep... 40 mph in less than 5 seconds, especially if we're on the trail of wild turkeys.
As we hiked today, we wild found turkey tracks for the second time this week near our house. At least two turkeys walked together through our snowbound forest.
The Labraduo thought that turkey scent meant bird hunting. They became insanely excited, as you might expect for a pair of bird dogs. Sorry, you goofy dogs! Instead, it meant that we practiced obedience right next to the turkey scent. This is a frequent strategy of mine - practicing stays and recalls in the presence of the most exciting scents. I think that this training helps my dogs behave when we meet the real animal face-to-face in our forest!

Here, the duo did a stay almost directly over the turkey tracks. Notice that NO eyes are on me. That's OK - they stayed!
It's finally spring here again. Even the mule deer are shedding their antlers so they can grow new velvety ones before fall. And, look at the green emerging from under the snow.
Yipee for springtime!!!!


  1. What a great challenge! K & R have spectacular spots for obedience practice! Loved the sit-stay....what were you looking at pals?
    Ps. Thank you for your note on SAR. is probably looking at surgery soon...and only skis a few hours at this point.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  2. What fabulous photos! I've found antlers on the ground, but never in such photogenic state. I always treasure the shots of your dogs bounding into the air. Man, do you ever have an eye for action!

  3. Great pics, KB! I see you're talkin turkey to those pups! Nice stay. I've never found antlers in my back forest - I wonder why?

  4. Turkey! We have them around here too, but I've rarely seen one when I'm out with the dogs.

    So you think practicing around the scent may help if the visual cue there there too later on? Neat idea.

  5. Now that's an impressive feat! They look none to happy about it, though! No doubt they're worred that it will get out all over the internet that they let the turkeys get away!

    I love seeing signs of Spring!

  6. you have so much fun with your dog friends! I love the photos of them flying~

  7. OH my dawg. i totally need that kind of training. sometimes they come across a track on leash and nearly bowl me down. so training them on a highly scented track to do obedience is a good thing. ok! next time we get on the track of a wild boar (usually that makes them CRAZY!) i'll start the sit/down stays! it's a great idea!

  8. We have plenty wild turkey, sometimes as many as 30 in the field and deer too, but've never come across antlers in the woods, although a grandson did once when visiting.

  9. I've been known to like a different kind of 'wild turkey' ;-)

    The Herd teased Khyra tonight with the fact they were having snow in NC!

  10. Your pooches would have fun here - we're surrounded! I love those four off the floor shots! :)

  11. Wow! those are interesting pics, never seen a turkey track before nor a deer antler. Thanks for sharing!!


  12. such beautiful the antlers....
    spring is slowly, but surely coming to your part of the world!!

  13. I love it! Our Lucy chased a turkey in the forest. She was right upon us when we saw her. I was so afraid the turkey couldn't get airborne in time because of the trees but she finally made it.

    Turkeys and crows are the birds that interest and befuddle our dogs.

  14. Turkey ??? Where??? We LOVE turkey. We see those guys sometimes strutting along our walking trail. Mom isn't too happy when we try to stretch her arms to go say HI.

    Love seeing those two pups together - beautiful furries.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Always wonderful action/beauty shots! Can't believe you have them "sit/staying" over turkey scent. About a week ago, I was driving to a place to hike with Sam, and a huge wild turkey crossed the street in front of us (screech brakes - no... kidding), but Sam wouldn't stop barking as the turkey took its sweet time! To have gotten her to sit/stay with that would have been impossible! Great trainer you are and wonderful dogs! Gotta get some tips!
    xo Cheers,
    Sammie and Mom

  16. The photo of R springing into action is stupendous! I really have a hard time getting clear action shots.


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