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Thursday, May 20, 2010


We have just returned from a vacation in the desert west of here where spring bloomed radiantly. While we were gone, it snowed a foot here and then vanished without a trace. Missing that storm was a victory for us, I'd say!

I plan to write more about the trip and the beauty of spring in the desert. But, for now, let me share my prevailing thought from our journey. Defiance.

Early in the trip, a storm approached, roiling violently on the horizon.
In our campsite, I covered my bike saddle with the nearest plastic bag to avoid having a soggy saddle from rain. I noticed that the bag said "patient belongings" and perused it more closely. It was the bag that the hospital used to store my belongings during my neck fusion surgery exactly 4 months earlier. A computer generated sticker on the bag had my name, my surgeon's name, the surgery date, and many more details. I chuckled.

My husband pronounced the sight a sign of "DEFIANCE".
Defying the odds, the storm stayed at bay, illuminating the western cliffs with ghostly light.
I thought again about defying worrisome predictions after K and I completed a monstrous climb to a cliff's edge.
Behind us, the rock cliff towered thousands of feet above the desert floor. Sometimes life feels like a walk on a knife's edge but the joy outweighed the pain on this journey.


  1. Welcome Back!

    You've been missed!

    We can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

  2. I'm so glad you got back safely and it looks like you had a great trip! I love that last defiant picture of you and K! Defiance certainly suits you!

  3. I'm glad your back and thankful that your absence was due to your trip rather than anything bad. Can't wait to hear all about it. This is a nice preview!

  4. We missed you here! Kept looking for a new post, but knew you must have gone to the desert! Your photos of the distant storm and mountains are, indeed, gorgeous and so glad the storm stayed put! Am sure looking forward to reading all about it and here's to "defiance!"
    Sammie and Mom

  5. Welcome home! We missed you!

    Emma Rose

  6. Happy to see you back! I've missed your gorgeous photos of nature and animals, and you pups!

    What a scary experience to have the rock drop away after you made it to the cliff. So happy you were both safe! Looks like your trip was amazing!


  7. Sounds as though your time away was well spent, KB. My D-i-L is having fusion surgery June 1 - I'm worried. We're in CA now but will be home on Memorial Weekend. Love the photos of the clouds and of you and K on the cliff's edge.

  8. Great storm lighting!!! Love that slick rock and look forward to seeing and hearing more about this trip :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  9. Is it really 4 months ago ? Can't make up my mind whether it seems like a week or a year. You are undoubtedly, and justifiably defiance personified.

  10. Welcome back - you sure have been missed, but I think you deserved the vacation, a treat for all your hard work. Just hope that the pain from travelling has'nt been too bad. Wonderful pictures of the stormy sky.
    BTW I agree with Angus - as usual - about being difiance in person.
    Love EM

  11. so glad you're back, i've missed you! the photos are beautiful, love you and K on the top of the world...ah desert.
    so glad you were able to get away! and K's reactions were manageable...she is a sensitive gal!
    welcome back defiant one!

  12. The approaching storm created a beautiful scene.

    Approaching storms in life often bear hidden gifts for us, if only the chance to learn something about how strong and defiant one can be!


  13. Count me among those who have missed your daily blog. Looking forward to stories of your adventures!


    Jo and Stella

  14. Welcome back! We missed your daily reports and photos, too! Can't wait to see more of your desert adventures. We know there will be more scenery we recognize.

    What a perfect way to recycle that bag! Just perfect!

  15. Yah for the return of KB and pups! I can't wait to her more about your time in the desert.

    Love love love your defiance picture!

  16. Kia ora KB,
    Such a delight to see you back and the results of your trip to Abbey country! I was hoping you were having a successful adventure and obvious you were. I reckon Abbey would like the word DEFIANCE as well KB. Such amazing life, colour, and vitality (in photos from post above as well) in the desert that just bombard the normal thoughts of a "Lifeless" place into shreds. Thank you KB for sharing such a place, you guys rock! Hope you found a cool spot to finish Desert Solataire, would have been ethereal. Rave on. Kia kaha.


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