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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunset in the snow

Yesterday's sun sculpted our spring snow, creating waves, ripples, and craters.
When the sun falls low in the sky, the wet snow forms a crust that dogs love to wriggle in!
And, when the spirit moves them, the Labraduo love to sprint through the snow.
We climbed up to a ridge, following an orderly set of tracks.
Do you know who made those tracks? The much maligned coyote... although I love our coyotes. They're our wild canines! Moreover, they probably have pups in their dens now so pack members have to work doubletime catching food and regurgitating it for the nursing mother who rarely leaves the den.
When we reached the apogee of our hike, we gazed at the sun falling low among the mountain clouds while the dogs sniffed the scents flowing from the Divide.
After a rough day of neck pain, views like those soothe the soul.


  1. Sorry about your neck.. but thankful for the wild all around you that makes you feel better.

    I always get such a kick out of your "wriggling" pictures. That's just such a perfect word to describe their action!

  2. Oh oh oh how beautiful. Still, I know all the pretty views in the world can't make your neck feel better - but you sure make tremendous efforts to numb the pain by being out in the wildness and noting all the Spring miracles. You are a terrific example of one living in the present tense. Thank you for sharing your love and the dogs' fun in your back "yard."
    Big Hugs xo
    Sammie and ma

  3. Our mountains have been veiled all day. Sorry you are having pain again.

  4. I hope your neck pain is fleeting!

    The first picture made me think of the Winter Olympics for some reason. I thought, those would be some brutal moguls! Then I thought, oooo, competitive snow wriggling. And of course after that was synchronized snow racing.

    You do certainly have some great views!

  5. We concur on the coyotes -

    They are incredible survivors given all 'we' have done to them -

    Thanks for sharing these great pics -

    I hope the neck pain is lessened tomorrow -

  6. there is nothing more beautiful than to see the labraduo bounding through the snow!
    and to see the beautiful views of your backyard!
    hope your week is relatively pain-free....and the snow starts melting....again....

  7. I hope you're feeling better today. Thanks for taking the time to post, despite your neck. I gasped more than once at your pictures. I've never seen crater snow like that.

  8. Sipping my tea and catching up on your blog...great way to spend the morning. Loved the bobcat video.
    The photo of K on the boulder is breath-taking.

    I don't thank you enough for sharing your amazing world with us.

    Hope you're feeling better today.
    Hugs and belly rubs to K and R,

  9. The Labraduo are just like rambunctious little kids. They make me smile!

  10. So sory to hear about the pain, but we can surely agree that these vistas would be very comforting. We love seeing the beauty in your world.

  11. Synchronized snow baths are too cute. I'm sorry you've been feeling more pain. I hope it gets better soon.


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